It’s on the shelves today. I am a little excited and a little hesitant. I am afraid that the results of this book are not good, but I also want to know how bad it is.

   Thank you readers who follow the update every day, thank you for your support and encouragement.

   I often turn over some books that are the same as mine, and watch their tens of thousands of collections and hundreds of comments. Although there are a lot of critics in the comment section of many books, there are also a lot of collections.

   Our book, there are few people who read it, and there is not even a curse.

   Of course, I am not asking you to scold you, I just want to let you readers have time to go to the book circle and post a few comments.

   Alright, don’t talk nonsense.

   Finally, I also want to thank some of my responsible editors, Oranges, and if you have the opportunity to give me more recommendations.

   Five shifts today, I will post it slowly. Don't worry, everyone.

   ask for a subscription!

   ask for a collection!

   Please give me a reward!

   Ask for a monthly pass!

   please comment!

that's all!


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