Tell me now, how did you get here? "Said the little man again.

"What does it have to do with you?" Gao Ge snorted coldly.

What a special.

I ask you questions, you don't answer me.

Ask me, and I will answer you?

Are you afraid of ...

Think beautiful!

So Gao Ge turned around and looked like he was leaving.

Zhou Ju froze, and quickly asked, "Gaoge, shall we stop playing?"

"do not fight."

Hearing this sentence, Zhou Ju also looked relieved.

Continued fighting is also a waste for him.

In fact, the transitional consumption of aura in the body itself is not a terrible thing, at least Zhou Ju will not be nervous about this.

However, it is too time-consuming to use the aura in the body to deal with such a dwarf.

You can't brush infinite mobs in this online game!

"Then we go now?"

"Yeah, don't go, stay here for Chinese New Year?" Gao Ge asked.

"But we ..." Zhou Ju wanted to say, even if we wanted to go, we couldn't find a way to leave!

But as soon as he spoke, he was interrupted by Gao Ge.

"Well, don't say so much, let's go."

Zhou Ju could only press back what she wanted to say.

Watching Gao Ge turn around, the voice laughed strangely.

"You can't get out of here."

Gao Ge subconsciously stopped.

"If you can really leave, you have already left. I also watched you when you were going around." The voice continued.

"Oh?" Gaoge sneered. "So? Do you want us to stay here forever?"

"If you don't tell me how you got in, I'm afraid I can't let you go." The dwarf continued.

Gao Ga frowned.

To be honest.

He is still a little worried.

This time the mystery opened, it was a little weird.

Mainly because the entrance to this mystery has not been closed.

Now there is no way Gao Ge can determine whether the creatures in the mystery can leave here.

If this dwarf and the monsters and monsters here can leave here, it will definitely be a great threat to the outside world.

He had to pay attention to this problem.

Just then, Gao Ge raised his head again and looked up.

"Zhou Ju."


"Let's go and see, dare you?"

Zhou Ju heard Gao Ge this

In other words, I was not happy at that time.

"Are you talking human? What dare you dare? There are things in the world that I dare not do?"

"Do you dare to eat shit?"

"It's not dare, it's whether you want it ... less nonsense, but what are we going to do?"

The dwarf looked at Zhou Ju and Gao Ge, still a little dazed.

He didn't know what the two were communicating with.

But when he saw Gao Ge and Zhou Ju sitting on a flying boat and preparing to fly upward, his mentality collapsed immediately.

This time, he summoned the dwarf directly and flew towards the flying boat.

Gao Ge's heart was instantly happy.

In fact, it is impossible for these dwarves to stop Gao Ge from going above the waterfall.

Moreover, the excitement of this dwarf actually proves Gao Ge's guess.

Perhaps there is a secret hidden above the waterfall that the dwarves don't want Gao Ge and Zhou Ju to know!

"Stop!" The dwarf suddenly sent a message to Gao Ge, "I can answer your question, but you must also answer my question."

Gao Ge ignored him, already holding Fei Xing Sword in his hand.

The dwarves who rushed up were immediately killed by Gaoge with a sword.

In fact, if the number of dwarves is large enough, it can indeed cause trouble for Gao Ge, but at this time, Gao Ge also found that although the other party can summon the dwarves infinitely, the other party cannot control too many dwarves at once.

"Stop, I let you stop!" The dwarf was anxious.

Gao Ge still ignored.

"Abominable ... there is no exit above!" Said the dwarf, "don't disturb my grown-ups to rest, otherwise, you people will have to die!"

Gao Ge still ignored it and drove the flying boat and continued to fly upwards.

Just halfway through, the dwarf passed on the message again.

"We are the Demons!"

Gao Ge really stopped this time, still a little surprised.


This word ...

It sounds strange.

At this time, the instrumental spirit in the space of Gao Gexing was also quite surprised.

"Mozu ... turns out to be Mozu!"

"You know?" Gao Ge wondered.

"I have heard of some, but I do n’t know much, the strength of the demons ... is still terrible." Qi Ling whispered, "but the demons themselves are not accessible to your people, after all, the two are Not in a world, the demons, demons, immortals, originally exist in the outer world. "

"That's not true, right? Don't we have demons in this world?"

"Oh, are you afraid of drinking too much? Do you think that those monsters you see can be regarded as monsters?"

"Not counting?"

"Of course not! Just like your little fox, even if you become a demon, it is just a big

Demon, after the ascension, there may be a chance to become a real demon. "

Gao Song thoughtfully.

So it sounds like ...

It seems that the demons and demons are very powerful.

after all……

This is the existence that can compete with the fairy!

But after thinking about it, Gao Ge felt something wrong.

Since these little things are demons, why is the combat effectiveness so weak?

Gao Ge admits that these dwarfs are a bit embarrassing because they can't kill them all the time.

However, these demons can't cause them too much trouble!

If the other party really has the strength to kill Gao Ge and Zhou Ju, why bother here for a long time?

Wouldn't it be better to kill Gao Ge and Zhou Ju directly?

There must be something strange about this!


At this time and a half, he couldn't think of another reason.

"Come back soon!" The dwarf was still communicating with Gaoge.

Gao Ge thought about it and continued to fly upward.

They don't change their thoughts because of their attitude.

After all, at this time, even if the other party was willing to answer the question, he didn't know whether the other party's statement was true or not.

Moreover, he was really curious as to what secrets were hidden above the waterfall.

As for what the dwarf said before, in Lu Xu's view, it was just a kind of intimidation.

Any grown-up is resting on it, and annoyed himself.

If the other person really has such great ability, this dwarf still needs to be so nervous?

Moreover, if the adults in the other party's mouth can easily kill themselves and Zhou Ju, two ancient martial arts true cultivators, why not chop them up until now?

The information given by the dwarves is not necessarily accurate. Many things have to be seen by themselves before they can make a judgment.

Watching Gao Ge and Zhou Ju didn't listen to persuasion, they still flew up, and the angry dwarf barked and hurriedly flew up.

When Feizhou stopped, Gao Ge and Zhou Ju were stunned.

Above the waterfall is a rushing river, but on the left side of the river stands a black castle.

At first glance, it looks a bit like the gray wolf's home in the cartoon.

By this time, the dwarf behind him had caught up.

"I said, let you not catch up, why do you have to come?"

Gao Ge turned his face to look at it, snorted coldly, and walked towards the castle.

A group of dwarves stood in front of him immediately.

"Don't go," said the dwarf.

Gao Ge still ignored.

No matter how you listen, Gaoge doesn't think that the other party is in good faith.

"It's as if you're worried that I'm hurt," Gao Ge replied.

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