"I'm the second young master of the flagwood family(

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Nagato is easy, it's not easy. Finally, Nagato was about to use what he learned in Jiraiyasho, but it was destroyed by Mi Blade.

But even though Nagato was angry, his anger couldn't be beaten. It's like what the old Longhushan Tianshi said to Lao Lu in the Hot Blood Elderly Fan: You can't hurt me if you are crazy!

Nagato is reborn, and even if he loses his sanity, he can't beat Mi Blade.

Ten minutes later, Mi Blade looked condescendingly at the six Payne scattered on the ground, and sighed: "Did you calm down?"

Six Ways of Payne: "..."

Do we still dare to be angry?

Lanshou, Shiitake...

Tiandao Payne stood up and asked very aggrieved: "What do you do in the organization without sleeping most of the night?"

"We want to come during the day, and we have to have time during the day!" Kakashi curled his lips.

Everyone in the organization looked at the situation here and carefully closed the door. The gods fought and couldn't afford it.

One side is the leader and the other side is the minister. Ordinary employees like us should stay away.

Mi Blade said to Payne: "We are here this time, there is a news to tell you."

"What news?" Payne grumbled.

A few people came to the conference room in the base, everyone sat down, and Xiao Nan also packed up his clothes and walked into the conference room. They smiled shyly.

At this time, Mi Ren said, "You should have heard about it, the mother of the Six Dao Immortals settled in our village a few days ago."

"I heard." Payne nodded and asked, "Is that woman really the mother of the Six Dao Immortals?"

Mi Ren nodded, confirming this incredible statement.

Nagato and Xiaonan exclaimed: "It's really her, is she still alive?"

The two of them had to be surprised that people from more than a thousand years ago appeared in modern society. It's Qin Shihuang with me, make money!

Just as incredible.

"We are here this time to explain Kaguya Ji. By the way, Kaguya Ji is the name of the mother of the Six Dao Immortals, and her full name is Datongmu Kaguya Ji, the princess of the Datongmu clan."

Mi Ren began to tell Nagato Xiaonan the origins of the Datongmu family, the six immortals and Kaguyaji.

After Mi Blade explained the stakes to him, Nagato came to understand.

"It turns out that Heijue is a product of Kaguya's consciousness. His purpose of approaching me is for the reincarnation eye and to perform unlimited moon reading?"

Only then did Nagato understand why Heijue kept trying to collect tail beasts all these years. It turned out that everything was prepared to save Kaguya.

"By the way, what about bringing soil?"

Nagato thought of bringing the soil, after all, the soil was brought by Heijue, maybe the soil is still bewitched by Heijue.

Mi Ren waved his hand and said, "Take the soil already knows it, and I told him to do it at the beginning."

"The one who brought the soil is yours?"

Nagato felt that Akatsuki was out of his control a little bit. What did he do for so many years?

Hearing him say this, Mi Ren retorted: "What does it mean to bring the soil is my person? Who is not my person in the Akatsuki organization, including you, you are not the same as my person!"

Nagato: "..."

"If it were not for me, would you have gone to collect the tail beasts of the idiot now?"

Nagato feels like a failure,

Whether it is family or unemployment.

In fact, if the Akatsuki organization is regarded as a group, on the surface everything is controlled by Nagato, but in reality, Hagi Mimi is the largest shareholder.

When the Akatsuki organization was established, Nagato Xiaonan and Yahiko were all impoverished, and they still took the money to invest.

Although Akatsuki has been controlled by Nagato for so many years, Liudao Payne, but to put it bluntly, is an executive president, and Hagi Miren is the shareholder behind it.

"Okay, don't be sad, call them out, let's have a meeting." Mi Ren patted Nagato on the shoulder.

Nagato lowered his head and sighed. He knew Mi Blade was joking, but he felt very disappointed when he thought of being cheated for so many years.

The eyes of reincarnation that I was originally proud of were only stored by Uchiha Madara, and I thought that I was a **** and savior, and I was only deceiving others. I was just the container that Madara Uchiha chose to store the eyes of reincarnation. .

Xiao Nan took Nagato's hand and comforted him carefully.


Early the next morning, Heijue returned to the Akatsuki organization, and as soon as he entered the door, he saw Hamu Mibane strolling in the Akatsuki organization.

Seeing Kurojue, Mizen smiled and said hello: "Senior Kurojue, where did you go to play last night, did you go to Kabukicho...well, haha."

Hei Jue snorted coldly in the face of Mi Blade's ridicule.

You don't know where I went?

"Mi Blade, what's the matter with the mother of the Six Dao Immortals in your village?"

Heijue always wondered how his mother got out of trouble?

The ten tails have not appeared, and the eyes of reincarnation are still there. Are they digging the moon?

If the moon was so easy to dig, I would have digged it a long time ago, and directly directed Hundred Thousand Baijue to take a shovel and go to the moon. For a thousand years, let alone dig the moon, even the earth can dig through it.

But the descendants of Yumura are guarding the moon, so how can you dig it?

Mi Blade smiled and said, "It turns out that Hei Jue-senior is interested in Kaguya Ji. Actually, it's nothing, but I got a treasure map, saying that there are treasures on the moon. So I took Kakashi to the moon to hunt for treasure. "

"Treasure Map?"

What's this all about?

Hei Jue is at a loss, where is the treasure map?

Mi Blade said little bit: "Yes, you also know that I have space ninjutsu. I took Kakashi to the moon to take a look, guess what I found?"

"What did you find?" Hei Jue asked curiously.

"There is a Guanghan Palace on the moon, and there are osmanthus trees planted around it. A **** named Wu Gang, Datongmu, is holding an axe and cutting down the trees every day.

Kakashi and I learned from Wu Gang, Datongmu, that there is a moon goddess living in Guanghan Palace!

According to him, this goddess is the lord of the Moon Palace, and she is beautiful like a flower. Kakashi and I entered Guanghan Palace under Wu Gang's guidance.

guess what? "

"What's the matter?" Hei Jue was short of breath, he was completely stunned, what Mi Ren said he believed. It's not that he is too stupid ~www.mtlnovel.com~ but that he doesn't know that Mi Blade already knows the truth. He thought that Mi Blade was talking about what Mi Blade actually discovered?

Of course Kurozutsu knew that Hamura and Hayi sealed their mother to the moon, but what he didn't know was how Kaguya was on the moon.

In his guess, Wu Gang, the big Tsukimu, was a descendant of Hamura, the "prison guard" who took care of his mother.

As for the Guanghan Palace, it was the palace built by Yuyi's guilt for his mother.

Yuyi, if you still have some conscience, save your mother from the inside of the earth-burst star!

Mi Ren continued: "This Datongmu Kaguya Ji is so beautiful, but also too lonely.

She stayed in the Guanghan Palace all day, and had been unable to go out for more than a thousand years, and she was usually accompanied by only one jade rabbit.

Later, during the chat, we learned that the goddess of the moon had also been to the Ninja world a thousand years ago, and at that time, the Ninja was not the Ninja world, she assigned Chakra to the residents of the Ninja world, so We can only use ninjutsu now.

But her assignment of Chakra also came at a price, and she was also pursued and killed by the Datongmu clan. In order to avoid the Otsuki clan, her two sons, Otsuki Yui and Hamura jointly performed a ninjutsu called Six Ways·Earth Burst and Stars turned into the moon. Later, Otsuki Yui stayed in the ninja world to establish Ninjutsu, Otsuki Yui. The family migrated to the moon to protect Huiye. "

Hei Jue: "..."

Hei Jue's brain went blank after listening to Mi Blade's narration.

Why do I feel he is right?

But my memory does not seem to be like this?

Could it be that I remembered it wrong?

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