Chapter 464 The world-destroying space-based satellite enters the mythical world again

In the plane world, Chen Chu stood on the black sacred mountain that was already 10,000 meters high. Behind him, there was a vague shadow of a black stone door reaching the sky and the earth.

However, the black stone door projection only appeared for a few breaths, and then disappeared when Chen Chu slowly opened his eyes and whispered to himself.

“The entrance to the Gate to Heaven has been connected to the Blue Star. As long as I can enter the highest plane of hell, I can return to the plane world through the coordinates, and then return to the Blue Star.”

In order to ensure the safety of going deep into the purgatory clan’s rear to cause trouble, Chen Chu thought over and over again and finally chose to connect the entrance to the plane world to the Blue Star.

 As the plane world he opened up, Chen Chu can enter and exit the plane at will, and the place where he disappears is the coordinate position connecting the material universe.

This trick is very convenient to practice in normal times, but if you enter the plane world while being chased by a demon-level powerhouse, you will be locked in position and tear apart the space.

 Including jumping from the highest **** plane, you need to have a coordinate, such as the plane world, and then return through the plane world.

Of course, there are also disadvantages to this. For example, the next time you enter, you will go out to Blue Star unless the link to the Gate to Heaven is released.

 After making the final preparations, Chen Chu took a deep breath, and the time and space summoning mark on the back of his left hand emitted a faint blue light.


With Chen Chu as the center, a space-time altar covering hundreds of meters and composed of countless faint blue rune chains emerged, with a silver vortex slowly opening on it.

 At the same time, in front of the Destruction Emperor Dragon, which had returned to the world of rifts, time and space were distorted, forming a rotating silver vortex.

After ‘modifying’ the Secret of Time and Space Summoning, it will be easier to directly use an altar to connect two points than forcibly opening a cross-border passage.


The Destruction Emperor Dragon blew out blazing waves of air from its breath, and the space bubble floating in front of him suddenly moved slightly, wrapping hundreds of life crystals and flying towards the vortex.

Errrrrr! Feeling the familiar fluctuations of time and space, the little purple dragon on the head of the Destruction Emperor opened his eyes in confusion, and subconsciously wiped his saliva with his little paws.

 The Emperor Dragon of Destruction slowly growled: "Xiao Yi, this time is not a sacrifice."

Errrrrr! ? Still building relationships?

The purple little dragon's still-awakening eyes showed confusion, because it remembered that the Emperor Dragon of Destruction had already sent gifts several times, wasn't it enough?

Looking at the slowly disappearing silver vortex, the little purple dragon smacked his lips, lay down again and fell asleep, exuding a vague and powerful pressure.

When the Destruction Emperor Dragon lay down again and continued to complete the Titan-level transformation, Chen Chu grabbed two golden eighth-level life crystals and thought.

  “Convert attribute points.”

“You transformed two high-purity life crystals and obtained 3980 and 3714 attribute points respectively…”

This time, because they are all high-level life crystals that start at level 5, including many at level 8, when all are converted, the attribute points on the page skyrocketed from more than 50,000 to more than 170,000.

A total of more than 120,000 points have been transformed. It is worthy of being a mythical world, with high-level exotic beasts and creatures everywhere.

Although the attribute points after breaking through the king cannot directly strengthen the law, improve the cultivation level, and cannot further evolve the talent of the Destruction Emperor Dragon, it is still of great help to Chen Chu.

For example, when facing the "temptation" of the supreme **** and the crimson world, Chen Chu would definitely not sign the contract if there were no attribute points to simulate the original breath of the soul.

Without the blessing of the enlightenment concept, his cultivation speed will plummet after breaking through the myth, and he will be unable to continue to progress bravely.

After sighing for a while, Chen Chu's thoughts rang in his mind: "Consume 120,000 attribute points and enter a state of enlightenment."

  Boom! The void shook, and the rich artistic conception of enlightenment almost materialized and enveloped Chen Chu, and the whole person suddenly fell into a deep state of cultivation.

 When Chen Chu began to retreat and sprint, the battle on the frontline battlefield became increasingly fierce.

With the support of King Areste and the five kings, some of the sources on the frontline battlefield were severely burned and consumed, and the kings who had approached the basic limit of 60% damage were replaced.


In the middle of the frontal battlefield, Unit 1, which was jointly suppressed by two late-stage demon kings and a mid-stage demon king, became more and more violent and roaring because it had not devoured many flesh, blood, and souls.

 In the No. 1 machine body, the pilot Luo Fei's eyes were cold, without a trace of emotion, she just watched the data beating on the light screen quietly.

“The soul synchronization rate is ninety-eight percent, ninety-nine percent…”

"Warning! Please suppress the soul synchronization rate, otherwise mental pollution will occur when it reaches 100%. Warning, please resist the soul fluctuations of Unit 1."

At this time, Mu Luofei slowly spoke: "Refuse to accept the suppression, and remove 20% of the limited armor of the No. 1 unit."

“The command has been received and is about to be executed...The exoskeleton control armor of Unit 1 is unlocked by 20%, the core energy begins to be released, and the super-god energy fluctuation exceeds one thousand percent, three thousand...”

Looking at the crazily soaring data on the screen, Luo Fei's eyes were cold, as if she was standing outside the world, standing in infinitely distant time and space, watching everything quietly.


As Luo Fei untied part of Unit 1, the muscles all over Unit 1 began to swell in an instant, and pieces of armor exploded, revealing the purple-gold skin underneath.

 In an instant, a terrifying aura erupted from the black and red mecha.

Hum! Two blue-white beams of light burst out from the eyes of Unit 1, and the invisible aura of destruction caused the two demon kings who faced the blow to subconsciously avoid it.

  Boom! In an instant, a dazzling mushroom cloud rose dozens of kilometers away, the earth shook, and a terrifying shock wave swept across dozens of kilometers.

At the same time, the huge palm of Unit 1 reached out and grabbed a broken family member of the alien race more than 20 kilometers away.

 Tens of thousands of aliens turned into blood foam under the terrifying power, and countless flesh and souls gathered under the purple-gold light to form a war spear hundreds of meters long.

The purple-gold war spear is like substance, with mysterious and simple lines flowing on it, and it exudes a strange aura that makes the three demon kings uneasy.

 “Be careful with the weapons in the hands of that monster.” The late-stage demon king behind shouted angrily.

But it was already too late. The No. 1 fuselage was stretched back and forth in a delivery posture, and the spear in its hand shone brightly, emitting rays of terrifying light.

  Boom! The purple-gold war spear turned into a beam of light and burst out, instantly penetrating the void, leaving a black passage in front of another late-stage demon king.

The three-headed and eight-armed demon king's face suddenly changed. The eight arms kneaded into one, and the dark demonic energy covering several kilometers around him gathered on the thick war shield in his hand.



The terrifying blow directly penetrated the thick black-gold battle shield that was a hundred meters thick and exuded an unshakable meaning, penetrating the real body of the Demon King and seriously injuring it.

However, Unit 1's target was not it. The moment it delivered the war spear and seriously injured the demon king, it fell to the ground on all fours, leaping high like a monster.

"No, save me!" Looking at the monster that appeared above him in an instant, the mid-term demon king who was clearly three hundred meters tall and looked even bigger screamed in despair.


Under the huge palm of Unit 1, the mid-stage demon king solidified together with the surrounding space within a kilometer, shrinking continuously and was finally caught by Unit 1.

This scene is exactly the same as that on the Tianyuan battlefield. The late-stage demon king behind him roared in anger and held a kilometer-long dark magic spear piercing the sky and the earth.


A terrible blow landed behind fuselage No. 1 and was blocked by a golden barrier. The space was vibrating crazily for several kilometers, but it could not penetrate the invisible crystal wall.

 The force field surrounding Unit 1 is somewhat similar to Chen Chu's boundary wall defense, or may be more powerful and advanced.

 Click! He grabbed the Demon King's No. 1 machine and bit it down. In an instant, most of the Demon King's body 'disappeared' and was wiped away and swallowed by a force that looked like a rule.

Such a terrifying scene made the two late-stage demon kings extremely fearful.

“Be careful, the biological mecha has entered the awakening state, don’t get close to it.”

  Boom! With a fierce shout, a terrifying aura erupted in the sky, and an early-stage demon king descended from behind.

In the two previous battlefields, Unit 1 has devoured more than one million vassal aliens and purgatory demons. With the addition of the flesh and soul of several demon kings, the growth has become even more terrifying.

At this time, he entered a berserk state again. When the power was released, even the big demon king joined forces with the two demon kings, and they could only barely suppress it, which relieved the pressure on the above.

Thousands of kilometers above the ground, the Heavenly God King and the First Councilor Qiantian stood tall, surrounded by rules, confronting the two demon-god-level powerhouses on the opposite side, overlooking the increasingly fierce battlefield below with cold eyes.

Suddenly Tianji God King said slowly: "It seems that you are ready to start the war of genocide."

The demon **** standing on the head of a peak Titan beast on the opposite side said in a low voice: "Humans, you have no hope. As we gather the power of the two empires, the only thing waiting for you is destruction."

The huge light wheel behind Tianji God King slowly rotated, and his voice was equally cold: "Really, are you ready to be buried with him?"

 When the voice of the Tianji God King fell, the logistics base city of Channel 3 in the rear area suddenly emitted a rapid red light.

“After receiving the first sequence of instructions from the Chairman of the Council, activate the world-destroying space-based satellite and carry out a devastating strike. The target is the left front of the canopy battlefield. The coordinates are locked and the angle of the space channel begins to be adjusted.”

At the same time, Blue Star, the third channel where the Beilin Empire was located, shook violently.

 Compared to the world passages of the Dongxia and Simon Empires, the world passage of the Beilin Empire is rather special, like an orange vortex with a diameter of one thousand meters, and is wrapped with a gorgeous golden frame around the vortex.

 At this time, as the order was issued, the passage vibrated, and the red vortex moved with the golden frame, like a substance rising slowly, aiming at the sky.

In the depths of the void outside the atmosphere of the Blue Star, inside the huge World-Destroying Space-Based Satellite No. 1 with a diameter of tens of kilometers, guarded by a hundred-meter-tall mecha, a king-level powerhouse slowly opened his eyes.

   “Is it necessary to activate the world-destroying space-based satellite?”      Click, click! The huge space-based satellite is like a spider with eight legs stretched all the time. The unfolded mechanical arm is equipped with a huge transparent mirror, which is pointed in the direction of the sun and covers a range of hundreds of kilometers. Countless runes on it light up one by one.

Hum! In an instant, the light of stars tens of thousands of kilometers in front of the satellite converged, and the mirrors immediately emitted golden light, which was converted into fiery and terrifying energy by the rune array and sent to the center of the satellite.

At the same time, the stellar energy that had been collected for ten years inside the satellite also began to be released. The "energy blocks" with a diameter of three kilometers lit up, emitting golden light and terrifying energy fluctuations.

Hum! With a diameter of more than 4,000 meters and a muzzle of one kilometer, the muzzle gathered terrifying energy and emitted a dazzling light. Because it was so dazzling, it was seen by countless people on the Blue Star during the day.

  Boom! A buzz that shook the atmosphere resounded throughout the world, and a golden beam of light with a diameter of one kilometer burst out, penetrating the atmosphere, surrounded by circles of magnificent white air waves, 'slowly' penetrating the sky and the earth.

The invisible energy fluctuations emitted by the light column pushed away the atmosphere, forming a hole with a diameter of more than a hundred kilometers. Finally, under the shocked eyes of countless people, it rushed into the red vortex with a bang.

  Boom! The red channel hanging more than a thousand kilometers above the No. 3 Logistics Base shook wildly, and then a golden beam with a diameter of one kilometer roared out, and the light and energy fluctuations it emitted made the entire world shake.

In an instant, the expressions of the two demon gods changed slightly, because they had seen the power of this attack more than a hundred suns ago. The power was very terrifying, and it directly prevented the annihilation war they had launched on the Tianyuan battlefield more than a hundred suns ago. .

One of the demon gods roared: "It's a space-based strike from humans. We can't let it fall on the frontal battlefield."

 “Do you think you can stop me?”

 Boom, boom, boom! A battle broke out among the four demon gods at a distance of 10,000 kilometers, and even the demon gods and Zhenwu Tianwang who were holding the formation from behind took action brazenly.

While the three demon-god-level powerhouses were being stopped, a peak-awakened demon king on the Great Demon King's battlefield roared and exploded with power to push back the Xuanwu Heavenly King who had rushed back. Then he descended from the sky and turned into a towering figure thousands of meters high.

Looking at the golden beam of light coming from across the sky, the six arms behind the big demon king exploded, terrifying power gathered in the arms, and the magic patterns on them shone with a bang, tearing a crack of more than ten kilometers in length in the space in front. I want to use the power of space to deflect this blow.

  Boom! The golden beam of light contained terrifying stellar energy and destroyed everything. It instantly shattered the cracks in space and destroyed half of the true body of the peak-awakened Great Demon King. Finally, it fell on the frontal battlefield on the left under the gaze of countless despairing eyes.


 Dazzling light illuminates the heaven and earth, and the endless stellar energy pours down and the earth melts. Peaks, mountains, rivers, forbidden areas and vassal legions, and the main battle legion of the Purgatory clan are all annihilated by the golden and hot star energy.

Such terrifying energy and scope of destruction caused countless cultivators, purgatory demons and foreign gods on both sides of the battlefield stretching for tens of thousands of kilometers to look in horror at the golden beams and rumbling vibrations across the sky.

The destructive strike lasted for almost twenty minutes. When the energy stored inside the Destruction Satellite was exhausted, it slowly disappeared, leaving a huge fan-shaped area of ​​destruction.

This area stretches for more than 3,000 kilometers, with the narrowest point being 200 kilometers, the widest point being more than 4,000 kilometers, and several thousand meters deep. The hot magma below is rolling like hell, spanning half of the Purgatory Clan's rear position.

 Suddenly, the atmosphere of the fierce war between heaven and earth calmed down.

Due to the speed of this blow, only one big demon king was injured, and several demon kings were swept away. However, the damage and results were horrific. It directly wiped out the main battle legion on the opposite battlefield, and half of the rear legions were remotely supported.

 There was no elite human team in the destroyed area. From the beginning, the human side was ready to activate the world-destroying space-based weapons and selected the target.

This is the origin of the title of the world-destroying satellite hanging in the outer space of Blue Star. A single shot from the side is enough to destroy continental blocks and clean half of the earth's surface. If it is fired continuously from the front, it can penetrate the core of the planet.

Suddenly, a big demon king roared in the sky, and the voice spread and resounded thousands of kilometers as it spread: "Don't be afraid, this kind of attack from the human race can only happen once, kill me, kill all the human race."


As the great demon king marshal roared, the war continued to break out, but the intensity was much weaker than before.

 At the same time, he is in the plane of earth, fire, wind and thunder.

As the five superior laws continue to be perfected, approaching the middle stage of the myth, the aura on Chen Chu's body becomes more and more terrifying and heavy, and the pressed void makes an overwhelming squeaking sound.

The blue thunder shining around Chen Chu gradually transitioned to purple, and the aura became more violent and full of destruction. The golden fireball reflected behind him exuded blazing light, like a real big sun star.

Among the five superior laws, the Great Sun Heavenly Flame and the Thousand-Calamity Divine Thunder are the most powerful. The void silently turns the surrounding world into darkness, and death and souls are not visible.


Suddenly, Chen Chu's aura surged, the Great Sun's fireball radiated a brighter light, and the Great Sun's Golden Flame Law reached a small level.

 At this point, Chen Chu is already considered a strong person in the middle stage of mythology, but his goal this time is to achieve small success in all laws.


 Afternoon, half past five.

The burly Chen Hu, wearing a school uniform and carrying a black 'small backpack', walked into the yard, and then saw Chen Chu and Zhang Xiaolan standing in front of the door talking.

“Brother, have you finished practicing?”

Chen Chu turned around slightly and looked at Chen Hu, who still had a childish look on his face. He nodded with a gentle smile on his face: "Well, the practice is over."

Chen Hu suddenly showed admiration on his face: "Brother, you are working too hard. It feels like you are either practicing or on the road of cultivation." Then Chen Hu paused and said: "Brother, after thinking about it for a few days, I decided to transfer to Nantian Wugao. "

 “You want to practice?” Chen Chu was a little surprised.

This guy has been struggling with the issue of transferring to another school since he was practicing, and he doesn't seem to want to leave the junior high school.

"Well, I want to practice." Chen Hu nodded seriously. Although Chen Chu didn't say much to him, he still vaguely felt an inexplicable sense of crisis.

His brother has become the legendary and extremely powerful king, yet he is still practicing so hard.

Coupled with the continuous emergence of space cracks during this period, the invading alien races, and those who suddenly awakened their abilities, no matter how you look at it, there is a feeling that great changes are coming.

 In this case, it is naturally safer to have strong power, otherwise once a change occurs, he will not even have the strength to protect 'some' people.

 Chen Chu nodded: "Okay, I'll say hello to Director Hong later. Then you can go directly to Nantian Wugao to report tomorrow. I will ask Lao Xia to wait for you at the door and take you to familiarize yourself with the new environment."

 “As for me, I have to leave soon and don’t have time.”

 “Brother, you are leaving again.” Chen Hu was stunned.

Chen Chu nodded calmly: "Well, I have an important mission, and I may be away for a long time this time. Then I will leave the family affairs to you."

With Chen Chu's current status, it is obvious that this mission is very important. Chen Hu nodded seriously: "Brother, don't worry, I will protect the family."

"Yeah." Chen Chu smiled, patted him on the shoulder, then said hello to Zhang Xiaolan, then distorted the space and disappeared, leaving very simply.

In Tiannan City, the black crack that stretches for more than a thousand meters has been surrounded by the military base. No one is allowed to enter. Only more than ten kilometers away, there are some new media reporters and Internet celebrities using mobile phones and drones to take pictures.

At the edge of the black crack, the 100-meter-tall Cavado stood with an indifferent expression. Next to it was the more than 700-meter-long mythical tyrannosaurus beast. It exuded an invisible and terrifying coercion and blocked the surrounding area. Even an ant could not reach it. near.

 As for the hundreds of thousands of Tyrannosaurus aliens, they have already evacuated.

  Accustomed to the rich and abundant energy environment of the mythical world, the tyrannosaur aliens couldn't bear it after only a few days. Finally, through negotiation, they were allowed to take the train to the new settlement of the mythical world in advance.

 Suddenly, Cavadora's face became solemn, and the mythical tyrannosaurus beast that had been lying motionless on the ground to save energy also quickly stood up and bowed its head respectfully.

 In front of them, a young man with black hair and a shawl appeared out of thin air.

 “See Lord God.” Cavadola said respectfully.

Although Chen Chu at this time seemed to be no different from a few days ago, Cavadola felt a terrifying aura inexplicably, and he was suddenly horrified.

The gods have become stronger again and become more terrifying.

Chen Chu nodded slightly: "Cavadora, I won't be back for a while. There is a task for you here. If you complete it well, I can consider unlocking the restriction on your soul."

 Suddenly Cavadola was stunned and a little excited: "Please rest assured, Lord God, no matter what the task is, my subordinates can complete it."

Chen Chu said calmly: "The task is very simple. Next, you shrink your true body and stay near my home to protect my brother and my mother for three years. At that time, I will release the soul restriction on you."

 This is an insurance policy that Chen Chu provides to his family.

It's not that he doesn't believe in the Federation, but the enemy is too strong. Even if there are high-level powerful people around, they cannot guarantee Zhang Xiaolan's absolute safety. After all, there have been too many cases of the king's relatives being assassinated in recent years.

 So for the sake of safety, Chen Chu kept this foreign mythical powerhouse that he had conquered.

For him, a mythical thug is dispensable, but for those 'people' who lurk into Blue Star and want to assassinate Zhang Xiaolan, they will feel desperate. After all, no one will let the mythical strongman protect the king's family.

Hearing that it was such a simple task, Cavadora suddenly said excitedly: "Sir, please rest assured, I will never let anyone harm the mistress, otherwise I will come to see you."

 Chen Chu just nodded lightly and said nothing.

 Because if something happens to Zhang Xiaolan or Chen Hu, Cavadola will not be able to survive even if he wants to.

  Boom! Chen Chu stepped into the crack. In an instant, the black crack shook wildly and twisted, as if he had entered an indescribably huge existence. It exploded and collapsed directly under Cavadora's shocked gaze.

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