Standing on the street in Konoha Village, Kurozue looked at the beautiful woman who was stuffed with barbecue meat in the barbecue restaurant not far away. He was both happy and heartbroken.

Fortunately, he finally saw his mother, but heartache was that after her mother broke the seal, she didn't even find him the first time.

Am I not your favorite boy anymore?

Oh no!

Heijue observed for a long time, and muttered, "Did my mother forget me?"

No, no!

I haven't implemented my unlimited monthly reading plan, how can my mother come out?

The key is how did the mother come out?

Hei Jue felt that he had worked hard for a thousand years, and his plan for so many years had been calculated and calculated to be lonely.

Kurozue is still working **** how to flick Nagato, how to resurrect Uchiha Madara, how to use the infinite moon reading, and how to save Kaguya. Huiye has already made a chicken in his left hand and a bottle of wine in his right...

Hei Jue at this time is very sad and desolate, and it feels as if someone has been singing in his ear: Snowflakes~The North Wind is Xiaoxiao...

Hei Jue shed tears and turned away silently. It's not that he doesn't want to meet Kaguya, but he doesn't know how to recognize Kaguya. In his eyes, his mother seemed to be having fun.

Kurozutsu planned to figure out how his mother escaped the seal before coming to recognize each other, in case it was Hamura's conspiracy.

He looked in the direction of the Naruto Building, and he knew that Kakashi and Mi Blade were working there. The two of them are too. Why don't you tell Akatsuki about such important news?

Heijue couldn't understand, he let a Baijue possess a Konoha ninja, and controlled the ninja to the Naruto Building.

In the Naruto Building, Kakashi and Mizen and two other Naruto consultants, Yamanaka and Nara Shikahisa are dealing with government affairs.

The four of them were sitting around a square table, and Kakashi stared at the table with a solemn expression.

"Brother Lujiu, how can you do this!"

Facing Kakashi’s questioning, Nara Lujiu coldly snorted: "Hokage-sama, listen to me, your age is too young, you can't handle this kind of thing!"

"Brother Lujiu, I am Naruto, and the entire Wood Ninja Village is under my leadership. I will not be able to control it? Brother Lujiu, although your IQ is very high, here, I am Naruto!"

"Hehe, in that case, Master Naruto might as well give it a try to see if you can seize this opportunity!"

The atmosphere gradually became dignified, and the two men clashed at each other, and Kakashi stared at Nara Shikaji firmly.

"Four loaves!"

"It's muddled, hahahaha, I said you can't hold it, there is still a four-seven loaves in your place now, it's useless, I've listened to four-seven loaves a long time ago. Okay, Chenghui one hundred taels!"

Nara Lukisa's eyes were narrowed into a slit. Although one hundred taels is not much, in the eyes of everyone known and afraid of his wife, this is a huge sum of money. If you accumulate less, one day you will save enough money to go to the mixed bathing hot spring.

Kakashi was annoyed. He threw down a hundred or two cards on the table and pushed it: "I don't play anymore. I keep losing and losing. Only the three of you will win. There is no game experience."

Yamanaka and Nara Shikahisa collected the money on the table, and Mizen was in charge of cleaning up the mahjong.

Kakashi turned around and said, "Did you three get together to lie to me for money?"

"How come, O'Neill, we are a family, you have to believe me!" Mi Ren said while patted his chest while cleaning up the mahjong.

Kakashi is still a little skeptical, Nara Luku has a high IQ and good Mi Blade card skills. He will read his mind for a while, as if he didn't have a plug-in.

Depend on!

Playing cards every day is already a must-play game for Hokage and the three consultants, because there is really nothing to do.

Since the rights were assigned to individuals, the four of them only spent more than two hours a day in the morning, and they could easily handle government affairs. But there is still more than a long time before getting off work, and the four of them are really bored without playing cards.

The four went back to their desks and sat down. At this moment Terumi Ming and Naika carried four cups of tea and pushed open the office door. As secretaries, their daily work is to sort out documents, and add tea and water.

As for the secretary that Mi Ren thought about at first, it's fine to be secretary...

Just think about it.

The ninjas in the Naruto Building are very strong, they can't listen to a little movement in the office. There must be some movement in the office, and it will become a live broadcast in less than two minutes.

"Drink tea and tea." The four people drank tea and chatted, enjoying a comfortable life.

Bang bang bang!

At this moment, the door of Hokage's office was knocked.

"Come in."

The door was pushed open, and a young ninja stood at the door. Kakashi asked, "Is there anything wrong?"

The young ninja stood at the door and stared at Mi Blade. Mi Blade was a little unclear, so he asked in confusion, "Are you here to find me?"

The ninja nodded, "Master Hagaki Miba, please come out."

Mi Ren was a little dazed, he came to the door and closed the office door.

"What's the matter, let's talk about it now."

The young ninja was a bit cramped and embarrassed, and said, "I want to ask Mr. Minister..."

Mi Ren nodded: "What's the matter?"

"Do you know what it feels like to shit?" The young ninja laughed loudly after asking, "Hahahahaha...Can you teach me to shit!"

Mi Blade knocked on the ninja's neck helplessly, stretched out his hand, and a Bai Jue was pulled out by Mi Blade. Bai Jue twisted around in Mi Blade's hand, Mi Blade took out a seal scroll and sealed him in.

The ninja possessed by Bai Jue was unconscious and was lying on the ground. Mi Ren pushed open the door of the office: "Brother Hai, this ninja has passed out, please find someone to send him to the hospital."

"it is good."

"Kakashi, sister-in-law and Naika, come out."

The three came to the door, and Mi Blade said to them: "Hei Jue is here."

Kakashi disagrees: "Come here, if he comes, do I have to open a water table to welcome him?"

"It seems that he already knows that Huiye broke the seal~www.mtlnovel.com~ We haven't been to the Xiao organization for half a year, so why don't we have a look at night?"

"Go and go, just to clarify the matter of Heijue, so he always cares about Nagato's body."

The family discussed it, and then went back to the office to spend time.

As a leader, you can't take the lead in leaving early, you have to set an example for the people below.

Yamanaka Kai went to deal with the fainted ninja, and they didn't ask what was the reason for the fainting. They still trusted Mibane quite a bit. Since Kakashi took office, Konoha Village has undergone earth-shaking changes.

There are more tourists, more entertainment facilities, better public security, and more and more income.

This is the credit of both of them, and it can be said that the reforms are quite good.

The main reason for them to trust Kakashi and Miblade so much is that their family has become Hokage, so they can't make their own antipathy.

In the evening, the four of them went home from get off work. When they got home, the four of them wore the uniforms of the Akatsuki organization and the red cloud suits with black background.

While changing clothes, Mi Blade said with emotion: "If the people in the village knew that Kakashi and I were members of Akatsuki's organization, what would they think?"

Naika smiled and said, "They will definitely drop their jaws."

Mi Blade couldn't help thinking, if she confessed her relationship with Akatsuki, what a sensation in Shinobi would be!

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