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The debt of love in the ninth world will be repaid in this world.

The school flower, the royal sister, the loli… all of them are my lover in the previous life. Only by repaying the debt of love can I live!

In order to survive, Yu Mo worked hard!

Loving the school flower, loving the royal sister, pampering the loli… It’s a lot of fun.

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Short Title:IYMOC
Alternate Title:修仙强少在校园
Author:Tang Xiao
Weekly Rank:#1036
Monthly Rank:#1088
All Time Rank:#2355
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Cultivation, Male Protagonist, Modern Day, Polygamy, Poor to Rich, Weak to Strong,
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19 Comments on “Immortal Young Man on Campus
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  1. Up to chapter 149.. His sister plot is so bad its forced.... His gf plot is always misleading and coincidences.... His boss plot rofl, she keep saving her killer and letting mc get hurt and still keep trying to save... (Mc has a skill that makes people tell the truth and doea he uses it? Nah juat for plots) his sister sell her body(in order to save her brother which crearly is a lie Then she getw kidnapped in a extremely forced way, now she is going out to work in a shade place behind his back.... Really... Man author just sucks u need yo accept it to read his sister basically walk on the streets with her legs open... Thats why there is so many rapist around her, author has to make her only make stupid decisions rofl, everything flows in a forced way just to mc solve wayyyyy latttter u can see author want to grind chapters instead of making his characters look like a human being.

  2. About his sister part 2: She is the number 1 student, then the smart director go to a high level villa with the 2 atupid thugs from the first chapter in order to capture her, lol wth would he help... Crime in a place full of cameras for ... Plot really dumb ahit bro.

  3. Ok my review: Mc: he is just your generic mc that revolves around hia previous life gf, and he is just generic. Mc sister:She probably is the reason people wont read this novel, at the beggining a random mob/villain is forcing her to sell herself to him, mc arrives IS BEATEN TO DEATH IN FRONT OF HER and she just stand there crying, then after she promises the mob to marry him if he save her brother, and as a dumb plot he promises her and CREARLY dont save her brother... So yeah forced melodrama and not 1% real. Mc main gf: generic as duck not really much to say about her. Some other girls that dont really amount to much. Villains there to make up chapters with empty reasons. Mc fights>villains get beaten and come back to get beaten>womens get wet. This type of novel isnt bad but... Author just are lazy to make up good then this copy paste shit, only read if u want to waste time.

  4. I don't even want to be angry, I've already passed chapter 2-3 with this sister of his... but anyway I know it's for the plot, but damn... it made me want to punch the screen xd

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