"Don't kill me, don't kill me."

The originally arrogant Heilin City East City Yiba Tuao was desperately begging for mercy at this time, his head hitting the blue brick on the ground, his head broke.

He just wants to survive.

However, no one would pity this guy.

Not only did this guy dominate the East Gate Barracks, he also relied on being a direct child of the Tu family, and his father was the help of the Tianhu Gang. The residents of the East City didn't know how many people died in his hands.

Good and evil will be rewarded in the end, it is not that they are not reported, the time has not yet come.

Gu Fei's avatar, Wang Zhan, did not hesitate. He pointed it out directly, and the massacre in the eastern city of Heilin City, the young master of the Tianhu Gang, died like this.

Gu Fei's clone killed a scum like Tu Xiao without hesitation.

Killing this wicked guy can save countless innocent people.

Seeing Gu Fei's avatar, Wang Zhan, actually killed Tu Xiao, the audience was silent, and everyone was shocked. They never expected that Wang Zhan actually dared to kill Tu Xiao.

Because Tu Xiao's identity was there, as long as his work did not touch the interests of those big men, those warriors also turned one eye and closed one eye, and ignored this guy.

However, this time, Tu Xiao should never provoke Wang Zhan, who was taken away by Gu Fei's divine mind.

The current Wang Zhan is not the previous Wang Zhan. If you provoke him, the consequences will be very serious.


Xuan Heihu was dumbfounded, his nephew really dared to start!

"Uncle Xuan, come with me!"

Gu Fei's clone said to Xuan Heihu.

Xuan Heihu nodded, now he doesn't leave, maybe it is him who will die tomorrow, Wang Zhan killed Tu Xiao, how could the Tu family's people give up.

You know, Tu Xiao is a direct child of the Tu family, and his sister is also married to a big figure in the Hu family. With these two levels of relationship, whether it is the Tu family or the Hu family, they will not sit back and watch.

If someone from the Tu family or the Hu family kills themselves, it is as easy as pinching an ant and moving.

Xuan Heihu didn't want to die, so naturally he had to follow Gu Fei's clone to leave the East Gate Barracks.

Moreover, since Gu Fei's avatar, Wang Zhan, asked him to leave here with him, naturally there was a way to take him out of the East Gate Barracks.

Gu Fei's clone took Xuan Heihu directly and left the East Gate Barracks, and as long as he showed his token, no one would dare to stop them.

As soon as Gu Fei's avatar king left before the battle, Tiger Wind that had left before rushed directly into the barracks.

When Hufeng saw Tu Yao who had fallen to his life on the ground, he couldn't help furious. Although he looked down on Tu Yao, the dude, he was his nephew.

Tu Xiao is dead. Wouldn't he be laughed at if he, who was an uncle, didn't stand up for him?

"Wang Zhan, I will kill you."

Tiger Wind roared, turned around and rushed out of the barracks.

Wang Zhan openly killed Tu Xiao, but this was an excuse for Tiger Wind to take action. Even if he killed Wang Zhan, Princess Dongyue could not help himself.

Tu Xiao suddenly became a weapon, but in the end it was a soldier from the East Gate Barracks. Wang Zhan killed Tu Xiao. This incident was big or small.

"Wang Zhan, take your life."

On Dongmen Street, a roar rang out, and a figure fell from the sky, directly culling the two people below.

The street was suddenly big.

"Tiger Wind?"

Gu Fei's avatars, Wang Zhan and Xuan Heihu, were walking on the street, but they were suddenly attacked by Tiger Wind.

He pushed away the Xuan Heihu beside him, and moved a step sideways himself, a claw shadow directly rubbed his clothes and grabbed the ground, and five finger holes appeared on the hard bluestone ground immediately.

A black shadow fell from the sky, directly on the place where Gu Fei's clone originally stood.

If Gu Fei's clone was so slow, there would be five more finger holes on his head.

This was a blow from a real ground-level powerhouse. Although this tiger wind was only the cultivation base of the first ground-level realm, it was after all a real ground-level.

Tiger Wind is not comparable to the previous half-step Tubao.

"Tigerwind, you despicable fellow."

Gu Fei's clone was furious, but the opponent was a strong ground-level, unexpectedly attacked him.

"Wang Zhan, even if you are a member of the princess, you killed Tu Xiao, and I want you to bury him with him."

Tiger Wind roared and shot, countless claw shadows appeared in the void, overwhelmingly grabbing towards Gu Fei's clone, tearing him to pieces.

"Everything is true!"

Gu Fei's avatar hugged both hands in front of him, and the next moment, a powerful swallowing force directly emerged from the void of his virtual hug.

The claw shadow that was overwhelmingly grabbed was directly swallowed by this swallowing force, and all of them were submerged in the void of Gu Fei's avatar's hands.

A group of cyan light appeared in the void held by Gu Fei's clone's hands, and a powerful wave of vitality surged from the group of cyan light.


Tiger Wind was shocked and inexplicably, his assassin was broken by this guy?

"What magical power is this?"

Tiger Wind was frightened and angry. It seemed that this little soldier named Wang Zhan really had an adventure. You must know that the cultivation method of supernatural powers is not secret.

The Tiger Clan is one of the three major cultivation families in Heilin City. Naturally, there are various magical cultivation techniques in the Tiger Clan, and the techniques of the Tiger Clan are naturally not spread.

Hufeng had already found out the details of Wang Zhan. This little soldier had no background at all, but he now mastered the cultivation method of supernatural powers, and also cultivated supernatural powers.

He was so curious, how did this guy go from an ordinary soldier to a monk who can defeat Tiger Warrior?

Under Hufeng's shocked gaze, Gu Fei's clone directly swallowed the power of Tigerfeng.


Hufeng saw this scene, and he couldn't hold back.

This guy can even swallow his power.

If you can obtain this kind of supernatural power, wouldn't it be possible to break through your cultivation realm in a very short time?

Hufeng's heart moved. He originally wanted to kill this guy named Wang Zhan, but now, he has changed his mind.

"Yinfeng Claw!"

Tiger Wind danced with both hands, the sword path and claw shadows reappeared, and countless claw shadows once again grabbed towards Gu Fei's clone. The powerful vitality fluctuated and suddenly gusts of cloudy wind appeared on the street.

At this time, countless people around were watching the battle from a distance.

"A blow to the sky!"

Gu Fei's avatar held his right hand high, and directly used his hand as a knife, and a hand knife slashed directly at Tiger Wind.

A fierce and domineering sword energy rushed out of his hand knife, as if breaking the sea and breaking the waves, it directly split the countless claw shadows he had caught in half.

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