There are endless volcanoes that can't be seen, and they are extremely hot. Every seemingly ordinary volcano, upon closer inspection, is actually formed by the superposition and fusion of countless twisted runes.

The crater of the volcano is shining brightly, spewing out colorful divine flames incessantly.

The past time and space of this area was burned to the ground.

Such a huge amount of flame energy is actually just the waste generated by various research institutes in the hidden laboratory deep underground, and the endless volcano is the discharge outlet.

Deep underground, a faint red light flickered in the dark space, and an indistinct figure lay flat on the altar, with flesh and blood hoses sticking out from the void, like a living creature twisting and squirming, constantly. Infusing the body with an unknown substance.

"Zuo, Zhuoyun!?"

His eyes slowly opened, blooming in the darkness, appearing more and more scarlet, his eyes were extremely complicated, as if he was using his remaining reason to do his best to suppress the evil intentions in his heart.

"Why are you coming back, this ghost place, you shouldn't come back... I don't need you to save me!"


The golden photon mother needle was forced out from the depths of his consciousness, and his scarlet eyes swept past, cutting it off in the air.

He never thought that Zhuoyun would make such a stupid mistake and return to a forbidden area, so that he didn't smash the golden needle in the first place.

It was a bit late now. He sensed Zhuoyun's approach, so he thought of destroying the golden needle, giving him a warning, and leaving quickly, not to be confused.


"Experimental subject 908241, abnormal fluctuations in consciousness, analyze, trace the source..."

The black mist filled the air, and a few figures in jet-black robes stepped out of it. They glanced at the test subjects on the altar with indifferent and cold eyes, revealing all the information in front of them.



The underground world, the huge research institute that occupies the entire space, flickered with dazzling red light, and the sleeping figures were awakened. .

Above the endless volcano.

Zhuoyun suddenly froze, looking at the dimmed golden needle in his hand, his eyes turned slightly red.

"You Mitian, you, why are you like this!"

"If you hadn't broken up for me at the beginning, I wouldn't have fallen into this place. It's me who deserves all the hardships and torment. It's you who have endured all this for me!"

"I'm late…"

"This time, even if I die, I won't run away!"


Zhuoyun's eyes were dignified and his expression was determined. He raised his hand and tore off the sackcloth robe, revealing his shining treasure armor, withered body, and instantly returned to his youthful appearance. The endless might spread and radiated behind him, with information and time and space lingering on it. , Wan Dao ups and downs, majesty without shape.

Seeing this scene, Bai Donglin couldn't help nodding slightly, a flash of approval flashed in his eyes.

There is love and righteousness, and both parties are willing to sacrifice their lives for each other. If the low-level creatures know the unparalleled beyond, they will also have this kind of emotion, and it is estimated that they will be extremely surprised.

That's what makes it so precious.

Moreover, this is also the most essential difference between the creatures of all races and the black disaster, and it goes beyond the difference in the form of existence of life.

In the eyes of many low-level monks in remote areas, when the realm reaches a certain level and surpasses everything, such a strong person will become indescribable, ruthless and lustless, without thinking and thinking.

In fact, this is not the case. There is indeed such a way of practice in the endless heavens, cutting off emotions and desires. In the end, it will even become the will of heaven, and the ruthless and selfless state of the Dao and the will of the heavens.

Because this kind of path is extreme, the growth rate is much faster, but compared with the perfect cultivation system of the endless heavens, it seems very clumsy. This is a low-level path that has long been abandoned by countless strong people.

Ruthless, without desire, without thoughts and thoughts, unable to be without self, completely cultivate oneself into "nothingness".

So, is this really the ultimate pursuit of life?

After going through untold hardships, enduring endless hardships, in the long years of ascetic cultivation, what is the pursuit of "nothing"? Did you train yourself out? Are you still yourself like that? Life and death, exist or not, what is the difference! ?

In terms of reason and reason, giving up oneself for the sake of strength is undoubtedly a behavior that goes against the original intention and is not accepted by all beings. They have a better and stronger cultivation route.

Self consciousness!

As the foundation of the road to detachment of the thirteen realms, the self, the self, the self, the superego in consciousness, the "self" is always the core, and the importance is ranked first. Underneath, still maintain the original true meaning of self!

No matter how the vicissitudes of life change, even if you step into detachment from the weak, you will always be the original you, and there will be no change. What grows is only the means of xinxing.

Your thoughts, your personality, are immortal, you won't get lost in power, you won't become a monster you don't even know in silence.

Bai Donglin is like this, Zhuoyun is also like this, although they both have the boundless power that surpasses the heavens and destroys the endless beings in the universe in a single thought, they still have affection and righteousness, maintain their true meaning, and are a living human being!

The so-called ruthless and lustless **** is just a poor creature lost in power and even lost his "self". The endless heavens, the creatures of all races, have the most perfect way of practice, and naturally disdain such clumsy things.


When Bai Donglin flashed his thoughts, the endless volcano trembled violently, the divine flame soared thousands of times, the entire continental plate was divided into two from the center, revealing the dark underground space, and countless buildings with strange shapes stood tall.

There are many figures with strange breaths, looking up at the sky, their scarlet eyes are not mixed with the slightest emotion, indifferent and cold, only the murderous intent is fierce.



hoo hoo hoo!

"Zuoyun, run away!"

You Mi's eyes were about to split, sharp claws slapped his head fiercely, his eyes flickered with fierce light, and he was almost unable to control himself.

Under the erosion of a strange force, the id consciousness has become tattered, and "self" has become the last light in it, but it is also like a candle in the wind, which will be swallowed by darkness at any time.

"Mighty heaven!"

Zhuoyun's eyes widened, looking at You Mitian's miserable appearance of inhuman form, and his deformed body like a monster, his fingers couldn't help trembling slightly.

awful! That's horrible!

It's hard to imagine how terribly tortured You Mitian has suffered in several Xiao Yanji.

You must know that You Mitian is famous among their heavens for being handsome, suave, suave, and has always been quite disgusted with ugly things.

This is not a simple physical distortion, but a tampering from the source of the information. The original information has been contaminated and it is difficult to restore the original state.

"Damn! Damn!"

"You wait for the relics of the black plague, it's really hateful! Kill! Kill! Let's all die—"

Zhuoyun's full of guilt instantly turned into a monstrous anger. Although his rationality still existed, his strength had soared like never before, and his glorious aura completely crushed the boundless sky.

The One Wonderful Forbidden Realm is a world similar to that of the Great Desolate Continent. In the strange time and space, there is only one continent standing alone. It is boundless and extremely vast. If a large universe is smashed on it, it will not make any waves.

It can be seen from this that the sky is so high and the earth is boundless, Zhuoyun, in a fit of anger, even tore apart the entire sky, and the power of the other side is undoubtedly revealed.

"Information! Invincible!"

Zhuoyun's eyes were bright, and on top of his own information source, he added the setting of "invincible", and his breath soared again, reaching his strongest state.

The other side of eternity plays with information in applause, and the level of its realm is determined by its own "information depth".

For example, when two other shores are at war, one adds the "invincible" setting to himself, and the other adds the "meet higher than you" setting to himself. At this time, there is a conflict in logic. Who has priority? For higher levels, it depends on the depth of their respective information.

Bai Donglin stood above the sky with his hands behind his back, UU reading www.uukanshu. Seeing Zhuoyun's revealed strength, com couldn't help but nodded slightly.

'Yes, as expected of the Time and Space Administration, the director of the Perfect All Heavens Branch, he still has two brushes, which are comparable to one ten thousandth of my strength at full strength. ’

"Intruder! Capture! Obliterate!"

You Mitian also completely lost his mind. Under the control of a strange force, he and many experimental subjects slaughtered towards Zhuoyun.

Bai Donglin lowered his gaze and understood the details of the research institute here. This was not the same group as the invisible hunters they met at the beginning, and they did not use crystal **** that could deprive information and time and space.

However, it is also not to be underestimated. These transformed test bodies actually exist on the other side, and their original strength is still intact. Under the siege, Zhuoyun is more fortunate than fortune.

"This guy Zhuoyun..."

When the fierce battle broke out, Bai Donglin's eyebrows moved, and he felt a few peeping waves swept past. It was Zhuoyun's outbreak just now, which caught the attention of other nearby institutes.

In a wonderful forbidden area, the research institutes hidden in various places can be divided into two factions, one is from the black disaster, and the other is from Dr. Chen. They are completely hostile. Even if they are abandoned, they still follow the transcendence. of will.

Zhuoyun didn't want to vent his anger just now, but wanted to use the power of another faction's research institute to deal with the black disaster.

"Haha, it seems that you still don't have enough confidence in me!"

Bai Donglin shook his head and laughed. Seeing that Zhuoyun was in a hard fight, he stopped watching the play and walked into the battlefield.

"Boys, it's time to hit the road!"

Grab the vortex of the heavens and slowly press it down.

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