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With the roar of the Buddha, everyone behind Zhang Yan was in a state of mind. They only felt their souls tremble, as if they had been attacked by a powerful soul. The lower-level warrior even immediately knelt down and worshiped.

However, at this moment, Zhang Yan sighed angrily, and this sound pulled everyone's consciousness back, so that everyone in the scene was restored to clarity.

I heard Zhang Yan also yelled angrily and shouted, "Huh! The eagle worm trick is just a soul attack. It's ridiculous to perform a soul attack in front of me?"

During Zhang Yan's speech, the town's soul monument in the sea shook a bit, and powerful energy was released from it. In a flash, the soul attacks around him were completely suppressed by the town soul monument, and once again in space stable.

"Da Yan Brahma? But so," Zhang Yan snorted disdainfully, staring coldly at King Kong's angry Buddha in front of his eyes, killing intently.

At this moment, the Buddha flashed a look of surprise in his eyes. Then he looked at Zhang Yan in shock. Unexpectedly, Zhang Yan could really resist the Da Yan Brahma completely. The Buddha snorted and said, "Take me Golden Lotus, the magical method of Buddhism, also killed me so many Buddhas and arhats, I have crossed you today. "

"It's up to you?" Zhang Yan sneered sneerly at the corner of his mouth, holding Yuejian in his hand tightly, and said lightly, "Then you have asked the sword in my hand."

When Zhang Yan was talking, Zhang Haotian's sword on the side had been handed out, and the sword was handed out as if to penetrate everything in front of him. Also unconvinced, Yun Haishan, who cast the abyss demon body, greatly increased his strength, and the sword that cut the sky in the hands was also unconvinced.

Two powerful swords collided together, as if to tear the sky. Half of the sky above was black sword air, and half was Zhang Haotian's colorless Haotian sword air. The two sword airs were like two The galaxy falls, as if two waterfalls face each other, and in the middle is a crack in the sword gas, tearing everything.

The people around him were already dumbfounded at this time. I did not expect that Jian Qi could be so powerful. The crowd was more convinced by Zhang Haotian's kendo. I did not expect that Zhang Haotian who was not repaired could still urge such a powerful man. In the eyes of everyone, this is simply an incredible thing.

The Buddha's gaze was also attracted by this side. Looking at Zhang Haotian aside, there was a hint of killing in his eyes, and he snorted coldly, "Zhang Haotian, you kill people like hemp, this time I will also kill you."

The Buddha was talking and his hands were crossed, then he held the fingers of the flower, the orchid pointed, and a reliquary of the Buddha's light popped out of his hand. He went straight to Zhang Haotian and attacked the past. The speed was extremely fast, like a golden shooting star. Zhang Haotian's heart hurts.


Zhang Yan scolded angrily, the figure instantly stopped in front of his father, raising his hand was a sword to cut the relic directly into pieces, Zhang Yan's eyes were even more killing, he looked at the Buddha very angry, and said coldly : "I did not expect that the Buddha of the Ten Thousand Buddhas turned out to be such a sneaky villain. No wonder you are the same for all Ten Thousand Buddhas. The upper beams are not right and the lower beams are crooked, so there is no need for Ten Thousand Buddhas to exist. "

Zhang Yan once again went straight to the Buddha and chopped the sword. This time, Zhang Yan still didn't keep his hand in the slightest. The eight door armor directly opened to the last dead door. When the dead door opened, Zhang Yan only felt his body. The power of qi and blood inside is burning madly, even the powerful immortal body of Zhang Yanshuura's indestructible body can barely sustain this burning.

Zhang Yan was also at a loss at this time. Fortunately, he had not rashly tried to open the dead door before, otherwise even his Shura Immortal body could not be carried, but now Zhang Yan Shura Immortal body is only the last step, even if it is opened. Dead doors can still hold on.

The energy of Zhang Yan's blood was burning, and the blood-red gas was transpired around Zhang Yan's body, and under the condition of Shura's true body, Zhang Yan was a real battlefield killer at this time. The murderous madness was extremely violent. The people in Yunhai Pavilion were even scared by Zhang Yan's powerful momentum. Looking at Zhang Yan who was like a **** killing the world, they felt a sense of powerlessness. Such a powerful person, they wanted How can we overcome it? I am afraid that only Emperor Xian is Zhang Yan's opponent?

Everyone glanced at the golden Buddha again. They could only put their last hope on the Buddha, hoping that he could suppress Zhang Yan.

The Buddha lowered his head to chant the scriptures at this time, and a loud revelation of the Brahma came out of his mouth. The sounds of the Buddha impacted Zhang Yan's soul, but they had no effect. There was a slight disdain, and in his hand, the cut moon sword went straight to the Buddha's head and beheaded.

The Buddha was still standing still, his golden hands protecting his body between his hands crossed, was the strongest defensive body of the Buddha, at the same time, a hundred-footed Buddha rose behind him, and suddenly opened his eyes. , Staring at Zhang Yan with an angry look, the big Buddha went straight to Zhang Yan with both palms and patted it down, which contained the power of countless rules that suppressed the world as if out of breath.

"The Buddha's golden body and appearance," said the monks on the side of the 10,000 Buddha Zen monk, immediately praying, very religious.

No matter how much Zhang Yan can do, even if he is slapped with this golden body method, Zhang Yan also has to give the Buddha in front of him a sword, and he won't lose a sword.

Zhang Yan gritted his sword and cut it off. The golden light on the Buddha trembled and shook suddenly, but it was still not broken. At this time, the palm of the Buddha was photographed, and Zhang Yan was shot directly into the ground from the air.

The fat man exclaimed subconsciously, and then he was ready to rush to help Zhang Yan, but at this time, Zhang Yan who was shot into the ground flew out unscathed, and Zhang Yan shook a bit. He snorted coldly on his neck and said, "I didn't expect your turtle shell to be quite stiff. You are the first person to catch my sword, but I don't know if you can catch my next sword? "

After speaking, Zhang Yan stunned her body again, and instantly crossed the space and came to the Buddha.

The people in Yunhai Pavilion were also surprised when they saw this. Zhang Yan was sturdy and took a slap of the Buddha but nothing happened. This is really unbelievable. They finally realized the tyrannical power of Shura's immortal body. , Lamented: "It is indeed immortal."

The expressionless Buddha has always been shocked at this time, and even looked at Zhang Yan who rushed over, a flash of jealousy flashed in his eyes, and he saw that the hands of the Buddha were round, and hundreds of feet of golden body were the same. Draw a circle, forming a powerful defensive shield directly in front of him.

Zhang Yan saw a sneer at the corner of her mouth, thinking that you are still scared after all, and you dare not take your sword as hard as before.

As soon as Zhang Yan gritted his teeth, he cut the moon sword in his hand and cut out the sword. The power was twice better than before. After all, Zhang Yan had opened the dead door at this time, and his strength was more than doubled. This sword Cut out again, stronger than the sword that cut Yunhaishan before.

The blood-red sword flickered away, but the Baizhang gold body behind the Buddha disappeared directly. Zhang Yan immediately rushed forward without hesitation, a sword was directly cut on the Buddha, and the Buddha's body did not move. This time, he did not resist the sword of Zhang Yan. The golden body was cracked, and the Buddha was bleeding from Qiqiao. He looked at Zhang Yan in horror, this time he was finally afraid, but it was too late at this time.

Zhang Yan chopped down without hesitation, and directly chopped down the Buddha's head. At the same time, the soul monument appeared in his hand, and the Buddha's soul was suppressed directly in it. The beads were completely absorbed, and Zhang Yan's qi and blood instantly became fuller than before, and his strength improved a little.

"Reward for you," Zhang Yan smiled slightly, and then gave the soul of the Buddha to the Soul Eater, and the Soul Eater overjoyed when he saw this, and immediately swallowed the Buddha's soul into his belly.

Everyone at the scene was dumbfounded, and no one thought that the Buddha had died like this, and there was no place to die. Even the soul was taken in by Zhang Yan.

Zhang Yan looked coldly at the people of the Ten Thousand Buddhas in front of him, without any hesitation, and once again cut them with a sword. This time, no one could protect them, and they were killed by Zhang Yan with a sword, and these people also There was no resistance at all, all sitting cross-legged on the ground, as if waiting for death, but their eyes were full of despair, the ancestors were dead, and their ten thousand Buddha Zen was completely finished this time.

After Zhang Yan killed these people with a sword, he immediately threw the cut moon sword in his hand, and the cut moon sword turned directly into a Changhong, heading for the direction of the Zen Buddhism in the West Waste Land.

On this day, Wanfo Zen was destroyed by one sword. None of the Luohan Bodhisattva in Wanfo Zen survived. The million Buddha Zen that stood for millions of years was destroyed once and for all. The only one that is still alive Those ascetic monks who did not enjoy the blessing in the 10,000 Buddha Buddhism but walked barefoot outside, doing good in the world, were also the last seeds left by Zhang Yan to fulfill the promise.

The warriors in the western wasteland felt the strong sword air and air force traction, and they broke through the barriers and rushed to the side of Wanfo Zen to check the situation. Everyone was dumbfounded. , Even the Zongmen, which can be comparable to any force in the imperial realm, was so destroyed?

Sword of Cut Moon, like Changhong, went back and returned to Zhang Yan's hands. Zhang Yan looked coldly at the people in Yunhai Pavilion and said lightly, "It's your turn this time."

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