Chapter 465 Death comes in the void, killing the heroes among millions (10K)

 The world of mythology

Deep in the Tyrannosaurus civilization, as the space channel collapsed, a violent space storm swallowed up everything around it, forming a huge black hole several kilometers in size.

From the depths of the black hole, a ten-meter-tall figure wearing black and red armor slowly walked out. The space storm hit the invisible wall around him, emitting a bright energy halo.


 Chen Chu’s footsteps landed on the ground. In an instant, the ground shook slightly for several kilometers, and spider web cracks spread hundreds of meters with him as the center.

Without restraining the power of his true body, Chen Chu was like a gigantic beast, shaking the world with every move he made, and his momentum was overwhelming.


A pair of half-meter-long sharp black dragon horns slowly grew out of Chen Chu's head. The aura of power that filled his body suddenly became even more terrifying, and the ground beneath him continued to collapse.

"not enough."

Muttered in a low voice, thin red scales appeared on Chen Chu's face, and his long black hair gradually turned blood red, with red blood inflammation burning on it and hanging behind him.


Endless blood light erupted with Chen Chu as the center, covering an area of ​​20 kilometers. The rich blood light turned the world into a doomsday hell.

Purple-black dark clouds rolled in hell, the air was twisted under the blood mist, and rivers of blood flowed. A number of ferocious monsters and behemoths were struggling and wailing in the sea of ​​blood.

With the release of endless evil energy, the Doomsday Hell was fully unfolded. Chen Chu in the center of the **** was almost submerged by the thick purple-black evil energy that could not be dissolved, and his figure was blurred.

You can only see a hidden **** demon stand standing, the blood -colored light wheel behind him slowly rotates, his eyes are red, and the horrible murderous murderous.

 This is Chen Chu's disguise for his next action.

 The concept of a strong alien who pursues the path of killing and massacres in the rear of the Purgatory Empire is completely different from the concept of a strong human race entering the rear of the Purgatory Empire.

The former will only attract some powerful purgatory warriors to attack him at the beginning, while the latter will instantly mobilize the entire purgatory empire to guard the big devil, and even the demon **** will come back to help.

 At that time, it will have a great impact on Chen Chu’s plan.

His purpose of coming here this time was not just to reduce the pressure on the front line, surround Wei and rescue Zhao, but also wanted to kill more purgatory demons, demon kings, and even big demon kings.

At the edge of the 10,000-kilometer frozen restricted area, the earth exploded, and endless **** red light gushed out like a river of blood, covering an area of ​​20 kilometers.

 Suddenly, the boundless forest came into Chen Chu's eyes.

At night, the mountains undulated, and towering trees hundreds of meters high stood. Some huge black shadows flashed faintly, making roars that shook the mountains and forests, full of a desolate atmosphere.

If there were no purgatory demons, the mythical world would be completely like the legendary fairy world to humans.

 Boundless area, inexhaustible resources, food, various strange and huge creatures, plants, different physical rules of blue stars, climate, and rich energy of heaven and earth.


The blood light is like a living thing spreading deep into the forest at an alarming speed. The trees in its path are withered and yellow, and strange beasts and poisonous insects are turned into mummies under the erosion of blood evil.

This is the terror of the doomsday realm that is blessed by the power of hell. When **** comes, nothing can survive. The stronger the killing, the more terrifying the power of the realm.

It’s just that in the past, Chen Chu’s enemies were too strong, either demon kings or big demon kings, so the Doomsday Realm seemed to have little effect on suppressing those enemies.

Just as Chen Chu was flying rapidly towards the Mokoye Dark Demon Empire area, a red moon appeared behind the bright moon in the sky.

The red moonlight that looked like blood fell, rendering the boundless mythical world scarlet red, exuding an ominous aura. Many creatures under the **** light seemed restless and bloodthirsty.


 At night, a mountain range stretches for thousands of kilometers.

On the top of the 10,000-meter-high mountain at the end of the mountain range, an eight-meter-tall real demon wearing a ferocious red battle armor and covered with thin purple scales raised his head and looked uneasily at the blood moon in the sky.

“The blood moon has appeared again. The blood moon has appeared on the sun for several consecutive times. Kazan, I always have an ominous premonition.”

Not far behind this real demon, there is a burly real demon from purgatory, which is ten meters tall and has three sharp devil horns on its head, with a ferocious and disdainful face.

“Vara, you are thinking too much. For my race standing at the top of the vast world, even if something unexpected happens, the ones who feel uneasy should be other alien races.”

The two true demons of purgatory exude the powerful aura of nine demonic marks. They are surrounded by substantial black demonic aura. The pressure is overwhelming and the aura is terrifying.

Below the two real demons is a station built around the mountain. Hundreds of purgatory real demons exuding the aura of six and seven demon marks were shouting and roaring.

 Under those purgatory demons, thousands of fifteen-meter-tall alien creatures with slightly hunched bodies and thick limbs and dark skin were working hard to dig for minerals.

This mountain peak has almost been dug through, and is full of mines tens of meters high.

Deep in the mines more than ten kilometers underground, the aliens with long noses on their faces, like human-shaped black elephants, were digging for a kind of pale golden ore.

At the same time, in the building at the foot of the mountain, some purgatory demons exuded a **** aura, handling the corpses of huge beasts that were tens or hundreds of meters in size.

The flesh and bones of these giant beasts will be thrown into a huge blood pool, and the bones will pile up like mountains, while the blood and refined blood essence will be stored separately, just like hell.

 And there is a steady stream of small groups coming back from the forest.

These teams are mainly composed of purgatory true demons with seven demon marks and eight demon marks. Each of them will carry a dozen black elephant aliens dragging the bodies of giant alien beasts.

Looking at the busy scene below, Vala, who was wearing a **** armor, asked: "Kazan, how are you preparing the flesh and blood materials you are responsible for? They will be handed in at dawn."

“No problem, my men have almost killed all the giant beasts within thousands of kilometers nearby, and they have collected enough materials to refine the blood of the devil to pollute this world.”

Hearing this, Vala couldn't help but look envious on his ferocious face: "Your task is still easy. I need almost ten sun wheels to gather enough gilt."

The burly real demon looked indifferent: "But my men suffered more casualties than yours. This time I have to replenish the demons and buy Black Elephant slaves when I go back."


Suddenly a ferocious roar sounded in the depths of the forest, and the expressions of the two real demons with nine demon marks suddenly condensed: "It's that giant creature."

 Kazan had a strong murderous intent on his face: "It actually dares to come."


The rocks at the foot of Kazan shattered, and billows of dark demonic energy were rolled up and blasted downwards. Branches in the forest were seen swaying, and trees collapsed.

"Commander, that monster is here again." He yelled in horror as dozens of purgatory demons with six and seven demon marks rushed out, looking a little frightened.

At this time, another ferocious roar erupted, the trees collapsed, and a burly mountain giant three hundred meters tall, whose whole body was covered with gray rocks, came out.

Hold in the hands of this giant is a five-hundred-meter-long stone axe. The surrounding area is filled with gray mist, covering an area of ​​one kilometer, exuding the aura of the late Nine Levels.


Looking at the purgatory demons in the distance, this mountain giant's petrified eyes were full of madness and killing, and he rushed forward with a roar.

 “Looking for death.”

Kazan, who was also in the late stage of Nine Demonic Marks, roared, and his figure suddenly expanded, revealing a true demonic body with two heads and six arms and a height of 100 meters, and the dark demonic energy around him surged.


The two-headed and six-armed Kazan waved his sword in his hand, and three dark dragons hundreds of meters long roared out. The atmosphere exploded wherever they passed, and air waves rolled.

Roar! The mountain giant roared, just like a human who had practiced martial arts holding an ax with both hands and slashing, and the trajectory accurately swept across the three-headed demon dragon.

 Bang, bang, bang!

Three dark demon dragons exploded under the huge stone axe, but the violent explosion of demonic energy also made it retreat. At this moment, a war sword flew across the sky.

 Poof! In front of the sword entwined with black light, the heavy field surrounding the mountain giant was torn apart silently.

  Bang! The mountain giant instinctively put the stone ax in front of him to block the sword, but then a terrifying force came, and the body as heavy as a mountain couldn't help but retreat.

Roar! The giant roared, ignoring the attack, holding an ax in both hands and slashing at the purgatory demon who wanted to penetrate its low head with a sword on the side.


The huge stone ax struck the ground, and the earth shattered, creating a crack that was several kilometers long. The violent power was released and countless pieces of soil were thrown away, and smoke and dust billowed.

While the mountain giant was fighting the real demon of purgatory, the face of another real demon with nine demon marks on the top of the mountain gradually showed horror.

I saw endless blood pouring from the sky in the distance, like **** swallowing up the sky and the earth. There was a terrifying figure standing vaguely in the hell, exuding the powerful pressure of the middle mythology.

 “There is a powerful alien from a mythical level coming. Let’s go.”

Because they have destroyed many alien civilizations, some of the alien gods escaped and lurked, and attacked the Purgatory clan’s base from time to time, so these real demons have rich experience in this situation.

It’s useless no matter how experienced you are. As soon as Vala’s voice fell, the **** light that was more than a hundred kilometers away appeared out of thin air and enveloped the whole world.

 In an instant, an extremely ferocious evil aura enveloped all the demons in purgatory. Their whole bodies froze, a picture of a mountain of corpses and a sea of ​​blood appeared in their eyes, and despair showed on their faces.

 “Response quickly, but useless.”

With a deep voice, a ferocious figure ten meters tall appeared in front of Kara, grabbing its head in its horrified gaze.

Then black soul chains appeared around Chen Chu’s arms, making a clattering sound as they penetrated into Kava’s body, pulling out a transparent struggling shadow.

  Bang! As the soul was minced, some fragments of information were 'seen' by Chen Chu, and he slowly said: "In more than 10,000 kilometers, it will be the city of Moss Demon King."

According to the fragmentary information obtained from the soul search just now, this forest that stretches for more than 100,000 kilometers is called the Forest of Darkness and contains many dangerous creatures and restricted areas.

Through the forest is King Moss City, ruled by the demon king Moss Krator, with hundreds of thousands of purgatory demons and millions of black elephant aliens named Della under his command.

The Purgatory clan belongs to the aristocratic enfeoffment and semi-slavery system. The strongest demon is the Lord of the Empire, followed by the peak-awakened Great Demon Prince, Great Demon Duke, and Demon Marquis.

Each demon king has his own territory, ruling an area of ​​tens of thousands or one hundred thousand kilometers, and has absolute dominion over all resources and vassal races in the territory.

Whenever a civilized war breaks out, the Imperial Demon Gods will recruit some demon kings, including their true demon legions and vassal race legions, to participate in the war.

When Chen Chu casually obliterated Kava, the purgatory demons and aliens died silently under the doomsday realm, obliterated by the law of death that permeated the realm.

 Including the real Kazan demon who was fighting against the mountain giant, his face showed despair, and his body froze and slowly fell down.

At this time, Chen Chu was no different from an ant under the myth. Whether it was the ninth heaven or the peak of the ninth heaven, everything was wiped out in an instant.

 The unwillingness and resentment emitted by these real demons and aliens when they died made the blood in the Doomsday Realm skyrocket, making it even more terrifying.

However, the mountain giant Chen Chu did not obliterate it, but slowly appeared in front of it, because it was a rampaging giant that had lost its self-awareness and turned from a human being.

 It’s just that this place already belongs to the Purgatory clan. Why do humans appear here and become runaway giants?


Looking at the **** figure exuding a terrifying aura in front of him, his head was almost connected to his neck, and the muscles of his arms and shoulders exploded and petrified. The giant roared violently, and its battle ax flew in the air.

Just when the mountain giant made an attack stance, Chen Chu instantly appeared on its head and landed a palm on it.


The world turned upside down under the terrifying force, the earth collapsed, and the earth and rocks exploded to form a crater several kilometers long. A mountain giant with a height of 300 meters lay at the bottom of the crater with his body cracked and his breath weak.

However, for the sake of being a 'human being', Chen Chu did not kill it. He slowly spoke from below: "Big man, why do you appear in the territory of the Purgatory clan?"

Roar! Chen Chu responded with an unconscious roar.

Seeing this, Chen Chu took a deep look at the rampaging giant that looked like Xingtian, and then drove away from the Doomsday Hell, flying towards the city of Demon King Fangmos on the left.

 After Chen Chu left, the rampaging giant slowly got up. Gray mist filled the cracked areas on its body, and it turned into rocks and was repaired.


Arriving in front of the corpse of the Kazan True Demon that had turned into a mummy, the rampaging giant grabbed the two-headed, six-armed true body that was a hundred meters high, with its mouth wide open at the shoulders.

 Click! Under the terrifying bite force, half of the flesh and blood of the Purgatory True Demon was directly torn apart, and he devoured it.

Soon a corpse of a purgatory demon with nine demon marks was devoured, and then the rampaging giant walked towards the next one, with half of its body stained red with blood.

As it devoured more and more high-level true demon flesh and blood, the aura of the rampaging giant became more and more ferocious. When it entered the warehouse where countless monster flesh, flesh, and blood essences were piled at the foot of the mountain, it even let out an excited roar.


The City of Moss Demon King is located on a plain, covering an area of ​​more than 100 kilometers. The buildings are tall and rough, and are surrounded by black walls hundreds of meters high.

There are huge military camps stationed on all sides outside the city, and they have tamed huge demonized beasts, roaring and roaring, and their demonic aura is overwhelming.

At this time, a golden crystal with a diameter of one thousand meters was suspended above the city, emitting a dazzling light that illuminated the city like daylight.

There are millions of aliens living in the city. In addition to the black elephant aliens under the command of Demon King Moss, there are also aliens from other demon kings’ territories who come in and out to do business.

From time to time, there are huge dragon-like beasts roaring in the sky, riding demons from purgatory or powerful alien businessmen taking off and landing, full of alien atmosphere.

Although the Purgatory clan is very murderous, most of the real demons and aliens also have to live, so manufacturing, industry and commerce are actually very developed.

Whenever a purgatory noble wearing armor and surrounded by dark demonic energy walks on the street, the surrounding aliens will quickly give way and bow their heads respectfully.

At this time, the arena covering an area of ​​ten kilometers in the center of the Demon King City was very lively. The surroundings were filled with purgatory demons, and two terrifying figures exuding the aura of the Demon King were sitting on the main seat.

By this time, a battle had ended in the arena. After the giant beast, which was more than thirty meters long, devoured the flesh and blood of its opponent and was driven off, an emaciated purgatory demon walked onto the high platform.

“Next is the human race captured from the front line, fighting against the Crodo clan iron-blooded warriors, with a loss of one to ten, and it ends with the death of all one side.”

As the noble's voice fell, the black iron door on the side of the arena slowly opened, and a group of more than fifty humans wearing armor and leather clothes with frightened expressions came out.

These people are armed with weapons, between 1.7 and 2 meters tall, with four to seven auras. Their eyes are filled with hatred when they look at the surrounding purgatory demons.

And when he saw the two terrifying figures on the throne, fear and despair appeared on his face involuntarily, they turned out to be the Demon King.

“Is this the human race? It’s so weak.”

“How can such a weak race withstand more than two hundred sun discs from His Majesty the Demon God?”

“I heard that because of the terrain, the empire and the human race could not gather all their forces on the front line of the battle, so the human race was able to resist for so long.”

Looking at the humans in the arena, the purgatory nobles in the surrounding auditorium were talking a lot, ranging from curiosity to sneers, disdain, and doubts.

In the eyes of these purgatory nobles above the seventh heaven, these human beings are too weak, with weak breath and weak will.

Such a weak race, any one of their true demons can fight one against a hundred on the battlefield, slaughtering humans of the same level like dogs, so they can't figure out how they can resist the imperial army for so long.

At this time, the black door on the other side slowly opened, and a fifteen-meter-tall figure wearing broken bronze armor came out, holding a huge mace in his hand.

 This ferocious-looking iron-blooded warrior of the Crodo tribe exudes the aura of the late Seventh Heaven and a strong smell of blood. It is unknown how many lives were massacred in the arena.

 “I’ll buy this Crodo tribe to win. I’ll smash those humans into **** foam.”

 “I want to see those humans being torn apart one by one.”

“Kill all those humans, Kuvala, and I’ll buy them a hundred magic coins.”

"Uh... didn't you call that Predator to kill all humans? Why did you still buy them to win?"

“Ten to one is not profitable. What if these humans are upset? After all, they are the race that has been fighting with our people on the front line for so long.”

Suddenly, a purgatory demon with nine demon marks stood up and shouted: "That Predator, if you can blow all the heads of those humans, I will buy you."

Suddenly, the alien's eyes turned red, and he let out a violent roar before exploding with a bang, like a cannonball rushing towards the human beings more than a thousand meters away. The crazy momentum caused all the human beings to change their expressions, and the leading seventh-level human being shouted: "Be careful, I will stop it."

The powerful real power of the human being exploded during the shout, activating the energy of heaven and earth to form a fifteen-meter-tall real martial phantom behind him, holding a sword in both hands.

  Boom! Under the huge mace wrapped in blood, the shadow of Zhenwu collapsed, and the already weak seventh-layer strongman flew out with blood spitting from his mouth.

"Kill!" At this moment, two sharp sword lights burst out from both sides. They were sharp and fast, exuding the aura of the sixth heaven, and struck the alien's thigh in an instant.

   锵锵! The fire exploded, and the sword light, which was enough to cut through the armored vehicle, left two deep marks on the armor, but it did not break the defense.


The thirty-meter-long mace in the alien's hand swept across, reaching subsonic speed. The atmosphere exploded at a terrifying speed, and the two humans were directly blasted into a **** mist.

Under that absolutely powerful force, the real power of body protection was instantly blasted away.

 “Kill, kill all those humans.”

 “Hahahaha...Okay, blow them up.”

Facing the Crodo tribe, which was extremely powerful, not slow, and at a higher level, those humans were blasted by the aliens one by one, and the blood sprayed almost turned the ground red.

This scene even made the surrounding purgatory nobles shout excitedly.

Looking at the wonderful 'performance' below, Demon King Kroll on the throne was a little surprised: "Moss, these human slaves are very precious, and you just waste them like this?"

Demon King Moss shook his head: "These humans are from the Alliance of Gods. They have never learned technology and have no use except for a little power."

 “From the Alliance of Gods, Moss, you have been deceived.” A smile appeared on the face of Demon King Krol.

Moss's eyes suddenly turned cold: "Those hateful slave traders actually dare to deceive the great King of Purgatory. Next time they come to my territory, I will make them all spit out."

 Behind the Purgatory clan, the "price" of human beings is very high, and these Purgatory demon kings are very interested in the powerful technology and knowledge mastered by the human race.

And it’s not just the human race, other racial civilizations that have fought against the Purgatory clan and have shown great strength are the subjects of their research.

This is also the reason why the Purgatory clan has been able to stand in the mythical world for so many years, constantly absorbing the advantages of all clans and evolving their bloodline.

At this time, Demon King Clore said in a low voice: "Moss, this time I came here to do with His Highness Alec. His Highness has died."

Demon King Moss was stunned: "What, His Highness actually died."

“Yes, the news came from the front line. His Majesty sensed the death of His Highness through blood induction, and specifically ordered me to come and investigate the situation.”

 “I don’t know much about this.”

Demon King Moss thought for a while: "When it was dark ahead, His Highness Alec followed a group of death priests to my king's place. After a short stay, they went deep into the forest of darkness."

“It seems that we have discovered traces of an alien civilization in a restricted area, and we want to sacrifice the blood of that alien civilization to break through the big devil.”

“As for where that alien is and which restricted area I don’t know, I am not qualified to ask about His Highness’s affairs, nor do I dare to ask.”

 Moss is only in the late stage of the Demon King. Facing the peak of the Demon King, Alekor, who has a noble status and is comparable to the Great Demon King in combat power, is far behind.

 Suddenly Demon King Clore frowned and became a little solemn, wondering how he could investigate.

 “Moss, have those death priests come back?”

"No, it seems they all died in the restricted area." Moss was a little solemn.

Among the Purgatory clan, only demon kings with the blood of the demon **** or some demonic talents are qualified to be recognized by the abyss, and can use the power of the abyss to increase their strength and sacrifice blood to all things.

Each of these demon kings is extremely powerful, but this time he fell silently. It seems that the restricted area is very dangerous and is right around its territory.

This is a vast world, huge, mysterious, and dangerous. Even a demon king with comparable combat power to the great demon king will die suddenly.

"We are in some trouble now." Demon King Kroll rubbed his brows. If it couldn't find any useful information, it would probably be difficult to explain to Demon God Diorus.

Moss shook his head: "Fortunately, I didn't choose to join the imperial guard with you. Joining the main city of the empire will give you freedom and ease."

“This time, the king has prepared 150,000 sets of gilded battle armor, refined magic soldiers, and enough logistics consumption and supplies for an army of 500,000 vassals to fight for twenty days.”

“I will be able to lead the army to the front line just after His Majesty’s order.” At this point, Moss looked a little heavy.

“It’s just Clore, the situation on the frontline has become this serious? His Majesty is actually preparing to start a war of genocide.”

The war of genocide is not that easy to start. All demon kings need to lead elite main battle legions, subordinate vassal race legions to support them, and provide their own logistics.

These logistics include food, natural materials and earthly treasures that can quickly treat injuries, resources that can quickly restore strength and blood, and are sufficient to support long-term consumption.

And once the whole country starts a war of genocide, the consequences will be very serious. After allocating most of the forces to the front line, if the enemy cannot be destroyed in a short period of time, chaos may occur in the empty rear area.

Without the Great Demon King and the Demon King sitting in charge, the dozens of vassal races conquered by the empire might be ready to take action.

Including those alien civilizations that were destroyed in the past, an alliance composed of some mythical strongmen who escaped may launch a counterattack, and there are also some monsters suppressed deep in the restricted area by the big devil...

Demon King Clore slowly spoke: "The situation on the front line is indeed a bit tense..."

At this moment, a black light flashed across the sky, followed by a sharp shout that resounded throughout the world: "There is a strong enemy coming, activate the dark formation immediately."


In an instant, the entire Demon King's City shook. The demonic patterns engraved on the city walls lit up, echoing some of the buildings in the city. A thousand-meter-thick black demonic pillar rose into the sky from the four military camps outside the city.

Dark demonic clouds shrouded the sky, and the demonic energy rolled, forming a black light curtain that fell and covered more than a hundred kilometers, forming a powerful forbidden barrier.

The sudden change shook the whole city. Figures surrounded by demonic aura rose into the sky and dispersed in all directions, without any panic or order.

Sitting high on the throne, Demon King Moss looked cold: "What's going on?"

The black light fell, revealing a true demon figure in the late stage of the Nine Demon Marks, kneeling on one knee with a somewhat frightened look on his face.

“Reporting to Lord Demon King, he is a powerful alien mythologist. He has destroyed eleven positions in the Demon City in succession. All the real demons and aliens stationed there have been wiped out. Now he is rapidly attacking the Demon King’s City.”

“Through the observation of the magic eye, this alien race is in the middle stage of mythology, but it is extremely powerful and masters the realm of blood-sea killing laws. The rest is unknown.”

The Great Demon King Krol looked coldly: "It seems that some of the destroyed alien mythical warriors came to take revenge after his cultivation breakthrough."

Demon King Moss sneered: "Looking for death, does it think it can compete with our clan by becoming a mythical strongman? It is naive. It just so happens that I have recently broken through to the late stage of the Demon King."

“When I kill that mythical alien race, I will hang its body at the entrance of the magic city to let all the alien races know the consequences of daring to resist our race.”

 “Come, bring me the king’s weapons.”

 “Yes, Your Majesty.”

 After hearing that the incoming alien strongman was only in the middle stage of mythology, neither Moss nor Kroll, who were in the late stage of Demon King cultivation, took it seriously.

As a powerful purgatory demon, even in the early stage of mythology, it can suppress these weak aliens and the strong ones in the middle stage of mythology.

Soon, two alien giants more than fifty meters tall appeared, struggling to carry a black spear that was a hundred meters long.

  Boom! As Demon King Moss grabbed the spear, a terrifying aura erupted from his body, and the terrifying demonic energy rose into the sky, echoing with the rolling demonic clouds in the sky and covering the sky.

 “Lord Moss is invincible.”

 “You dare to provoke my clan and you are seeking death.”

High-level figures soared into the sky in the arena, flying towards the city wall behind Demon King Moss surrounded by magic clouds. A **** light that was richer than the light of the blood moon spread from the sky.

In the **** light that enveloped dozens of kilometers, a ten-meter-tall figure with black dragon horns on its head loomed, and behind it stood a thousand-meter-tall demon god's phantom.

The invisible evil aura emitted made Moss and Clore, who had seemed indifferent just now, look condensed.

  This incoming alien mythical warrior is very powerful.

 Boom, boom, boom! At this moment, the blood light hit the black light curtain surrounding the city like a tidal wave, erupting with the impact of a roaring tsunami. The atmosphere exploded instantly and the space shook.

“Purgatory clan, die.” In the deep voice, the figure with the first-born dragon horns moved, and a **** halberd wrapped with black and gray chains appeared in his hand.

However, in order to conceal his identity, the appearance of the Bahuang War Halberd has changed somewhat.

 In an instant, the expressions of Moss and Kroll changed drastically. Kroll, who was sitting on the throne of the arena, shouted: "Moss, be careful, it's the upper law! Or two."

At this moment, Chen Chu took action boldly. In the **** explosion, a halberd with a length of more than a thousand meters penetrated the sky and the earth, spanning dozens of kilometers.

 The void exploded under the terrifying power, and the heaven and earth shook.

 The halberd, which carried the power of **** and the power of two superior laws, coupled with the supreme power of vacuum and the passive amplification of the laws of force, instantly fell on the black light screen.


The entire demonic city shook with a bang, the ground around the city shattered and exploded, and the demonic patterns on the city wall and some buildings in the city continued to crumble and explode.

The magic pillars erupting from the four military camps were also shaking continuously. Circles of dazzling energy light erupted between the light curtains and the **** halberds. The terrifying sound was like the coming of the end.

 All the purgatory demons and aliens had disbelief and shock on their faces.

The other party actually shook the Moss Demon King's city with one blow for hundreds of years, spending countless resources to connect the dark magic array set up in this area.

 Click click click! After only holding on for one breath, cracks appeared on the black light curtain that was thick enough to withstand the initial power attack of the Great Demon King.

 “Stop it for me!” Moss roared, revealing the true body of the five-hundred-meter-tall demon king with three heads and eight arms, holding black spears in both arms and rising into the sky.

At the same time, two of the remaining six arms pressed the magic seal with their hands, stimulating the bloodline magical power to burn black flames. In an instant, the black war spear soared to more than a thousand meters, exuding a terrifying aura.

The other four arms drew the bow with both arms, and nocked arrows with both arms. The arrows entwined with strange black runes were aimed at Chen Chu who was in the **** realm.

  Boom! The sky collapsed, and the **** war halberd fell from the sky like a huge world-destroying missile. The power that swept through the world-destroying world destroyed the black war spear with one blow.

The terrifying power even destroyed the realm of law, blasting half of Moss's true body into pieces before falling into the center of the Demon King's City. A dazzling light burst out in an instant.

  Boom! Half of the Demon King's City was blown away, the earth shattered, countless buildings and dirt and debris were thrown tens of thousands of meters, and the whole world was shaking and heaving.

"You are too weak. Is this the so-called real devil in purgatory?" In the doomsday hell, Chen Chu casually crushed the black arrow in his hand, and a pair of black-gold vertical pupils that covered the sky appeared behind him.

 In an instant, darkness fell, covering an area of ​​more than 100 kilometers.

  The secret of the Law of the Void is that the void descends, forming a dark sky covering a certain range, blending into the void, depriving the enemy of physical and mental will perception.

The power of this move was only average when Chen Chu was in the eighth and ninth heavens, but when he broke through the mythical realm and completed the Void Law, he finally showed the power of the upper law.

At this moment, no matter the aliens, the real demons, or Moss and Locker, the two late-stage demon kings, they all lost their perception of everything around them.

 Before Locke and Moss, who had consumed his source and instantly recovered his true form, could react, the pair of black-gold eyes reappeared in the darkness, locking them with terrifying power.

  Bang bang!

 The void around the two demon kings collapsed, and it was completely shattered. The space and their true bodies were shattered, and their souls were seriously injured in an instant.

"No, how is it possible!" In despair, the two demon kings only had time to roar with frightened and angry souls, and the void of invisible matter within the area collapsed again.

 Bang, bang, bang!

Under the gaze of the double eyes of death in the void, the two demon kings were unable to resist, and were completely obliterated after more than twenty space repairs and collapses.

Laws converge in the darkness-shrouded void, and two blood moons emerge and slowly fall.

Chen Chu, who had killed the two demon kings and covered up the vision of their fall, lowered his head slightly and looked indifferently at the more than two million aliens and purgatory demons shrouded in the black shadow void.

"Don't you like to kill foreigners and sacrifice them? Today I will also sacrifice you and come to hell." Along with Chen Chu's deep voice, a blood-red streak opened in the sky.

 Suddenly, endless blood spurted out, submerging hundreds of kilometers. The aliens and demons exploded everywhere they passed, turning into a **** mist and blending into hell.

  Millions of high-level aliens were obliterated by the explosion, and the released blood energy almost dyed the sky red. The terrifying resentment and unwillingness entangled Chen Chu, forming a purple-red blood light.

 Suddenly, the blood-colored halo behind him became even more dazzling, and the thousand-meter-high demon god's shadow became clearer and terrifying, surrounded by lines of substantial blood light.

This is the real river of blood. Cecidian and Xiaoyi will definitely be very excited when they see it. Chen Chu's eyes were cold and floating downwards, showing no emotion or pity for this scene. There was no mercy in the race war.

 When all the foreign races and true demons in the city were wiped out by the power of the law of hell, they turned into a mighty river of blood. After countless souls struggled and wailed and disappeared into the blood, a majestic power of **** descended.

  Boom! The **** light surrounding Chen Chu surged, and the area continued to expand, gradually spreading to more than 150 kilometers.

The aura on Chen Chu's body has also skyrocketed, and the power of the power of **** wrapped around him far exceeds the ordinary middle-level law. If he can kill tens of millions in the future, he should be able to upgrade the power of the power of **** to the upper-level law.

This is hell, the place where killing, despair and death end up.

After wiping out two demon kings and slaughtering a city of demon kings, the next step is naturally the time to reap the rewards. And just when Chen Chu entered the depths of the mythical world and started killing, at the station of the 30th Legion of the Outer Extension Department, a powerful sword The intention exploded.


In the sky above the secret room where An Fuqing was in seclusion, a world composed of countless sword energies slowly emerged. The sword world was surrounded by four swords exuding pink, black, cyan and gray sword intents hanging, as if they were real, and the sharp and terrifying aura vibrated. world.

Even Mingkong Sword King Mujun couldn't help but look at him with some suspicion.

Looking at the special world that opened up and condensed, and the four terrifying sword intentions that had reached the limit of touching the law, Mu Jun exclaimed: "As expected of the evildoer who almost walked the road of the King of Heaven, finally shines."

Just after breaking through the Nine Heavens, An Fuqing's combat power will reach a terrifying level, and even the peak experts of the Nine Heavens may not be able to take on her. sword.

And under the four special sword laws, her fighting methods will be varied and the lethality will be terrifying. If she can combine the four swords into one, she will even be able to defeat the myth.

Thinking of this, Mu Jun couldn't help but exclaimed: "Today's young people are so scary."

"And Nan Tianwu Gao is really what that guy Qingqiu Tianyao said, and he is destined by luck? Otherwise, forget about a Chen Chu who dominates the world, and there is also such a swordsman monster." Mu Jun hesitated at this point. , he was wondering whether to send his daughter to study there as well.

Just as Mu Jun was deep in thought, Chen Hu, a two-meter-tall tall man from Nantian Wu High School, appeared in his school uniform. When he saw Xia Youhui waiting at the door, he showed a simple smile: "Brother Xia, please wait for me. .”

Xia Youhui chuckled and said, "It's okay. Ah Chu and I are good brothers, so there's no need to be so outspoken."

As he said this, Xia Youhui patted Chen Hu on the shoulder, and a powerful counterattack force suddenly erupted. The powerful force directly knocked Xia Youhui back several meters, and he couldn't help but show surprise on his face: "Ahu, that force just now was you Awakened physical talent?"

 “Yes.” Chen Hu nodded honestly.

Shock gradually appeared on Xia Youhui's face. Although he had not exploded with real power just now, he was a strong man in the sixth heaven. His physical body alone was enough to blast a wall with one punch. He was actually knocked back by Chen Hu's physical strength. This guy had finally awakened. What physical talent?

  Could it be congenital... Damn, your whole family must be monsters.

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