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"Grandpa, how are you? Don't scare me!"

Qinglong Mountains, a suburb of Pingyuan City, in a humble but very neat thatched cottage, a sixteen-year-old, handsome, slightly skinny teenager is anxious, lying on the bed with a sorrow and shouting with a hissing voice .

Lying on the bed was an old man with gray hair and skinny skin. The old man stretched out his wrinkled hands, stroking the youthful but sad face gently, and gently wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes. The bruise on the arm was exposed due to the slipping of the sleeve. The teenager looked at the bruise on the grandpa's arm, as if not on the grandpa, but on his own heart. The tears swirling in the eye sockets came out, but still couldn't hold back the tears.

The old man opened his mouth very slowly and weakly and said, "Yaner, I'm okay. I already had Shouyuan near, and I can't live for two years. People will die sooner or later. I just die two years early. You don't have to worry about me sad."

"There is a dark grid under the table with a ring in it. That was my little hand holding it when I picked you back sixteen years ago. I'm afraid you lost the ring when you were young, so you never gave it You, now that you have grown up, it is time to give it to you, "said the old man with some regret in his slow words, and reluctantly said," You will have to go alone on your own way in the future. Be careful about everything and be good To live, remember not to report for me ... "

The old man closed his eyes before speaking, the slow breathing stopped, and the hand on the teenager's face became cold.

"Do not!"

The young man shouted in grief, his face twisted, his eyes stared at the boss, his eyes red on the old man's body, tears like rain.

The boy cried for half an hour, crying until his throat was dry and husky. The young man then got up to arrange the old man's clothes and cover the quilt, as if the old man had not died, but just fell asleep as usual.

The teenager came to the only worn round table in the house, reached out and touched it under the table, and found a dark grid, opened it, and took out the ring inside.

The ring as a whole is a dragon pattern, this dragon is carved to lifelike, from scales to claws to dragon whiskers, every detail is exactly like the legendary true dragon, the dragon head biting the tail of the dragon is exactly the shape of a ring Longan exudes faint red light, no matter what angle he looks at, the longan seems to be staring at him.

The teenager picked up the ring and wanted to wear it on his hand, but the ring was too big, no matter which finger it was worn on. It was helpless, he could only use a rope to tie the ring and make it into a necklace. Around the neck.

The teenager walked out of the room sadly, kneeling back in front of the door, and banged three heads with bangs, his head turned red, and he stood up firmly and said, "Grandpa, you are here to rest, I I will definitely take revenge for you, "the talking boy wiped his tears, lit a torch and burned the cottage with 16 years of good memories.

The residual sun is like blood, dyeing the entire sky to blood red, everything seems to be in the sea of ​​blood, and the heart of the teenager is like this residual sun, dripping blood.

The teenager took firm steps and walked step by step towards Pingyuan City.

The teenager has long forgotten the grandfather's warning, and now he has only one thought in mind: to kill Ma Yong, who hurt his grandfather, to avenge his grandfather.

"What's wrong with this boy? His eyes look so scary!"

"Yeah, when we see us all saying hello on weekdays, why do we seem to be a different person today?" People who knew him aside argued.

The boy came to the front door of Ma's house and shouted into the inside, "Ma Yong, get out of me!"

As soon as the words fell, a young man in a gold costume and a well-dressed suit walked out of the crowd. This man was one of the three major families in Pingyuan City, the son of Ma's owner, Ma Yong.

Ma Yong's mouth showed a slight sneer, watching the young man mockingly: "Who am I? Isn't this our genius Zhang Yan in Pingyuan City? I can't find you in weekdays. Why do you come to me in person today? Is it here? Is it inappropriate to shrink the turtle? "

As soon as Ma Yong's words came down, his men also coaxed, and mocked Zhang Yan: "Do you think you are the genius boy in Pingyuan City?"

"You are now just a waste that hasn't progressed for three years and has been staying in the gym!"

"People like you deserve to grab a woman with our young master? Really!"

Zhang Yan didn't bother their taunts at all. Their taunts are just trivial to Zhang Yan. In the past three years, he has heard too many ridicules and ridicules and encountered too many white eyes. of.

Zhang Yan stared coldly at Ma Yong and said angrily, "I can't bear the trouble of finding me in weekdays, but I didn't expect you to dare to hit my grandpa. This is something I absolutely can't tolerate, Today I will make you **** and bloody! "

"Haha, I'm waiting for you. Do you really think that I dare not do anything with you? Today, Master Ben will teach you a good lesson," Ma Yong held his **** and walked up In front of Zhang Yan.

As soon as Zhang Yan saw Ma Yong, he couldn't hold back his inner killing intentions. He clenched his fists, and said nothing to raise his hand to go straight to Ma Yong's throat. Zhang Yan's movements were very clean and neat. As soon as he came up, he went straight to the key of Ma Yong.

Ma Yong was also caught off guard by Zhang Yan. When he saw that a punch was about to hit him, he quickly raised his hands to protect himself, and his strength was also ninefold, but he was the last one. The month-long breakthrough in physical training is nine, but compared with Zhang Yan, it is much worse.

You must know that Zhang Yan has reached the peak of fitness training for three years, and has already reached the peak of fitness training. In addition, these years, relying on hunting and killing beasts to sell money, Zhang Yan's actual combat strength is much stronger than Ma Yong.

The two fists collided, and Ma Yong was immediately repelled by Zhang Yan for two steps. Ma Yong just stood still. Zhang Yan's next attack had arrived. I saw Zhang Yan gritting his teeth and looking at Ma Yong fiercely. Shouted loudly, "Give me your life."

Zhang Yan's palm went straight to Ma Yong's head and took a photo of it. Taking Zhang Yan's practice as a shot, Ma Yong's head would be broken if it was taken this time.

However, at this moment, a figure suddenly appeared in the crowd of the Ma family, and this person came to Ma Yong in an instant, and raised his hand to hit Zhang Yan's chest. Zhang Yan only felt a strong force coming, and then spit out blood, and flew out.

Some people who Zhang Yan couldn't believe were staring at the person who came and could fly him in one hand. The person who came must be an innate master.

"It's just competition, why do you want to kill? Can't you want to kill my nephew in front of my horse's house?" Lairen looked at Zhang Yan with an expression of anger.

Zhang Yanqiang stood up from the ground with an injury, his eyes still filled with murderous intentions, and said, "I did not expect that Biwu even sent your horse family to help, it is really shameless."

"What the **** is going on? Why is this kid trying to kill you?" Ma Zhong asked in confusion.

Ma Yong explained quickly: "My men accidentally beat the kid's grandfather. Who knows that the old guy couldn't help but beat him in the morning and died in the afternoon. This kid came to seek revenge on me."

"Oh?" Ma Zhong said coldly, "Cut the grass to get rid of the roots. Since this is the case, we must not let this boy leave alive," he said with a wave of his hands, and signaled to everyone to kill General Zhang Yan.

Seeing this situation, Zhang Yan knew that she was more ferocious and less ill. Now Zhang Yan regrets it very much. She regrets that she is too reckless. She also hates herself and hates her strength is too low.

At the time of Zhang Yan's despair, a figure came to Zhang Yan. This person was about the same age as Zhang Yan, but he was two times fatter than Zhang Yan, a big fat man.

I saw this person standing in front of Zhang Yan and shouting, "Slow!"

The people of the Ma family who originally wanted to be swarmed up stopped after seeing this person. Ma Yong threatened: "What? When is the matter of our grand family?

Zhang Yan also asked with some doubts: "Why are you here, fat? This is my grudge with Ma Yong, don't get involved."

The visitor was Zhang Yan's only good friend, the oldest son of the three families of Pingyuan City, Sun Zhihui. Because he was relatively fat, Zhang Yan always called him a fat man.

"Why am I here? If I don't come again, you will be beaten to death," said the fatter, worried.

The fat man looked at Ma Zhong with a smile and said, "Uncle Zhong, this person is my friend. I wonder if you can look at our grandson's face and let him go?"

"If you can let him go, our Sun family is willing to give the Sun family restaurant in the south of the city to your Ma family. I wonder what your intentions are?"

Ma Zhongwen was very happy to hear that a waste Zhang Yan would not pose a great threat to their Ma family, but a restaurant can bring a large income to the Ma family.

Ma Zhong laughed quickly: "Since Xian nephew has come forward, I will give you this face today, and you will leave with this waste."

The fat man quickly helped Zhang Yan, who was seriously injured, to leave Ma's house. Zhang Yan spit a few more blood and looked at Ma Yong fiercely. Then he left unwillingly to follow the fat man.

None of the people at the scene noticed that the blood flowing out of Zhang Yan's mouth just dripped on the ring around his neck, and all this blood was absorbed by that ring, and the blood-red longan on the ring flashed. There was a faint gleam, and no one noticed this strange scene under the cover of blood.

Ma Yong noticed Zhang Yan's eyes before he left, and said with some worry: "We just let him go?"

"Let him go?" Ma Zhong snorted and said, "In this city of Pingyuan, no one can leave alive when you offend our Ma family. You tell people to stay outside the city. Once you find this kid, solve it immediately. Drop him! I said let him go, but I didn't kill him after I said nothing. "

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