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Everyone stood there looking at each other, all of them saw the shock on their faces. Ling Feng stood there and asked in surprise: "Brother Zhang Yan, what are you talking about? This is really the ghost family means?"

"Yes, this is indeed the means of the Nether Tribe. I also listen to what I know from the pure lotus in the sea. It is one of the twelve golden lotuses that once followed the Emperor of the Emperor. The tribe must have an inextricable relationship with the Nether tribe, "Zhang Yan nodded, looking at the direction of Yun Haishan very diligently.

Yun Haishan heard the words but did not answer Zhang Yan's question, but stood there feeling the energy flowing inside him, while sneering very sinisterly, he said lightly: "This long-lost body is full of power, That's great."

The people at Yunhai Pavilion stood up at this time, and retorted loudly to Zhang Yan: "You fart, but at this time dare to say that our patron is the ghost family? Isn't this a big joke? Who doesn't know the ghost The clan has already been exterminated, and the ghost world has been sealed by the emperor. Will there still be the ghost family? "

"That is, you won't be able to spit people here. Our owner is not a ghost, but you have the blood of the Shura, you are the one who should be besieged," said the elder of Yunhai Pavilion righteously.

When Zhang Yan heard the words, he looked at the crowd coldly, directly scaring the two of them to shrink their necks and not to speak.

At this time, the people standing in the distance watching the forces of this war are weighing this matter in their hearts. I do n’t know what is going on, but these people do not believe what Zhang Yan said. Zhang Yan is the blood of the Shura tribe. The eyes of everyone looking at Zhang Yan are also full of hostility.

However, at this time, Yun Haishan was speaking unexpectedly. Yun Haishan laughed strangely and said coldly, "Yes, I am the Nether tribe. I have been hiding for so many years just to make us nether. The tribe can make a comeback. It was your tribe that broke my tribe. This time I have reached the peak. No one of you can stop me. "

As soon as Yun Haishan's words came out, everyone took another breath. Everyone couldn't believe looking at Yun Haishan. Before, they just guessed. But at this moment, he said from the mouth of Yun Haishan that he was a ghost. At this moment everyone was horrified and everyone took a step back subconsciously.

The people in Yunhai Pavilion were pale as paper. They were still defending Yunhaishan before, but at this time they didn't know what to say, they stood there shaking, their eyes were full of incredible looks, they couldn't believe it either. Unwilling to believe that Yun Hai Shan is a ghost.

"How is it possible? How is it possible?" The elders of Yunhaige stared dullly and murmured in their mouths.

However, Yun Haishan didn't bother to care about the crowd and waved directly at the crowd. The body suddenly released a powerful black mist, just like the sword swallowed before, this time Yun Haishan was going to devour these old men.

Yun Haishan said with a sneer: "You waste, it is a waste to live, it is better to be swallowed by me and become my strength. With your strength, no one in the Three Realms will be my opponent."

It was completely dumbfounded that everyone in Yunhaige saw this, and everyone was in panic, shouting to Zhang Yan in the distance: "Save me! Save me!"

When Zhang Yan heard the words, he laughed at himself and looked coldly at all the people present. He snorted coldly, "Don't you think it's ridiculous? You have been making trouble for the tiger all the time, and now you are asking me for help?"

Although Zhang Yan satired these people with his mouth, he was anxious to kill them, but at this time Zhang Yan could not stand idly by, and people with blind eyes could not see it. This sea of ​​clouds is devouring the warrior to enhance his strength. If the master swallows it, then no one will really be his opponent. Zhang Yan can't watch this kind of thing happen.

In the next moment, Zhang Yan directly cut off with a sword towards the dark mist between Yunhai Mountain and the crowd. The blood-red sword was so imposing that it was open to the sky. Zhang Yan still didn't retain the slightest. At this moment, Zhang Yan just wanted to kill. Yunhaishan can't let the scourge of the Nether tribe survive, or the Three Realms will once again fall into the dark period of that year.

Facing the sword of Zhang Yan, Yun Haishan sneered and said, "It's late, now you can't stop me."

In the black mist, the elders of Yunhai Pavilion had no room to fight back. They were completely swallowed up by Yun Haishan, and everyone left only a scream of screams, but in the end they were invisible to the sword. Similarly, completely disappeared in Yun Haishan's body.

After Yun Haishan swallowed up the crowd, the whole person's momentum increased again a bit, looking at Zhang Yan coldly, and laughing very madly, "You all die, all of you die, no one of you can stop me. "

Yun Haishan waved his hand, only to see the unusually powerful energy suddenly erupted from the Yunhai Pavilion in the high altitude sky. The Yunhai Pavilion began to shake violently and finally exploded completely. After the explosion, a black hole appeared in the Yunhai Pavilion. Above the position, this black hole seems to be able to absorb everything into the world, and it has unimaginable energy.

The crowd watched the black hole grow slowly, and everyone was shocked. Zhang Haotian's face changed and he shouted, "He is going to open the gate of the abyss, there is the entrance to the ghost world, stop him soon."

Zhang Yan heard that the killing surged suddenly in his eyes, without hesitation, a sword went straight to Yun Haishan and chopped it in the past. The cut moon sword in his hand burst into an extremely powerful energy. Zhang Yan had no reservation at this moment. This sword Already paid for everything.

Yun Haishan laughed wildly, and said madly, "It's no use. I have spent so many years to accumulate strength so as to be able to break the seal. Now the seal has been completely broken. The Nether tribe will make a comeback. The ghost rider of the Nether tribe will travel across the Three Realms, and you will once again become slaves. The gate of the abyss cannot be closed when you open it. Your end is here. "

Everyone heard the words, but with a look of despair on their faces, sighed and said, "It's over, everything is over, the Nether tribe is back, how can we resist?"

But Zhang Yan didn't care about that much. He firmly determined to kill Yun Haishan. Zhang Yan snorted coldly, "What about the Nether Tribe making a comeback? I dare come to our royal world, and I will kill them all again."

"The Emperor can do it, and I can do the same for Zhang Yan." Zhang Yan said very arrogantly.

"But you will never see it until then," Zhang Yan's words fell, and a sword was cut in the air, instantly breaking through Yun Haishan's heavy defenses, and a sword directly pierced Yun Haishan's heart.

Yun Haishan shouted with a wild smile, "What about killing me? I will be resurrected by the Underworld, but you will all die."

"Resurrection? Imaginary dream," Zhang Yan snorted coldly, and then Xue Lingzhu immediately absorbed all the huge blood power in Yun Haishan into Zhang Yan's body, and at the same time suppressed the soul monument. Yun Haishan's soul was completely crushed and crushed, and the soul flew away. The body was swallowed directly by Xiao Hei on the side.

After Zhang Yan absorbed so much blood, the whole person sat on the ground cross-legged and practiced directly. At this moment, Zhang Yan had to break through to the final state.

And at this moment, countless powerful figures came out of the sky, the Emperor Zong, Ling Tiange, and even the people of the Longevity Hall came here. For a time, the figures of the great forces of the imperial realm came here. .

The crowd gathered at the gate of the abyss, watching the gate of the abyss engulfing a little bit of energy in front of them, and everyone frowned. The emperor's ruler said in shock: "Who opened the seal of the nether world?" Isn't this going to ruin the Three Realms? "

Several suzerains who didn't know the situation were shocked when they heard that, and then turned around and looked at the people present. When they saw Zhang Haotian's figure, they suddenly froze and murmured: "Zhang Hao God? Are you really alive? "

Zhang Haotian said with a smile: "Naturally, I live well."

Ling Tiange's man laughed, and gave Zhang Haotian a hug, saying very excitedly, "Brother Haotian, you want to die."

"What's going on? Who opened the seal?" The Emperor Zongzong asked loudly, and at this time the people of the Emperor Zong also rushed here, and the scene in front of them was also shocked.

Emperor King said in despair, "My human emperor body has not been fully completed, and has not yet broken through the Immortal Emperor. How can I emulate the Emperor to resist the ghost family?"

The Emperor Sovereign of the Emperor snorted and said, "Anyway, soldiers come to block the water and cover the soil. Since the Netherworld is about to open, then we look here to see what the Netherworld really is, and whether the Netherworld is really legend That is invincible. "

"That being the case, let the world know that the Netherworld is about to open, and what they want to do depends on their own choices. Anyway, I would rather fight here and die, and I would not be a slave of the Nether. "The old man of Ling Tiange said firmly.

The emperor's suzerain nodded his head, and then everyone joined forces. A voice like Hong Zhong could be heard clearly in all parts of the emperor's realm. Everyone got the news that the nether world was about to open. The imperial realm is in panic, and everyone has given up everything. At this moment, all the grievances and hatreds on weekdays are all released. At present, all the warriors of the imperial realm choose to go to Zhongtianyu. Yunhai Pavilion, die generously!