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I’m the Owner of the Breeding House In the World of Elves

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I just slept and became the owner of the feeding house.

Do you want a mini dragon?

Sorry, too precious, no.

Do you want a katy dog?

Sorry, too precious, no.

Do you want a little fire dragon?

Sorry, too precious, no.

What? You said there should be little Lada, right?

Sorry, really not, this is too rubbish.

fall! ! !

Can this feeding house be opened?

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:IOBHIWE
Alternate Title:我在精灵世界当饲育屋老板
Author:Hyakuya Ghost
Weekly Rank:#382
Monthly Rank:#474
All Time Rank:#1708
Tags:Adventurers, Alchemy, Alternate World, Animal Rearing, Appearance Changes, Artifacts, Artificial Intelligence, Battle Competition, Beast Companions, Buddhism, Business Management, Calm Protagonist, Cheats, Chuunibyou, Clones, Clubs, Confident Protagonist, Cooking, Divination, Dragons, Enemies Become Allies, Evil Organizations, Evolution, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Friendship, Game Elements, Ghosts, Healers, Hidden Abilities, Insects, Language Barrier, Lost Civilizations, Male Protagonist, Mind Control, Monster Tamer, Mythical Beasts, Orphans, Pets, Phoenixes, Pokemon, Special Abilitie, Special Abilities, Strategic Battles, Student-Teacher Relationship, Superpowers, System, System Administrator, Time Travel, Transmigration, Weak to Strong,
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50 Comments on “I’m the Owner of the Breeding House In the World of Elves
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  1. 2 things I like about this novel is the world building like later chapters we leaned that the world and regions are really huge and solve my questions of why we're there so little top level pokemons around but it was later solved when explained that the overall story takes place within the small zones humans inhabit. The second thing I like is that the novel doesn't focus much of teams abilities like rainy team or sandstorm whatnot like I hate that super powerful pokemons can only play roles in groups attacks without much individual power but luckily this novel focus more on the later. Now the negatives of the novel. EVERY TIME MC IS IN DANGER IS BECAUSE HE ALWAYS GOES OUT TO DO DANGEROUS MISSIONS WITHOUT HIS STRONGEST POKEMOS like bruh that happens many times in the story and only later he kind of use his brain and stop going out without protection. Another problem with the Mc is that when he is in danger he usually only uses one or two pokemos like common you carry around 10 main pokemons that are not low on lvls but enemies always run away because he goes full retarded and only uses one or two pokemons luckily he fixes that behavior but that's after 1k+ chps

  2. The draconid or meteor people arc was kind of upsetting like yeah I get most of them went crooked and they had personality problems and they bought a clone(which by the way I was kind of hoping yuga would seduce over with the promise of gene repair potions without having to rely on external props of a divine beast but whatever, I still think yuga should expand his research into genetics though his research chem isn’t focused in that direction, I’d be cool if he raised other Pokémon to join his research team, let’s see there’s Pokémon genetics, omg I totally forgot all the things I was thinking ! 🙈 well yeah I wish he got that legendary clone but because it’s still weak and unstable without the actual legend Aries prop it could still end up linking with yuga, the other thing I was thinking of was finding a way to maximize or cultivate the divinity with the other Pokémon he has, now that IS something his research team could work on because they specialize in researching the energies of Pokémon as well as creating legendaries/immortal life. Side side not the Pokémon evolutions part 6 dropped today it was kind of interesting because there was a draconid girl and I was like omg I wonder like how the plot will line up with what they decide to show or build on in the Pokémon universe because Nintendo/game freak don’t often entirely flush out the world so that leaves room for the interpretation of fans and the author….. anyways the meteor people arc was kind of icky feeling because of the whole forced assimilation and cultural erasure like that was super eww major yucky vibes even if some of the elders and senecio members/combatants knew… like yuck I don’t want to read about the government abusing its power and forcing native people to evacuate their lands… it’s all very bad vibes

  3. Ch 1033 paqilla (malva) and king Kona is Lorelai and instead of the orange islands like I thought it’s actually the sevii islands also layer on the they use male pronouns and they were describing their ambiguous relationship so it was confusing if she was or wasn’t a man… I’d have to continue rereading but I think the author mixes up her being in the orange islands as well because I could’ve sworn the author said she was from the ice island or something in the orange islands anyways just thought I’d write this down since it was especially hard to identify without looking up the Chinese characters which I probably should’ve done first instead of looking through the ice trainers in Pokémon

  4. I've read until Chapter 1361 and there's no romance. But there a girl from joey family who seems like mc and the joey family seems want the girl to have relationship with the mc but the mc still cold. And i think from all the women who mc has been meet only the joey from his town that have better relationship with mc at least the mc would tell the girl one or two jokes when their meets, maybe she will be the one that become the heroine in the future.

  5. Yeah there was some relationship building every time a new female character gets introduced usually with a playful or even flirtatious in some cases but overall I guess the people or author decided not to engage, I mean heck they already have enough going on with just keeping track of the Pokémon in the breeding center

  6. Well 450+ chapters in and I finally feel like complaining, it’s fine if he doesn’t keep the kid he rescued and gave life to doesn’t go with him and become his adopted son but the fact that Ho-Oh healed genetic level difficulty of damage on the chariot but then couldn’t be able to heal genetic defaults I mean it kind of makes sense but he might as well just reforge or recreate the kids body if it the bird of life and blah blah blah…. Like I didn’t know that bugged me until I started writing this comment, about a totally different issue… I mean fine the kid loses his superpowers too, great ! It’s what he’s always wanted, to be normal ! Uhhh your still the child of destiny and people basically worship at your feet ?!?! They could’ve spent more time building up the kids character and the lead up to him feeling that way instead it’s like an after though of oh cool whatever… ithe powers came and went 🤷‍♂️ Sure the kid didn’t even know about them at first but like bruh… you built his whole team and Pokémon style around it and he’s going to a place specializing in ghost and psychic Pokémon??? - ———————————————————————————————— Okay an intermission to say something I do like ! Well I like all of it obviously ! But I like that they explore new areas and there are ripple effects and people changing it’s not staying the same ! And I think they handled a lot of the world building really well, also you can usually guess the Pokémon ! And the writing is intelligible ! Well I think that goes back to the world building because a lot of the Pokémon fanfics have weird world building as a product of the Pokémon franchise itself so I can’t blame them entirely but with this blue print obviously it can be done well,granted there are still somethings that could be perfected but we’re only a third of the way into the story that’s still ongoing…. Hmm… I thought of something else that bothered me as I was writing my positivity corner… ———————————————————————————————— Well okay now onto the obvious issue of why doesn’t he just get more Pokémon and train them to make incense ?!?!?! Or energy cubes?!?!?! Like he literally says oh yea these two common elves can radically change the production of energy cubes to make superior/top grade energy cubes ? Huh i guess I’ll just continue having normal people make them and we’ll just sell both! Like wtf ? And then he had the idea of having the Pokémon help him take care of the medicinal garden and so he’s like oh yeah maybe I can cultivate more elves with those skills and sell them to the farmers in my town ! Like wtf he only did that when he had a business competitor…. Idk the author also shows off how capable elves can be with the omnipotent Chancey(or whatever stage it’s at) and then the master grass Pokémon trainer who uses grass Pokémon to do all the tasks in his giant manor…. Like wtf 😳 😬 🤬 it just makes me more annoyed, the trigger being he had someone try poach his formulas for energy cubes and then thinks after getting a bunch of rare incense recipes… let me hire an outside person ! Also for the beauty cubes and the vitality/resurrection grass energy cubes he doesn’t teach his energy cube maker cause she can’t be trusted only him and his Pokémon can handle those…. Like the hypocrisy and back and forth of it is just total whiplash !!! (Granted the beauty cubes and resurrection grass I understand because people don’t know how to make those and it’d cause a bunch of people to come after it way more than just noticeably different effects in training and growth with the other energy cubes those aren’t as serious but still ! ) I don’t know why he doesn’t use more than two brain cells during normal times, and the author is sometimes aware of it and it’s kind of because the MC isn’t from this world so he’s not used to doing things with elves but he’s been corrected and shown so many times that elves can do the same things as humans if not better and have loyalty and silence as bonus traits that I don’t understand it’s like having your main character learn the same lesson over and over again in a television show (Ben Ten) and eventually it gets annoying because you expected them to change and grow, not regress and have to relearn why somethings bad and not to do it…. Off topic but not really, the author does another thing where they forget to keep up with all the moving parts and they actually were regularly updating the elves the trained has and what they’re levels are which I thought was a good idea because you really need a place of reference and a reminder every so often

  7. I highly recommend this book !!!! 🙈😂I know it seems like I just totally just bashed it but it’s just a critique of where the author could improve on mainly just one aspect, learning from all the lessons he gets that he should be working with and using elves like sometimes he gets it and shows self awareness and then. Totally shuts down like he’s a psyduck and the world couldn’t handle all that brain power if he used more than one brain cell regularly (also I’m annoyed that the kid Xiaojie lost his powers after using them to calm the horde of aggravated/controlled Pokémon and the explanation was just “Oh you over used your psychic powers!” Which are half Pokémon based abilities that should’ve been further perfected through the large gene soothing/enhancement/correction potion how the F*ck do you lose that ?!?!?! 🤬) (okay another thing I just remembered, they kind of played up the grass Pokémon masters mystery and it was cool but it seemed like maybe he was the grandfather from his mothers side or the ancestor who originally helped found the Pokémon league/alliance and ithe lady who bought his mother’s bracelet recognizes his badge and then it’s never mentioned again etc. stuff like that that gets forgotten adds up and you think there will be pay off later but there’s not, grandees again we’re in an ongoing story and I’m only 1/3 of the way through)

  8. About mother’s bracelet it will mention later. Not gonna spoiler. XD i think i spoiler too much. About pokemon legendary n this.

  9. About kid (i say leo) don't worry he still have superpower physics maybe author say it is burnout coz he show up later. About incense and energycube (pokeblock) first Mc still low in connection so he only can do that coz recipe new not famous yet if there other people selling it he can't get patent. Pokeblock mc pokemon making that stuff too but for internal consume mc pokemon daycare. After maybe spoiler don't read if u wanna enjoy ur reading. Now he have some connection like devon corp(maybe different name), champion Steven, pokemon contest wallace, joy family, also he sell internally alliance. Well that all I know. Correct me if I wrong. Happy reading

  10. Abt incense and pokeblock only limited pokemon can do it specially the nurse joy pokemon types. Abt incense pokemon cant do it the process is different from pokeblock same as the max revive where pokemon cant do it

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