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I’m Stuck on the Same Day For a Thousand Years

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Wu Chen traveled through the new world, but was trapped on the day of July 7, 2000, constantly reincarnating!

He used to indulge and do all kinds of evil things. He also ran into despair and committed suicide hundreds of times in different ways, but every new day, everything will start all over again.

He also masters hundreds of languages ​​and can communicate with 999% of the world’s people without barriers. He is proficient in all mainstream musical instruments, and any one is comparable to a master. He has studied fighting, car skills, gun skills, cooking in repeated time Art, dance, performance…

In this way, he reincarnated for a thousand years, and on a new day, the sun rose as usual.

– Time is: July 8, 2000. (This story and characters are purely fictitious. Any similarity is purely coincidental and should not be imitated.) 【Close】

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:ISSDFTY
Alternate Title:我被困在同一天一千年
Weekly Rank:#1116
Monthly Rank:#623
All Time Rank:#2689
Tags:Action, Alternate World, Betrayal, Calm Protagonist, Cunning Protagonist, Early Romance, First-time Intercourse, Genius Protagonist, Godly Powers, Hackers, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Masochistic Characters, Modern World, Netori, Office Romance, Polygamy, Poor to Rich, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Ruthless Protagonist, Schemes And Conspiracies, System, Threesome, Time Manipulation, Urban,
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  1. there is another novel with similar characters such as MC who read novel or is author of novel then transmigrates to novel, first heroine( bet on forced marriage ), heroine with su surname ( only "yes" personality due to strict childhood, strong M tendency ), side supporting character ( rich middle age sloppy uncle whose elder brother tried to kill via accident, is sugar daddy for a rising top actress ), etc. i don't know which is copied, this one or the one i read way back.

  2. Read upto update, the novel is really good. Since the story revolves entirely around MC and his harem, author done very well with each female leads so far. MC slept with 1000 9/10 to 10 level beauties based on his aesthetics when he was stuck in the time loop. He knew everyone 's character and after the time loop stopped, his choice of ladies were perfect in that they are ok with harem. This was great because this allows each FML to have different mind sets and thus distinguishable from one another. His first girl after time loop ended is Mu Qianqian which is actually an accident because MC didn't know that time started functioning normally. But the girl was eccentric and curious and only wanted a one nighter with an interesting man. Later when she does fall in love with him, there are already two women with mc. Second is Li Ruobing who is the main FML or the future wife of mc. Ruobing is a very strong natured character where she wants her husband to be stronger than her in capabilities. She isn't constrained by the idea of marriage. The more MC shows his strength, the more Ruobing loves him and thus indulges in his harem. Next is Su qingying, talented, intelligent fairy who under strict control of mother, developed masochistic tendencies as severe rebound of suppression and formed S&M relationship with Mc. Mu Qianqian due to curiosity occasionally join qingying and Mc in their play. Wu yurong, with somewhat green tea like nature is 20 yrs older than mc, was in need of a relationship yet due to force marriage arranged before shuns every male while also trap them with her beauty. Mc practically seduces her with his knowledge and at the same time terrified her. She is the only one who can annoy Ruobing out of all the ladies in the harem. Zhang xiaodie is a film college student who was originally to be a gift to MC's rival Ding Ruilong, was then given to MC. Due to her situation, she is the most obedient and has low confidence. He siqin is the ex girlfriend of Ding Ruilong and mother of his illegitimate daughter. Due to Ruilong's twisted nature, he didn't allow anyone to become his daughter's step father even after the two separated for decades and never seen since then. Siqing feared and hated Ruilong and slept with MC to put a green hat on him and agreed to be a witness against him. An menglan is a singer and the CEO of a music production company. She fell in love with him despite not wanting to come in between MC and Ruobing simply due to his genius in music. He seduced her by writing 8 songs for her. Each females have their own reasons to love MC despite the knowledge of sharing him with others. The plot is mainly how MC captures each of them, solve the troubles they have while also increasing his influence as well. Everything was written very well. The only problem with the novel is that it is in Faloo

  3. The netori here is not bad, He Siqin was dumped by Ding Ruilong and his son He Siqin didn't want to be acknowledged by Ruilong so the netory was about revenge

  4. Is the novel on haitus or can I find it on any other website plz help Or if it's incomplete can you tell me one with a similar story but is complete?

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