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I’m the Hero, His Brother, Wear It Quickly

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Novel Summary

Yuan Jia died early, and only after meeting the system did he know that his younger brother was the male lead, and he was the male lead’s cannon fodder brother.
Even if he is more talented than the male protagonist, how can he be more powerful than the male protagonist as a supporting role?
So he suffered a plot kill.
His business empire will be inherited by the male protagonist’s younger brother…
The connections he made will be inherited by the male protagonist’s younger brother…
The marriage date he set was inherited by the male protagonist’s younger brother…
And he is just the older brother who died young in the memory of the male protagonist. Take it out and remember it when you need it, and forget it when you don’t need it.​​
Yuan Jia’s goal is to work hard to live longer than the male protagonist’s younger brother.
As long as he doesn’t die, the male protagonist will always be just a younger brother.
World 01: [There is no eldest son of Houfu who died of illness] √
World 02: [There is no giant president who died in an air crash] √
World 03: [Nongmen Tianjiao who did not fall into the water] √
World 04: [Founding Emperor who was not robbed and killed] √
World 05: [There is no school god who died in a car accident] √
World 06: [Prince who was not deposed and poisoned] √
World 07: [There is no brother who accidentally fell off a cliff and died] √
World 08: [The true biography that was not plotted by the younger brother] √
World 09: [Cousin without plundering ability] √
World 10: [A powerful minister who was not framed for treason] √

2. Whether Yuanjia wants to marry and have children depends on the situation.
3. There are many kinds of male protagonists and younger brothers, there are dark villain male protagonists, and there are decent male protagonists of Guang Zhengwei…
4. Various types of routines, please pay attention.

Content Labels: System Fast Passing Through Books Shuangwen
Search keywords: Protagonist: Yuan Jia ┃ Supporting role: Pre-received new articles “White Eyed Wolf, I Don’t Love You [Quick Cross]”, “I am a gentleman of the male/female host [Quick Cross]” click into the column to see! ┃ Other:
One sentence introduction: I am not dead, the male protagonist will always be a younger brother!
Purpose: The protagonist must fight for his life with the sky and live a wonderful life.

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Short Title:IHHBWIQ
Alternate Title:我是男主他哥 快穿
Author:Xiao Xiaoge
Weekly Rank:#1472
Monthly Rank:#1365
All Time Rank:#3632
Tags:Face Slapping, Family, Male Protagonist, Quick Transmigration, World Hopping,
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  1. I have read a book. fl is an actress and ml is a police officer. FL's phone can see the future.fl help to ml. can you Help find the book

  2. Well, im not finish it yet, but i'll put it here before i forgot when i accidently dump it. First of all, it's multiple cp. There is no fixed cp so far. And some arcs dont have cp. In early part, mc focus on dodging the death time of the og body without messing the og plot. But, as the story goes, he just dodging without even care about the plot anymore, which is good. Yeah, he got the 'brother of the protagonist' title. Well, if im not forget, mc got the big brother roles for the og ml. Some arcs, og ml is scum, some are cutie-obidient-bold-something. I thought this qt novel will just be a reguler qt which just bunch of transmigration arc put it in one book. But its not. Maybe the author suddenly got inspiration in the middle of the book. Mc just start to get stronger and stronger. Well each arc, mc will be the strongest character. But in later chapter, he just really strong even the og not that strong, earlier he need to adjust his og power with og body. Which is another good thing. Each arcs just need 10-20 chapters. So with 300s chapters, its pretty long journey. Even with 10s chapters, each chapter has many words and fast pace, not really fast but enough to understand the whole situation. This one is good, applause.

  3. Really Good Novel. There is two extra chapters missing here 1 more for the original world and one for the main world. This is part of the Authors "Lord of the Universe Series". There are 3 other novels in this Series.They can be found here - http://www.jjwxc.net/oneauthor.php?authorid=1013643

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