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Sixty years ago, a middle-aged uncle entered Central Continent’s Imperial City, bringing with him a qilin that looked like a sick dog and a mandarin duck. That year, this middle-aged uncle made his way through the Sea of Mountains, passed through Four Season Plains, and then entered Green Luan Academy.

Sixty years later, Lin Xi, a carefree seventeen or eighteen year old youngster, traveled from Deerwood Town through half of Yunqin Empire in a shabby carriage, heading north towards Green Luan Academy.

This is a story about empire and glory, loyalty and betrayal, youth and hot-bloodedness, a story of a young man who sees the world through a different perspective in a powerful cultivation academy.

- Description from Wuxiaworld


Short Title:IDT
Original Title:仙魔变
Author:Not Guilty
Type:Web Novel
Weekly Rank:#955
Monthly Rank:#797
All Time Rank:#1150

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