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Luo Shuyu was pointed out by the emperor’s imperial decree to the third prince Li Mingjin, who had a sinister and paranoid personality. The two had been married for three years. Li Mingjin always treated him with no words and coldly.

In an accident, the two rounded up the room, and Luo Shuyu became pregnant by accident. After he gave birth to a son, Li Mingjin was imprisoned for collaborating with the enemy and sentenced to beheading. His one-month-old son was dying and he also received a glass of poisoned wine.

Unexpectedly, Li Mingjin escaped from prison, desperately sent him and his son out of the city, and died after blocking arrows for them. No one in the family survived.

Luo Shuyu only realized after his death that he was a supporting role in the novel “After Transmigrating Into a Book Four Big Brothers Are Fighting Into Marry Me “. The cousin from the countryside was the protagonist in the book. He was from the future world and he carried with him the goldfinger so he could hook up with the so-called big men in the book all the way to a high position, and finally got together with the fourth prince he supported and became Wu’s first male queen.

He and Li Mingjin were the villains in the early stage, and they were the obstacles in the way of the male protagonist’s ascent. If they wanted them to died, they would die.

Luo Shuyu woke up and returned to the day when the decree that he and Li Mingjin would married came. Three days later, the man who lived and died with him appeared in front of him and saw that he was still alive, young and handsome. He cried at Li Mingjin. The 18-year-old boy Li Mingjin raised his sleeves to wipe his tears, and said gloomily, “Don’t cry.” Although a bit fierce, his movements were extremely gentle.

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Short Title:IVCFIB
Alternate Title:我是穿书文里的恶毒炮灰
Weekly Rank:#1874
Monthly Rank:#1705
All Time Rank:#2142
Tags:Alternate World, Ancient China, Arranged Marriage, Clever Protagonist, Confident Protagonist, Doting Love Interests, Handsome Male Lead, Marriage, Mpreg, Multiple Transported Individuals, Politics, Pregnancy, Reincarnation, Revenge, Royalty, Schemes And Conspiracies, Second Chance, Shameless Protagonist, System, System Administrator, Transmigration,
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  1. Seseorang, bantu saya! Apakah ada yang tahu cerita tentang.. yah seorang transmigrator wanita (bukan yaoi ya) yang bertransmigrasi ke tubuh seorang gadis kecil mungkin anak kecil. Entahlah tapi yang pasti gadis itu bisa membuat sang ayah, hanya ayahnya, sangat mencintainya walaupun awal nya ayah nya tidak peduli padanya. Saya pernah membaca cerita itu dan sangat bagus saya ingin membaca kembali tapi saya lupa judul nya. Pemeran utama pria itu jika tidak salah memiliki nama keluarga Lu, dia adalah anak lelaki yang awalnya itu apa ya? Sanderaan dari kerajaan lain yang di tempatkan di rumah keluarga gadis itu. Ayoo. Someone, help me! Does anyone know the story about.. well a female transmigrator (not yaoi huh) who transmigrated into the body of a little girl maybe a child. I don't know, but what is certain is that this girl can make her father, only her father, really love her even though at first her father didn't care about her. I once read that story and it was so good I wanted to read it again but I forgot the title. If I'm not mistaken, the male lead has the surname Lu, he is the boy who was originally what? Hostages from other kingdoms were placed in the girl's family home. Come on

  2. Its good. Each chapters has many words so its pretty taking my time. I like the way mc and ml love each other. You may also know how this gonna end. Fortunately mc defeat the og protagonist. Even its in the end of story. This one has more complicated plot. I mean, theres so much happen in here. But still its like dot that connect each other. But in general, this one just like any other historical story that happen in palace. I dont know if theres more extras. Because i feel like theres something missing in the end. But if it ended up like that still can accept it. I read this story with so much patient. (Spoiler) Defeating og protagonist seems so difficult here. And the matter of baby drag like years. So i can only see a little bit of childcare. And its funny that the golden finger defeated like that. Thay can actually did it much earlier, but they seems like feel insecure to everything. If mc know how to messed with golden finger, why not do it like right away. Mc and og protagonist always bump to each other. Mc has chance but he just dont do it idk why. But surely mc won of course.

  3. Hi everyone, I wud like to know the title of a novel which I ve red last Yr.. storyline is, ML and FL r family friends... frim childhood FL had a crush on ML ,but d ML doesn't.. later ML falls in love with someone else... wen the FL went to meet ML ,the ML n his lover were kissing under a tree.. later FL schemed against his lover and chased her out.. also schemed againt ML to get married to him.. After marriage ML dint Even give her a second glance ,it goes on for 3 years.. at last they accidentally slept together n she came to know she was pregnant.. in order to save d child, she signed d divorce papers n left.. and became d ceo of her Father's company... later ML came to know her pregnancy and thought she was pregnant with her boyfriend... later when they met in an elevator, FL had labor pain and begged ML to save her child... So ML sent her to hospital n when he saw the baby's face he realised the baby must b his... but the FL continue to preten the baby is her boyfriend's .. After few months ML kidnapped FL to an island to get her back.. and Dey both reconciled.. after sometime the ML came to know why his first love left him was FL's doing and some misunderstanding occurs... story continues like this.. Can sum1 help me find d title of dis novel ??

  4. Hello there! Any idea where I can read the 10 extra chapters of this novel? This novel has 122 chapters plus 10 extras but MTL has uploaded 123 chapters only. Appreciate any response. Cheers!

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