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At this moment, everyone in Yunhaige was scared and scared, standing there overwhelmed, and all of them were scared and pale, and trying to escape was simply delusional, and the space around them had been covered by Zhang Yan's sword. Qi locks up and can't escape at all. If they want to resist, they don't have that strength at all. Even if they join forces, they are not Zhang Yan's opponents. They have no strength to fight back. They are suppressed by Zhang Yan's momentum.

The crowd was completely desperate at this time, and they once again experienced the horror of Zhang Yan Shura's indestructible body. When Zhang Yan was preparing to kill this group with a sword, Zhang Yan frowned suddenly, then immediately turned towards Zhang Haotian flashed in the direction.

I saw that the sword fight between Zhang Haotian and Yun Haishan was also divided at this moment. Zhang Haotian's Kendo was really powerful. A sword was sacrificed, and the sword gas was whistling and attacking Yun Haishan like a rolling thunder. The waves rushed into the sand, and waves rushed towards Yunhai Mountain.

Yun Haishan ’s sword qi is also not to be outdone. The sword qi is like a copper wall and iron wall to defend Zhang Haotian ’s sword qi attack. The two sword qi collide with each other. In the end, Yun Haishan ’s sword qi is still lost to Zhang Haotian ’s sword qi. The waves were overwhelming directly, the powerful sword qi was like the Milky Way upside down, and went straight to Yunhai Mountain and blasted down.

Yun Haishan saw a bleak smile when he saw it. He knew that he still lost to Zhang Haotian in the kendo after all. He did not expect to lose to Zhang Yan before, but now he lost to Zhang Haotian. Yun Haishan also gave up completely and was not in control. I read about my Kendo, but the black mist soared on my body, and the momentum instantly became stronger. The abyssal demon was stretched to the extreme by the clouds and sea. The powerful dark spiritual force swept through like a rolling cloud, and directly gave Zhang Haotian's sword energy. Resisted to go back and blasted towards Zhang Haotian.

Zhang Haotian has no practice. Although Jiando has won, but today's Jianqi is still not as strong as Yun Haishan, when he was about to be defeated by Yun Haishan, Zhang Yan gave up the attack. The people who killed Yunhaige came directly to Zhang Haotian.

Zhang Yan's hands turned on the spiritual power of the sword. With her Shura's indestructible body, Zhang Yan directly resisted the attack of Yunhai Mountain. The endless black waves surged towards Zhang Yan. Yan stood still in front of Zhang Haotian, no matter how powerful Yun Haishan's attack was, he couldn't shake Zhang Yan at all.

Behind him is his father, and so many of his beloved relatives and friends. Zhang Yan will not take a half step back anyway, standing there with his teeth against Yun Haishan's strongest blow, and the power of Yun Haishan's blow Against the sky, even if Zhang Yan ’s Shura is indestructible, Zhang Yan ’s body is somewhat unbearable at this time, and the skin is cracking, as if it was corroded by the strange black energy released by Yun Haishan. .

Zhang Haotian and others were shocked when they saw Zeng ’s heart, but they were very worried about Zhang Yan ’s safety, but Zhang Yan yelled. The whole man was screaming in the sky, and the moon sword in his hand was cut out again with a sword. A Changhong directly penetrated the black energy released by Yun Haishan, and went straight to Yun Haishan's body to attack the past.

Yun Haishan was surprised when he saw the situation. Once again, the sword was cut. Yun Haishan and Zhang Yan exchanged a sword. Zhang Yan's body was cracked, and his body was wounded by countless sword gas wounds. Resolved this blow by Yun Haishan.

Zhang Yan was bathing in blood, and the whole person looked terrified. Zhang Haotian and Zhang Yan's mother were very worried. Even their eyes were a little moist, and they felt tears. They looked at Zhang Yan and shouted loudly. "Yaner, are you okay?"

When Zhang Yan heard the words, he smiled and waved his hand and said, "I'm fine, leave this guy to me. Father, please go back to rest and take care of your mother and others."

"To deal with them, I am enough," Zhang Yan Hengjian said in front of his chest, confidently and overbearingly.

Zhang Haotian's eyes were also energetic. Looking at Zhang Yan at this time, Zhang Haotian's heart felt a sense of pride. His son was so good at this moment. Even his father who was dead at this time was satisfied. Already.

Zhang Haotian just looked at Zhang Yan with a care, said a word of caution and did not speak again, walked directly to the crowd, stood there and looked at Zhang Yan with great pride. He knew how much his son was Excellent, no one will be his opponent at this moment.

Zhang Yan's injuries have recovered intact in a short period of time. The whole person is as if he has not been hurt at all. His condition has not been affected at all. Instead, he has more vigor and murderous spirit. Throughout the space, everyone across the room felt a shudder of fear.

Ling Feng stood there shaking his head and said, "It is truly an immortal Shura immortal body. This recovery ability is simply against the sky. Although our fairy body is overbearing, it is very difficult to recover if we are injured. Unexpectedly, this guy didn't even care about the injury, he was just a rogue. "

Let ’s look at Yun Haishan at this time. I just exchanged a sword with Zhang Yan. Zhang Yan was seriously injured. Yun Haishan was also not badly injured, and his abyssal demon body was not as good as Zhang Yan ’s. Yan is okay now, but Yun Haishan's strength has been affected. The whole person's momentum has become a little weaker than before, standing there and looking at Zhang Yan in shock.

Zhang Yan sneered and said, "I will kill you today."


Yun Haishan heard that the whole person laughed, the laughter seemed abnormally mad, and the fat man frowned and said, "Is this guy crazy? Knowing that he is not an opponent, is he scared?" What are you laughing at? Sick? "

Ling Feng also shook her head and said, "I do n’t know, but this is the first time I have seen this abyssal demon. Maybe there are any special means. Maybe we should be careful. This guy is very insidious. . "

Zhang Yan is also very careful about Yunhai Mountain. This guy can rely on his own strength to be the master of the Yunhai Pavilion all the way, his mind and strength can not be underestimated, and Zhang Yan is not afraid to carelessly.

After Yun Haishan laughed a few words, he looked coldly at Zhang Haotian and Zhang Yan's mother, and said coldly, "You are forcing me. Since you are forcing me so, don't blame me. Since you don't want me to live, then none of you want to live. "

Yun Haishan's words had just fallen, but they didn't shoot at Zhang Yan. Instead, he turned his head and looked at the people in Yunhai Pavilion. Yun Haishan set his eyes on the invisible body of the sword and snorted, "You This waste wastes so much of my resources to train you, but in the end you are so useless, why should I keep you? "

Jian Wuwen heard that she was pale and trembled with fear, and trembled and prayed, "The righteous father!"

Yun Haishan sneered relentlessly and said, "Yifu? You are just a furnace of my cultivation. Do you really think I will give you Yunhai Pavilion? Come here!"

When Yun Haishan beckoned, Sword No Trace only felt that his body was out of control. Under the imperial sword Sword No Trace immediately cast the Abyss Demon, inspiring his strength to the strongest state, and wanted to resist Yun Hai Shan's means, No matter how he resisted, his entire body flew uncontrollably towards Yunhai Mountain.

What was even more shocking was that Yun Haishan directly reached out and caught the sword without traces. The dark fog was released from Yun Haishan and instantly wrapped the sword without traces and the two of them. The dense fog disappeared after a while. However, only the figure of Yun Haishan was revealed. The sword without trace has disappeared without trace, and there is no residue left.

Zhang Yan and others only heard the screaming scream of Jian Wuhen, and unwilling growl, but never saw Jian Wuhen again.

Zhang Yan looked at all of this in shock, but did not expect that the abyss demon had such a disgusting move, so hurtful, and this method was absolutely cruel.

But at this time, Zhang Yan knows the pure heart lotus in the sea, but the pure heart lotus makes Zhang Yan a whole person in one sentence, the whole body shakes, can't believe what the pure heart lotus said.

Jing Xinlian was very surprised, her voice was a little trembling and said, "This is the means of the ghost family! This guy must have something to do with the ghost family, can it make a comeback?"

Zhang Yan was also shocked when he heard the words. This was the first time he felt the sound of Jingxinlian trembling, and he was shocked to hear the ghost of Zhang Yan. After all, the ghost of the ghost was too powerful then, and the ghost came out of the ghost The unification of the three realms of the three realms made all the races the slaves of the Nether, powerful enough to subject all races to submission.

In the end, the Emperor did not hesitate to die, and used his fairy body and all his strength to suppress the ghost family and sealed the ghost world. This only brought the prosperity of the later emperors and the heyday of the human race.

Everyone thought that the ghost family was completely destroyed, but the word Jingxinlian was like a thunderbolt on a sunny day, which shocked Zhang Yan. Zhang Yan looked at Yunhai Mountain in front of him in shock and said coldly: "You are the means of the Ghost, do you say that the abyss demon is the body of the Ghost? Then who are you? Do you say that you are the Ghost?"

As soon as Zhang Yan's words came out, everyone present was embarrassed. They could not understand what the Nether tribe meant. Although it is a long time ago, the deeds of the Nether tribe have been inscribed in the memories of the Three Realms. No one wants to remember the darkest moment, and no one dares to face it, but now Zhang Yan's sentence is like a thunder, which makes everyone in the hall take a breath.