"I'm the second young master of the flagwood family(

(Two-in-one, the sealed chapter has been shortened and is also here)

At night, the village of Yurenin, the country of rain, is brightly lit.

Since Lord Payne and Lord Angel overthrew the rule of Sansho Fish Hanzo more than ten years ago, Earth-shaking changes have taken place in Urenin Village and the territory of Rain Country.

The people live and work in peace and contentment, their incomes are increasing, children can also read and learn ninjutsu, and the population has grown considerably. Most importantly, they let Yurenin village avoid the chaos of war.

At this time, in Yuren Village, even at night, they can still go to the tavern to drink and drink tea, go to the tea house to taste tea, no longer have to worry about their livelihood, and they can relax.

At the base of the Akatsuki organization, members of the Akatsuki organization had dinner, and Nagato nestled in the room to transform Penn.

Xiaonan sat aside and made detonation charms as usual. As the richest woman in the Ninja world, a lady with 600 billion detonation charms, she made all her detonation charms one by one.

Xiaonan himself is a paper escape ninja, and no one can match the use of paper.

"Nagato, let me go for the task of the Kingdom of Wind tomorrow." Xiao Nan put the prepared detonation charms away and put it in the ninja bag and said.

Nagato has also been remodeled, and raised his head to look at Xiao Nan questioningly: "What's the matter, is it too boring in the base? Want activities?"

Xiao Nan shook his head and said: "Since the Mi Blade was handed over to me to detonate the **** technique last time, I haven't had the opportunity to show it. This time I went to try the power of the detonation **** technique."

The detonation **** technique and Xiao Nan are a perfect match, originally Xiao Nan does not lack the detonation talisman, this ninjutsu can even reduce the use of detonation talisman.

After using the detonating talisman, one detonating talisman can channel countless detonating talisman. If this were to use 600 billion detonation talisman to simultaneously use the detonation interaction technique, she really couldn't think of anything in the Ninja World that she couldn't explode.

In the original work, Xiaonan used 600 billion detonating symbols to explode the soil, but unfortunately the soil took advantage of the power of God to hide.

But here, I want to hide, hehe, I think too much.

Seeing that Xiao Nan was eager to try, Nagato said, "Go if you want, just send a paper clone to go."


Nagato told Payne Liudao to return to their own room, and there were only two of them left in the room.

Nagato sat next to Xiao Nan, and the two were next to each other. Nagato and Xiao Nan looked at each other. Under the dim light, the faces of the two people got closer...

Oh, pure friendship!

In the beginning, Xiao Nan had feelings for Yahiko, but after so many years of getting along with Nagato, the two became fond of each other. There is no bitterness and deep hatred in the original work, no black jue and dirt flicker in the original work. After all these childhood sweethearts have lived leisurely for so many years, it will be sooner or later to have a good impression.

In the original book, Nagato listened to Kazuki, and wanted to collect tail beasts to build nuclear weapons.

With the wings of Mi Blade, and the tsunami blowing like this, he and Xiao Nan no longer have such bitter and deep enmity, and everything is developing for the better.


Xiao Nan felt the movement of Nagato's hand and stretched out his hand to block Nagato.

"No, your body will be hurt..." Xiao Nan said blushing.

Nagato's physical condition has been getting worse and worse in recent years due to the drag of the eye of reincarnation. Although he obeyed Mi Blade's opinion, from time to time he pulled his eyes down to restore his health. But even the recovery ability of his Maelstrom family could not withstand the consumption of the eyes of reincarnation.

Although the body is not squeezed into skin and bones as in the original book, it is also very virtual.

When Nagato and Xiaonan were in the night of the bridal chamber, Nagato fulfilled the task of a real man in five seconds.

Ashamed, shameless to see people, extremely depressed...

Nagato couldn't wait to find a place to drill in, especially when he heard Xiao Nan's comfort.

"It's okay, maybe you are too nervous."

Hearing this, Nagato felt even more embarrassed.

"I used to ask endlessly, when will I last? Why do you always laugh at me...nothing..."

A few days later, Nagato, who had cultivated enough energy, was ready to show his shame, but no matter what, it was still nothing.

Since he inadvertently passed through Itachi's room and accidentally heard that it was in Itachi's room for half an hour and forty minutes, he was even more disappointed.

Who can he tell about this? Even if he wants to see a doctor, he is embarrassed to go out.

He really couldn't help but summoned the courage to ask teacher Jilaiya for advice, and teacher Jilaiya said a word to him.


Nagato thinks about it, too.

But it was even more embarrassing that things happened. After Xiao Nan got up the next day, he was refreshed, and even Chakra had a significant increase. On the other hand, Nagato had a terrible backache, and it felt that it was more costly than controlling the Six Penn to launch the Ninja World War.

Lie on the bed for three days.

So from that day on, Xiao Nan set a rule for Nagato, once a week!

Today is Wednesday, and Nagato has completed the mission on Monday, so Xiao Nan will stop Nagato, worrying about his body.

Nagato sighed and said sadly, "I'll take a look..."

Xiao Nan nodded, and the two embraced again.

Nagato is always a man, he doesn't want his beloved woman to be unhappy!

So these days, he bought all the books of Teacher Jilaiya. I bought everything from the first volume to the latest volume.

When he finished reading this whole set of books, he seemed to have opened a new world.

Tonight, Nagato intends to apply what he has learned, and use everything he has learned from the book!

In other rooms, Scorpion is making poisons and puppets; Scorpion’s next door is Deidara, who is developing gunpowder; Deidara’s next corner is all settling accounts, although he and the flying group are also going out to perform tasks, but he is also Taking care of Akatsuki's job as an accountant, counting money makes him happy.

Feiduan lives next door to Jiaodu. In his room is a statue of Lord Cthulhu. He bows his head three times a day, and one incense in the morning and evening.

Itachi and Izumi Mei live in the underground foundation opposite to their room in Feiduan. Next door to Itachi and Izumi Mei is Itachi's partner, the dried persimmon ghost shark!

Why did the two of them live in another underground base? It was because Itachi and Izumi often abused dogs, which seriously affected the rest of a group of single dogs. Therefore, other members voted unanimously to let him live opposite, stay away from the crowd, and stay away from the vehicle. This kind of damage is the least.

Bah, it's a drama.

As for the ghost shark, he didn't want to be separated from Itachi, because he also found a girlfriend, a female ninja from Wuyin Ninja Village. Although the strength and talent are not too strong and can't be a full member of the Xiaoxiao organization, it is also the only mermaid who is devoted to him after Guiyuguang cast a net.

So Guiyu brought her back to the Akatsuki organization,

In the past, Uchiha Itachi and Senna used to abuse dogs all day long, and the ghost vowed to return the grievances they suffered!

It was in the harmonious atmosphere of Akatsuki's single dogs that were quiet, and there were objects of music and singing.

Whoosh whoosh!

Four figures descended in the conference hall of Akatsuki's organization base. Mi Blade opened the door of the conference hall and shouted to the outside: "Everyone, don't sleep, your emperor is back!"

"you're back!"

"Come on!"


The sound echoed throughout the corridors of the underground base.

The doors of each room opened quickly, and the Fei Duan Deidara and the others popped up and looked around.

At this moment, the innermost room was violently pushed aside with a bang, and six penins appeared together, among which the heaven penins rushed towards the Mi Blade at an extremely fast speed.

"Hakimu Miblade, I want to fight you, I will never die!!"

"Spicy days!"

Nagato is easy, it's not easy. Finally, Nagato was preparing to kill and kill, but was destroyed by Mi Blade.

But even though Nagato was angry, his anger couldn't be beaten. Just like the words of the old celestial master Longhushan in the Hot-blooded Elderly Fan: You can't hurt me if you are crazy!

Nagato is reborn, and even if he loses his sanity, he can't beat Mi Blade.

Ten minutes later, Mi Blade looked condescendingly at the six Payne scattered on the ground, and sighed: "Did you calm down?"

Six Ways of Payne: "..."

Do we still dare to be angry?

Lanshou, Shiitake...

Tiandao Payne stood up and asked very aggrieved: "What do you do in the organization without sleeping most of the night?"

"We want to come during the day, and we have to have time during the day!" Kakashi curled his lips.

Everyone in the organization looked at the situation here and carefully closed the door. The gods fought and couldn't afford it.

One side is the leader and the other side is the minister. Ordinary employees like us should stay away.

Mi Blade said to Payne: "We are here this time, there is a news to tell you."

"What news?" Payne grumbled.

A few people came to the conference room in the base, everyone sat down, and Xiao Nan also packed up his clothes and walked into the conference room. They smiled shyly.

At this time, Mi Ren said: "You should have heard about it, the mother of the Six Dao Immortals settled in our village a few days ago."

"I heard. UU reading www.uukanshu.com" Payne nodded and asked, "Is that woman really the mother of the Six Dao Immortals?"

Mi Ren nodded, confirming this incredible statement.

Nagato and Xiaonan exclaimed: "It's really her, is she still alive?"

The two of them had to be surprised that more than a thousand young people appeared in modern society. It's as incredible as I am Qin Shihuang, making money.

"We came here this time to explain Kaguyaji's affairs. By the way, Kaguyaji is the name of the mother of the Six Dao Immortals, and her full name is Datongmu Huiyaji, the princess of the Datongmu clan."

Mi Ren began to tell Nagato Xiaonan the origins of the Datongmu family, the six immortals and Kaguyaji.

After Mi Blade explained the stakes to him, Nagato came to understand.

"It turns out that Heijue is a product of Kaguya's consciousness. His purpose of approaching me is for the reincarnation eye and to perform unlimited moon reading?"

Only then did Nagato understand why Heijue kept trying to collect tail beasts all these years. It turned out that everything was prepared to save Kaguya.

"By the way, what about bringing soil?"

Nagato thought of bringing the soil, after all, the soil was brought by Heijue, maybe the soil is still bewitched by Heijue.

Mi Ren waved his hand and said, "Take the soil already knows it, and I told him to do it at the beginning."

"The one who brought the soil is yours?"

Nagato felt that Akatsuki was out of his control a little bit. What did he do for so many years?

Hearing him say this, Mi Ren retorted: "What does it mean to bring the soil is my person? Who is not my person in the Akatsuki organization, including you, you are not the same as my person!"

Nagato: "..."

"If it were not for me, would you have gone to collect the tail beasts of the idiot now?"

Nagato feels like a failure,

Whether it is family or unemployment.