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I’m Really Scared

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Novel Summary

Since Guan Shan got the horror game simulator in his head, everything in his eyes became horrifying.

A meat restaurant with human corpses hanging in the kitchen, an abandoned apartment building with a phone ringing at midnight, a psychiatric hospital full of murderers…

In the face of these terrifyingly powerful Bosses, he could only try his best to kill monsters and get some equipment in order to survive.

He was barely able to survive each simulation.

However, in the eyes of others, Guan Shan was a horror and anomaly himself!

“Captain, the S-class dangerous psychic has been killed by him, and the entire base was destroyed by him, but why is he crying for help with a look of fear? Should we save him or not?”

“Are you s*upid? He is coming towards us! Let’s run!”

- Description from Novelupdates


Short Title:IRS
Alternate Title:我真的好怕啊!
Weekly Rank:#2194
Monthly Rank:#1616
All Time Rank:#3353
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Brainwashing, Buddhism, Cheats, Criminals, Evil Organizations, Game Elements, Handsome Male Lead, Human Experimentation, Investigations, Level System, Lucky Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Mind Control, Misunderstandings, Modern Day, Monsters, Multiple POV, Mysterious Past, Reporters, Slow Romance, Souls, Superpowers, Survival Game, System,
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  1. Okay I'm pretty confused, is it Harem or not ? I had read the comment made by you guys that said it's none Harem (nice) but I came back to this novel and see the Harem tag... so yeah, please help me. Thanks

  2. Yeahh i tought abou tthat to or aouthr make us thing like that. mybe mc really want to kill her but bec his gf power she can somehow make mc forget he want to kill her

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