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The head of the Third Reich has just died, and the protagonist Jiuzhan Que Nest has become the new head of state.

The doubtful identity makes him have to be cautious, and the lofty ideals make him have to let go and work hard.

Let’s see how a fake head of state really becomes a head of state of a generation.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:IO
Alternate Title:帝国霸主
Author:Dragon Knight
Weekly Rank:#703
Monthly Rank:#687
All Time Rank:#3156
Tags:European Ambience, Industrialization, Male Protagonist, Nationalism, Racism, Reincarnated in Another World, Wars,
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  1. I get that this is super racist and I probably will never get to reading it but I still don't understand why we upload a dropped novel? Is it so that we can feel like we became eunuch?

  2. I really laughed at the india part I mean of course I am Indian and it would offend me but they way he said so called Indian army Bro the army in 2022 was formed the Subash Chandra bose Yes the Indian army we have right now with was formed by him that's why he was a hero. His army of captured Indian in Japan fought so bravely in southeast Asia that if it were not for Indian army Japanese would have lost many battles And yes I am not bullshitting you guys can google it

  3. It has Racism and Nationalisms sigh why can't I get a novel which isn't baised but well can't blame anyone after all it is autor fantasy for Chinese leader They don't really care about anything

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