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As soon as Zhang Haotian's words came out, Yun Haishan's eyes were full of dignity. He knew how powerful Zhang Haotian's strength was, and how defensive Zhang Haotian's cultivation on the kendo was, just like Zhang Hao, who had not cultivated now The sky can also be the same as the sword. Yun Haishan dares to underestimate anyone, but he does not dare to underestimate Zhang Haotian, because he knows Zhang Haotian best, even admires Zhang Haotian, and is most afraid of Zhang Haotian.

Yun Haishan snorted coldly. The sword in his hand was so powerful that the sword Qi was also vertical and horizontal in his hands. What was even more unexpected was that the dark air on Yun Haishan was soaring. The very strong black spiritual power was released from his body, and the momentum of Yun Haishan's whole person suddenly changed. At first, some people looked like dog-like righteous gentlemen, but at this time, they were transformed and their momentum became very strong. Horror is as heartbreaking as a monster crawling out of an abyss.

Not only was the crowd next to Zhang Yan feeling terrible, but even those in the Yunhai Pavilion saw this kind of Yunhai Mountain for the first time. At this time, the situation on Yunhai Mountain was similar to that of the previous sword without trace showing his own abyss. Second, it is even better than the abyss demon body with no trace of the sword. The majestic mighty sky, a black mist rolling around its body, like a dark cloud covering the sky, let everyone sink into endless darkness.

All of the remaining people in Yunhai Pavilion looked dumbfounded, their eyes were full of disbelief, and they looked up at Yun Haishan with a shocked expression, saying in shock: "I did not expect Yun Haishan to be a monster of the abyss."

"Yeah, I did not expect that this sea of ​​clouds is really deep enough. We haven't even found it for so many years," said the old man with emotion.

Jian Wuchen slowed down at this moment, and laughed and said, "The righteous father has finally used all his strength. This is all right. No one of these people wants to leave here alive, we Yunhai Pavilion is the strongest."

Zhang Yan looked at Yun Haishan who cast the abyssal demon body, his eyes also looked very dignified, watching his father's eyes full of worry, although I have always heard about his father's shocking legend, but now he is immersed in it I finally realized the high level of cultivation on my father ’s kendo. However, after all, Zhang Yan is still worried about his father ’s lack of cultivation, but even if he is worried that Zhang Yan will not shoot, he must leave it to his father. Do it regardless of the outcome.

Regardless of the battle on his father's side, Zhang Yan, while Yun Haishan had no time to split, Zhang Yan set his sights on the crowd on Yun Hai Pavilion. The killings in his eyes appeared, and his murderousness skyrocketed. Zhang Yan, who was murderous and violent on his body, did not conceal his murderousness at this time, and suddenly became the killing **** in the field, even powerful enough to take the lead, suppressing the momentum showdown between Zhang Haotian and Yun Haishan. Minute.

The blood-red Shura spiritual power of Zhang Yuejian in Zhang Yan ’s hands gathered madly, and the sword ’s meaning on his body skyrocketed. The sky above seemed to be torn from a hole, and the sword qi condensed in the sky. Countless sword qi condensed into substance. .

"Sword comes!"

Zhang Yan also shouted, followed by countless swords swarming, gathered in Zhang Yan's hands to cut the moon sword.

The people at Yunhai Pavilion were completely dumbfounded at this time, and they did n’t know what to do. The strong sword gas uploaded by Zhang Yan's body had been suppressed by the crowd before he shot, and everyone had to join forces to resist Zhang Yan's power The momentum, the sword without a sword in hand, was scared and pale.

The eyes of the people in Yunhai Pavilion were full of fear, even a look of determination. They knew that it was impossible to escape today. Now it is an endless situation. They can only fight with Zhang Yan. Although their hearts also Knowing that it was difficult to resist Zhang Yan's sword, but there was no alternative but to fight desperately.

Everyone in Yunhaige joined forces and all the cards at the bottom of the box were all put out. However, even if everyone joined forces, Zhang Yan could not be completely suppressed, and he even just tied with Zhang Yankankan and barely resisted the entry. The momentum of Zhang Yan in the killing mode.

I saw a cruel sneer in the corner of Zhang Yan's mouth, and said coldly, "You help me, you **** it!"

As soon as the words fell, Zhang Yan cut out one sword, and one sword can break the sky!

The powerful sword was about to open the sky, one sword was cut down, and the sky was torn into two halves. This sword was cut off in the air, and the spiritual shield formed by the collective forces of Yunhaige could not resist the sword Zhang Yan. Severed directly by a sword, fragmented, the crowd immediately vomited blood, and the momentum fell instantly.

Watching the sword cut towards himself, everyone's eyes were full of despair, the Qi machine was completely locked, and even they couldn't even escape, now they can only stand and watch the sword Quickly chopped towards himself, everyone thought.

Everyone regretted it so much that they should not come here to compete with Zhang Yan. I did not expect that this boy, like his father Zhang Haotian, was already better than Zhang Haotian. It was better than Zhang Haotian. Zhang Haotian was much stronger.

Just when everyone thought they would die, suddenly a figure appeared in front of the crowd out of thin air, folded their hands on their chests, the body was golden, and they chanted, "Amitabha!"

Immediately afterwards, I saw Zhang Yan's sword completely blocked by the golden light on his body. The golden light was broken like a piece of glass, but Zhang Yan's sword was also weakened a little. Finally, after Jin Guang was completely chopped , Zhang Yan's sword has been exhausted. In the end, this sword was only cut off an inch above the head and completely dissipated.

Everyone in Yunhaige escaped from the dead. The crowd couldn't help but slumped on the ground, panting heavily, gasping in surprise, looking at the person with surprise, only to see the person wearing a gorgeous coat, wearing a string of human skulls around his neck. The sacred bead was made with two palms folded together, and the eyes closed standing still.


The few monks left by the Ten Thousand Buddhas Zen immediately clasped their hands and worshiped on the knees.

The people at Yunhai Pavilion were overjoyed when they heard the words. They couldn't understand what the Buddha meant. This is the master of the ten thousand Buddha Zen who stands in the wild wasteland for millions of years. According to legend, it was the reincarnation of Emperor Shakya. Buddha, relying on Zhang Yan's sword that just took Zhang Yan, everyone knew that they were finally saved.

Jian Wuchen even laughed loudly, looked at Zhang Yan with a contemptuous look, and sneered loudly: "Want to kill me? It is doomed to be impossible, today you are destined to die here."

Zhang Yan was also very shocked to see the visitors. He was shocked by the identity of the visitors. I did not expect that the Buddha in the West Wasteland actually came here to intervene. The second was to shock the Buddha's strength, and he was able to take his sword intact. Knowing that the sword and even Yunhaishan may not be able to take it so easily, this person's strength is really terrible.

I saw the Buddha suddenly opened his eyes, like King Kong's anger, opened his mouth as a big Yan Brahma, and spoke loudly like Hong Zhong: "Your sin is so deep, you won't kneel and confess!"