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Immortal Cultivation Is So Scientific

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Immortals caress my top and endure longevity.

IBMz15, 190 CPUs, 40T memory, 12.2 billion transistors

Take the portable computer room to the world of immortality, and the story of immortality with the help of IBMz15.

All for longevity!

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:ICISS
Alternate Title:修仙就是这么科学
Author:People who eat melon seeds
Weekly Rank:#65
Monthly Rank:#409
All Time Rank:#6793
Tags:Cultivation, Male Protagonist, Transmigration,
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25 Comments on “Immortal Cultivation Is So Scientific
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  1. might be preferences but the novel is mid, its probably the author writing styles but the lack of polish can be seen from unexplained plotholes and reduction of enemy cultivator IQ. overall average not bad not good.

  2. So the premise is the dude brings a state of the art server with him after coming to the new world. It has a large amount of Information about practically everything. He uses this to create poisons and bomb and also analyse the cultivation techniques. His power growth is incredibly slow but he uses bombs and shit to blow up foundation stage cultivators and significantly injure a golden core cultivator. To make a guess the authors probably gonna make the Mac figure out what a spirit root is and somehow change his ig cus otherwise thus gonna take like 2k chapters for him to reach the peak with his avg aptitude. There is already romance with one chick. Decent. 4 star. Might drop cus it’s too slow.

  3. Okay if you follow this authors other novel you’ll like this one it has the revenge of Abel and extraordinary David and the tech of extraordinary David it’s super good okay pacing lots of research and material collecting which I like

  4. I agree with you on the tech part but the revenge is not as good as the other two novels in soldier leon it’s literally him running away the entire novel at least in extraordinary David and Abel the wizard as soon as there is a grievance they’ll just go to the space station or wizard tower and nuke them till they’re dead

  5. Well he kinda does it starts off as (I’ll refer to extraordinary David and Abel the wizard as D and A) D’s beginning of transferring to a crappy mc who doesn’t care so he starts caring for his dad then it’s A’s conflict like the wizard tower explosion there is some new stuff with the academy he has all the high end knowledge of earth but doesn’t have a single fbi, cia even normal police techniques so he still is a newb in most places and that’s where conflict arises also he is dumb in most parts like SPOILER where he meets his girlfriend and other people see her you would think if I was seen with a perfect 10 rumours would spread and they do and it of course stabs him in the back almost literally and he almost dies only reason he is alive is that villains talk too much

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