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The crowd looked at Zhang Yan at this time. They felt the strong breath fluctuation of Zhang Yan. They were all horrified. The emperor's ruler nodded and said, "This is Zhang Yan? The strength is really strong. They were killed, and the Buddha was killed. It was even a thousand swords that destroyed the Zen Buddhism. It is really terrible, and terrible. "

The old man with white hair and white beard in Changshengdian also nodded and smiled, "I didn't expect that this son could have such strength. It is incredible. The blood of this Shura is really strong. It is indeed the first race under the Nether Tribe, and even If it wasn't for the Shura, the strength of the Shura is far superior to the Nether, and the God-killer tribe is well-deserved. "

"Maybe we will see him this time. The ghost world doesn't know if there are any ghost people alive. It looks like there will be many people, otherwise Yun Haishan can't open the seal with such painstaking efforts, and none of us old guys can break through. In the last step, I ca n’t reach the position of the Emperor. If I want to deal with the underworld, I'm afraid I can only rely on Zhang Yan.

At this time, one after another, the power of the human race came here, and at the time of life and death, all the people of the human race chose to come to fight, even after some monsters and beasts got the news, they rushed over to this side, ghostly. The clan is the enemy of all races. At this moment, the imperial kingdom is surprisingly unified, and everyone joins forces to prepare for the Nether clan.

At this time, Zhang Yan was concentrating on the practice of Shura change, and changed Shura time and time again, but no matter what, he still could n’t make a final breakthrough, that is, he could n’t practice the last change. A change requires Shura essence and blood, but Zhang Yan does not know where to look for Shura essence and blood. It can only be practiced over and over again, preparing to make a breakthrough with his talent.

However, at this time Zhang Yan was not given a chance at all. Time has not allowed Zhang Yan to continue practicing here. Everyone around Zhang Yan also gathered in front of the gate of the abyss. The more warriors of the human race gathered, the more everyone waited. His eyes were firm and full of war. He looked behind the gate of the abyss and waited for the next war of the Nether. Now that they have come here, everyone is ready to sacrifice. People want to be slaves of the ghost.

At this last critical moment, Zhang Yan still couldn't break through, and the abyss gate at this time was already getting bigger and bigger, and from time to time, abyssal creatures got out of it, but these abyss monsters are not very powerful. Many human races could not turn up any wind wolves in front of the power, and they were easily killed.

The emperor of the Emperor Sect frowned and said, "These are just the abyss pets of the Nether Tribe. Their wisdom is still low. Although they are very powerful, they are nothing to us. We have to deal with the tough battle, and everyone must not take it lightly, otherwise our three realms will be battered. "

"Death Fight!"

Everyone yelled in unison, the war was high, and they were not afraid of death, and they were ready to fight with the ghost family at any time.

Qin Shiyan was surrounded by Hu Meier next to Zhang Yan and looked at Zhang Yan with great worry. At this time, I do n’t know how Zhang Yan would practice? However, watching Zhang Yan's momentum keeps rising, Xiu Wei is also soaring. Everyone's heart is more or less assured. As long as Zhang Yan is here, they have a bottom of heart.

At this time, a large number of abyss monsters emerged behind the gate of the abyss. These monsters have different forms and strengths, but they should not be underestimated, and they rushed towards the human race in an instant.

The human race immediately joined forces to deal with these abyss monsters, killing them all on the spot, but several suzerainmen stood there and did not shoot. At this time, they were worried, frowning and waiting for the back of the abyss door. Everyone is waiting for the appearance of the ghost family, they are waiting to compete with the true master of the ghost family.

After the gate of the abyss has completely turned into a black hole of hundreds of feet, the gate of the abyss has been completely opened, and the seal of the nether world has completely disappeared. The crowd only heard the sound of shouts and horses and horseshoes. The powerful breath from the abyss The pass came through the door, and everyone was shocked to see the situation. They clenched the weapons in their hands, waiting for these ghost people to rush over, and the war broke out.

However, at this time, Zhang Yan ’s practice was to break directly to the peak of Emperor Wu Di. For a time, the spiritual power flowed wildly and fluctuated. Zhang Yan was absorbed by Zhang Yan into the body. A powerful spiritual vortex raged on the spot. The people present were very horrified. They only felt that they could not use their spiritual power. The people were shocked for a while, and they set their sights on Zhang Yan.

At this time, the people of the Nether tribe broke through the door of the abyss under the leadership of the head of the Nether King, and finally entered the realm of the emperor.

The dark mist lingers on the Phantom King, making it impossible to see his face at all. He can only feel the breath of breath on his body. He looks at the dense army of ghosts in front of him and feels the power released from them. There was no reason in the hearts of the people to raise a hint of fear.

The Phantom King said slowly: "For millions of years, we finally broke the seal and finally set foot on this land again. We were able to conquer the Three Realms that year, and this time we were still able to conquer the Three Realms."

"Submit or die!" The Phantom King said lightly to the crowd.

Just as everyone was about to start, Zhang Yan opened his eyes, and Shura really cast himself out. Zhang Yan went directly to the Nether King step by step and confronted him. Zhang Yan said coldly: "I want to set foot This land, unless you step over my body! "

The Nether King originally didn't put humans in his eyes. Without the Emperor Xiandi, no one could stop him. He chose to resurrect at this time because there was no immortal Emperor in this era, and no one could compete with him.

But when he saw Zhang Yan, the Phantom King said with a bit of dread: "It turned out to be Shura, do you still have anyone alive? Or the blood of Shura Emperor!"

"But now that you are not my opponent, you are just looking for death," the ghost king saw Zhang Yan did not break through to the final realm, and could not help laughing, and said very arrogantly: "The Shura of the year The emperor can stop me, but you can't. "

"Really? Then take me a sword and try it," Zhang Yan asked with a sneer.

As soon as Zhang Yan's words fell, the whole man held the Moon Sword firmly in his hand and cut it directly towards the Phantom King sword. This sword Zhang Yan had no reservations at all, but gathered all the spiritual power in this sword. Zhang Yan Knowing that one sword cannot kill the Underworld, then he is not his opponent, and it is impossible to defeat him later, so Zhang Yan bets everything on this sword.

The moon-cut sword is like Changhong's penetrating sun. The sword's gas is like a rainbow. It is open to the sky. A sword directly penetrates the body of the Phantom King and cuts his body into two halves. Zhang Yan also exhausted after this sword. , Standing on the ground began to quickly restore his physical strength.

This is the first time Zhang Yan has used his sword skills to the extreme, and he has also used his kendo to the extreme.

However, the Phantom King was not defeated because of the sword Zhang Yan. I saw the black mist rising on the Phantom King. The huge black mist blasted directly against Zhang Yan's sword, although it was finally broken by Zhang Yan's sword. , But in a short period of time again.

The blood of the Nether King's mouth was surprisingly green, and his momentum was indeed much weaker, but it was only a lot weaker. The Nether King opened his mouth directly, and the Nether people around him jumped into their mouths and went forward. Usually sent to death, and with the death of these ghost people, the power of the ghost king has also been improved a little bit, and once again becomes as invincible as before.

The ghost king looked at Zhang Yan with a smile, and said coldly, "The sword you just did is really powerful. It is the most powerful sword I have ever encountered in my life, but unfortunately, you almost killed me. , But now you have no chance, we ghosts are not comparable to your lower races, you are not qualified to kill me. "

When the ghost king waved his hand, the ghost people around him rushed towards the human race, and the two sides were directly caught in a slaughter. Several people of the human race, including the emperor's suzerain, and others joined hands to protect Zhang Yan and stepped forward to resist the ghost Wang, want to wait until Zhang Yan recovers.

The army of the Ghosts is constantly pouring out of the gate, with more and more people, and more and more warriors coming here, the battlefield becomes more and more fierce.

Watching the terrible deaths and injuries of the people, although they have beheaded and killed numerous ghost people, but more and more ghost people joined the battle, Zhang Yan could not help but make up his mind, Zhang Yan simply did not restore his strength, and stood up. Shouting to Zhang Haotian and his mother behind him, "Father, mother, I love you!"

"Qin Shiyan, Hu Meier, I love you too!"

"Brothers, I have no regrets for Zhang Yan to be your brother in this life. If there is an afterlife, I will still be your brother," Zhang Yan said farewell.

Everyone heard the words, their bodies trembled, and they looked at Zhang Yan with tears in their eyes and shouted, "Don't!"

Zhang Yan said with a faint smile: "Who will go to **** if I don't go to hell? Can you survive? Let me say this time, I will kill all the ghosts and return to a peaceful world!"

Zhang Yan stepped in front of the Nether King step by step, standing in the sky with arms and swords, and asked with a smile: "I have the last sword, I don't know if you can handle it!"

Zhang Yan's ultimate move was revealed during Zhang Yan's speech. This time, Zhang Yan sacrificed all his life and faced the owner of the Nether tribe.

The moment the people of the Nether Tribe were completely locked by Zhan Yuejian, the Nether King also showed a horrified expression and shouted, "How is that possible? It turned out to be the artifact Artifact Moon Sword, how can you actually use it?" may."

"No! Don't!" The Underworld shouted in horror: "As long as you don't kill me, everything is easy to say."


Zhang Yan said it in a sentence, and then a sword was swung out. This sword didn't have any fancy, nor any sword spirit. As if it was just a casual wave, but it contains the most powerful rule of time. The lives of everyone in the Ghost Tribe, including the Ghost King, are flashing fast. In the end, all the time of life is deprived, and the time is completely cut off by Zhan Yuejian, and it goes directly to the end of life.

As everyone in the Nether Tribe turned into dust, there was also Zhang Yan. Zhang Yan finally smiled and looked back at the crowd, his eyes were full of resentment, and Zhang Yan's body gradually dissipated in front of everyone. Only Zhan Yuejian left alone on the ground.

Quiet! Deadly silence!

Everyone who saw Zhang Yan wielding the sword in person was all caught on the spot. Everyone was shocked by Zhang Yan's sword and was shocked by Zhang Yan's actions. No one expected Zhang Yan to use himself. In exchange for his life's victory in this war, everyone felt mixed.

"Zhang Yan!"

Qin Shiyan and Hu Meier rushed towards Zhang Yan's place for the first time. At this time, the two stunning women were crying like tears, holding a chopped sword and crying, and Zhang Haotian and Zhang Yan's mother were even more sad. Extremely, they experienced a family reunion within a day, but they also experienced the pain of bereavement. Such a blow almost made them fainted.

Fatty waited for Zhang Yan's brothers and friends to cry, the emperor's suzerain and others also cried. Everyone who came to this battle was crying and snotting. For a time, the whole people in Tianyu and the entire emperor's realm were crying. Everyone is mourning Zhang Yan.


I do n’t know how long, many people cried too much, and then everyone turned to look at the Soul Eater who was still standing there, watching the Soul Eater standing there was fine, the fat man couldn't help but be overjoyed. Shouted: "Zhang Yan is fine, Zhang Yan is not dead!"

The fat man looked at Soul Eater and looked forward to asking: "Is Zhang Yan not dead? Do you say he is not dead?"

The Soul Eater was also a little stunned at this time, and stood there stunned and said, "If the master is dead, I should also be extinct, but I have not been affected in any way."

When everyone heard the words, they were overjoyed and stood there looking at the air. At this time, everyone saw that there was a drop of blood in the air. No one had noticed before. There was still a drop of blood.

"Sura is immortal, immortal, rebirth!" Zhang Haotian said suddenly.

As soon as Zhang Haotian's words came out, everyone looked at this drop of blood, only to see the drop of blood splendid, and finally turned into a human figure in front of everyone, and Zhang Yan returned again. Everyone's vision.

At the last moment, Zhang Yan realized that he had broken up, and finally knew that Shura's essence and blood had always been the essence of his own cultivation in Dantian, and Zhang Yan also reborn with this essence and blood, and thoroughly trained into Shura. The last change.

Not only that, but Zhang Yan at this time is like a mortal who returns to normal, as if raising hands and feet implied the heavenly path. At this moment, Zhang Yan has a clear understanding of everything, as if he can control all the laws between heaven and earth, and the laws of time are also affected by Zhang. Yan's control.

Seeing Zhang Yan's situation like this, the emperor's ruler and others suddenly knelt down and worshiped: "I've seen Emperor Zhang Yan!"

Zhang Yan glanced at the crowd with a smile, then put the second son-in-law next to her in her arms, and said with a smile, "I didn't expect to be blessed because of misfortune, and I took the destiny and became the Emperor."

At this time, Zhang Yan felt that there was a power in the midst of calling himself, and Zhang Yan finally knew why the Emperor finally disappeared. There was a place calling for himself, and that was the final place.

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