Transcend the thirteen realms and implement all the systems of the endless heavens, whether it is mysterious transcendence or truth technology.

The thirteen realms contain everything. There are nine major realms under the ten realms, as well as the small realm division of "Chongtian", which is divided into nine realms.

Why nine?

This involves the mysterious power called the "Forbidden Realm", which generally only exists in the real enchanting genius, and it is the overall planning of all the cross-border combat power.

What the living creatures know from the routine is that the forbidden realm is only divided into nine levels. Every time a small realm is crossed, it is a taboo realm. The one that can cross a large realm is the tenth level of taboos that only exist in legends.

This kind of phenomenon with cross-border combat power can only exist under the ten realms. The eight realms can kill the nine realms against the sky, but the nine realms are absolutely impossible to kill the ten realms.

Therefore, the forbidden realm loses its meaning above the ten realms, and there is no need to divide the small realms above the ten realms.

The ten realms can already surpass the thousands of universes, which is also called the multiverse level; the eleven realms roam the heavens and the world, roaming the long river of time and space, and tampering with the past is easy; the twelve realms have surpassed the heavens, and what you think about Wanting to be even higher, his eyes have already looked towards the endless heavens.

With this level of existence, it's easier said than done if you want to kill enemies across borders?

Therefore, the loss of the forbidden realm has become a factor in stripping off the division of the small realm. The power of such existence itself is too powerful, and it is difficult to describe and measure, which is also a very important reason.

All in all, at the end of the practice, it becomes more and more difficult to kill enemies across borders, and it is almost impossible to happen in reality.

When Bai Donglin was in the eleventh realm, he was able to kill the other shore. In addition to relying on the mighty power of the heavens, he also used the power of "the other shore", whether it was Bachi Youzhi's pupil or other assists from the other shore. cheated.

It is so difficult to cross the border in the eleventh realm, and I want to go beyond the other side and escape...

Hehe, just think about it.

Bai Donglin shook his head and laughed. He secretly deduced that if he pursues this possibility, the only way is to continuously open up the heavens in his body and nurture and strengthen the heavens.

Only with such a terrifying accumulation can it be possible to make an essential transition and threaten the transcendence.

If you think about it now, it is impossible to cross borders, you can only be absolutely invincible in the same environment, barely maintain your life, and infinitely widen the distance between yourself and the existence of the same state, until they are in their own The eyes are as weak as ants.

Bai Donglin is working hard in this direction, and the results are remarkable. Zhuoyun can stand out in the Time and Space Administration. His strength is definitely not weak. He is the top first-class in the other side. Against his 1/10,000th strength.

It is conceivable that under the strength of absolutely crushing Tongji, these transformed experimental subjects, strange weapons, researchers, and hunters are so weak.

Even if they look like nightmares in the eyes of the other side, in Bai Donglin's eyes, they are just slightly stronger ants.


The palm that I slowly patted, crossed the long river of time and space, went straight to the source of information, completely transformed each experimental body into a pitch-black id consciousness, and directly wiped it out.

There are only one corpse left to display in the void, and Bai Donglin doesn't dislike their ugly and disgusting appearance. He only cares about the material energy that exists in the many universes in the opponent's body, as well as high-energy things such as eternal particles.

A faint light flickered in the chest, and the vortex of the heavens slowly emerged, and a terrifying power of swallowing erupted, swallowing up all the corpses.


He squeezed his fist, and his strength skyrocketed again at a speed visible to the naked eye. Moreover, the Dao and reason remaining in these corpses turned into a torrent of information, converging on his source of information, and the depth of information about his self-existence became even more profound. Unfathomable.

This is one of the ways to improve the strength of the other side of eternity. Although this method is very simple and efficient, there is actually a hidden danger. If the torrent of information swallowed conflicts with the information of the self, not only will it not improve the realm strength, but it will pollute and weaken the source of its own information.

Therefore, when the other side exists to swallow information, it will be very careful and carefully selected to ensure that all negative information is stripped, but it cannot be absolutely foolproof. After all, the other side is the same, the information is very obscure and difficult, and it is difficult to thoroughly penetrate.

Faced with this kind of problem, there is a cautious other side, and even give up this quick way to improve strength, choose to understand the truth and reason, enrich the depth of information, slow is much slower, but better than safety.

Bai Donglin no longer has such concerns.

If he devours negative information, he can completely destroy himself, completely strip it off under the observer state, and then resurrect, leaving only useful information to deepen the source of information.



The void exploded, time and space were shattered, and endless dark cracks spread across the sky.

Two blurred and distorted figures shuttled back and forth in the cobweb-like ravine of time and space, punching and kicking each other, the eternal Taoist soldiers collided, and the terrifying aftermath of destruction spread wantonly, turning all the visible and invisible things in the boundless area into gray.

"Mitian! Wake me up! Don't give up, don't give up..."

Zhuoyun's eyes were red, and he was evenly matched with You Mitian. He devoted himself to the battle, and he didn't even notice that Bai Donglin was able to settle the Black Disaster Research Institute in the depths of the endless volcano with one hand.

"You Mitian!"

Zhuoyun roared fiercely, trying to wake up the opponent's ego, he couldn't hurt You Mitian's life, but the controlled You Mitian went all out, fighting with his hands and feet, and even fell into danger several times.

I don't know what to think, Zhuoyun's eyes moved slightly, and once again, he shook out a roaring sound with his will, breaking through layers of obstacles and pouring into the depths of You Mitian's consciousness.

"Mitian, Fairy Sunset is still waiting for you to go back! She said she promised to marry you!"

Before he finished speaking, You Mitian's figure suddenly stagnated, a faint light burst out from the depths of his dark consciousness, and a strange color appeared in his cold scarlet eyes.

"You, what you said is true? Sunset, she forgives me!?"

You Mitian looked grim, and it was obvious that he was fighting fiercely in his consciousness. Although it was extremely difficult, he still asked with difficulty.

It's now!

Zhuoyun's eyes lit up, and the beads in his hands were twisted and turned into a character with a vast breath.

Town! seal up!

Countless chains of white light sprayed out from the characters between the eyebrows, entangling You Mitian all over his body. Even the source of information was completely suppressed, and he could no longer exert his mighty power on the other side.

"Zuoyun, answer me, sunset she..."

You Mitian ignored the situation of her being banned, and still eagerly asked Zhuoyun, the woman named Wanxia had an extraordinary meaning in his heart.

"Bah! You guy, you still look like a ghost, you know the sunset and the sunset, hmph, let's leave this ghost place first!"

Zhuoyun looked at You Mitian, whose expression was sluggish, with a helpless expression on his face, he stretched out his hand to capture him, and stepped out of the rotten time and space.

He was able to fight with You Mitian alone for so long, and it must have been Bai Daoyou who stopped those enemies. At this time, it must be extremely dangerous!

"This this…"

Zhuoyun looked around, looking at the empty void, only Bai Donglin was standing alone, looking at him with a smile in his eyes.

"Fellow Daoist Bai, what about those monsters?"

"Oh, they were solved by me, and now they are all in my stomach."

Bai Donglin's expression was indifferent, he patted his stomach indifferently, and then looked at You Mitian, who was being suppressed, his gaze went straight to the depths of his dark consciousness.

After seeing that faint ray of light, he couldn't help but nodded and said, "Daoist Zhuoyun, your friend is lucky and can be saved."

The light and fluttering voice sounded like a thunderous explosion, Zhuoyun suddenly jolted, and recovered from the sluggishness of shock.

crazy! Absolutely crazy!

What realm has Daoyou Bai's strength reached! ? How long has passed since then, those monsters were settled...

"oh oh."

Zhuoyun's eyes flickered, he pressed down the turbulent emotions forcibly, and focused his attention on the friend beside him.

"Fellow Daoist Bai, are you serious? Is there any salvation for Mi Tianzhen!?"

When he suppressed You Mitian, he also saw the bad appearance of the other party's consciousness. He had never seen such a terrifying injury, it was almost no different from a dead person.

"Haha, if you continue to delay, this guy may really be helpless."

Bai Donglin is not alarmist, nor is he omnipotent. The reason why You Mitian is saved is because the only difference between the other party and other experimental subjects is that the id consciousness has not completely fallen, and there is still a trace of self. .

As for the other experimental subjects, they are completely helpless. The id consciousness has completely dissipated and was replaced by darkness. UU reading is just a puppet with the power of the other side.

"Fellow Daoist, please!"

Zhuoyun looked solemn, and even used honorifics subconsciously, placed the Youmi Scale behind the void, and bowed deeply again.

For the sake of You Mitian, Zhuoyun can be considered to be the ultimate. You must know that he is the supreme existence on the other side, and he is also a big man with supreme power in the Time and Space Administration.


Bai Donglin nodded slightly, stepped forward, placed his finger lightly on You Mitian's eyebrows, a self-destruction within his body, and the observer's will poured into it.

The invisible and intangible will, ignoring everything, came to the depths of consciousness in an instant. It was pitch black and spread to the extreme. In a corner of the depths, a faint white light was found, which seemed to be swallowed by darkness at any time. I don’t know what it is. A strong obsession made him persevere.

"As long as the id consciousness is not completely dissipated, there is still a chance of life."

Bai Donglin manipulated his will, like peeling the cocoon, gently wrapping the weak white light in all directions, and then peeling it out bit by bit from the endless darkness.

After the breakthrough of consciousness and the promotion of talent, the will of the observer can affect the outside world, otherwise, it would not be so easy to save You Mitian.


Bai Donglin was taken aback for a moment. When he was sweeping the dark consciousness back and forth, he suddenly noticed some familiar traces.

"This situation and this scene are nothing like the real illusion I experienced, where my consciousness fell to the end? It's like a castration version after layers of weakening!"

"Could it be..."

"Dr. Chen and I are facing the same black catastrophe detachment!?"

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