After waiting quietly for a while, a middle-aged man in Chinese clothes came out first from the state lord's mansion. behind him.

  Seeing this middle-aged man in fine clothes, a light flashed in Chen Che's eyes.

  Because he could see very clearly that under the smiling face of the middle-aged man in fine clothes was a strange face with only two eyes.

  Compared to the pulpy lake-like faces of other mirage clans, this person's face is much flatter and smoother.

   "This governor turned out to be a high-level mirage clan..."

  Chen Che murmured to himself, but on the surface he remained calm.

The high-level mirage clan is the noble of the mirage clan, and their ability to disguise and transform is much stronger than that of the ordinary mirage clan. If you want to see through the disguise of this mirage clan, the second layer of the Celestial Eye Art is not enough. It is because he has cultivated his Tianmu Kungfu to the third level of Tianmu that he can see through this person at a glance.

   This person probably didn't expect that he had cultivated the Celestial Eye, so he dared to walk out so swaggeringly.

   "Masters of Tianying Pavilion, this is the governor of Cangming Prefecture, Wen Yue. I don't know why you come to my Cangming Prefecture?"

  The man in Chinese clothes came out with a smile.

  Chen Che glanced at him, and said calmly: "The main reason is to inquire about the mirage clan."

   While speaking, he checked the cultivation of the middle-aged man in Chinese clothes.

  Although this person also has something to cover up his cultivation, he still sees through it at a glance.

  Sensitive environment...

   This is a mirage in a synesthesia environment.

  Since they started to deal with this matter, they have found a total of six mirage clans, and the strongest among them is only Yukongjing...

  This state is a synesthesia environment, doesn't it mean...

   Before he could continue thinking, Wen Yue's expression suddenly became serious.

   "It turned out to be a matter of the Mirage Clan. Sir, you can tell me, as long as I can do it, I will cooperate."

  Chen Che heard this and said calmly: "My subordinates saw a few suspicious people entering your governor's mansion, how about this, you call out all the people in the governor's mansion, let me identify them."

  Wen Yue immediately turned his head and ordered: "Go, call out everyone in the mansion!"

  The black-armored guard behind him immediately responded and then turned around and entered the mansion again.

Wen Yue turned around and said with some embarrassment: "My lord, there are many people in my state lord's mansion, and the turnover of people is frequent. If there are really mirages infiltrating, it is not my original intention. Please don't blame me when the time comes." ..."

  Chen Che glanced at him upon hearing this, but did not speak.

  The reason why he didn't act in a hurry was because he wanted to see if there were any other tricks in the state lord's mansion. After all, the Mirage clan has become the state lord, so it's hard to guarantee that his subordinates will be fine.

   Not long after, more than 100 people from the governor's mansion filed out.

  The street in front of the mansion was not spacious, and these hundred people quickly filled the entire street, and finally surrounded Chen Che and his party of seven people intentionally or unintentionally.

  Chen Che glanced at everyone, quite shocked.

  He didn't expect that all of these more than a hundred people had problems!

  An old man dressed as a butler was standing behind Wen Yue at this moment. This person looked benevolent, but Chen Che could see the terrifying evil spirit mixed in his spirit. …

  Although this person is not from the Mirage clan, he is a synesthesia evil cultivator who kills countless people!

   And only in terms of cultivation strength, even above him.

  In the corner stood an old man dressed plainly and holding a broom in his hand. This old man bowed his head, and he was also full of evil spirits.

   There is also a woman in a gorgeous dress standing behind Wen Yue. She looks graceful and luxurious, but hidden under that beautiful cheek is a strange face with only two eyes and eyes full of contempt.

  Chen Che looked at these people expressionlessly.

   Except for the city lord and his wife, who are high-level mirage clans, all of the more than a hundred people are evil warriors.

   Among them, there are as many as six people in the synesthesia environment.

  The state capital of Cangming Prefecture has suddenly become a lair where the evil cultivators and the Mirage clan are colluding.

   "Ling Wei, which of them are suspicious?"

  Chen Che turned his head and asked.

  Ling Wei immediately identified several people upon hearing the words

  These people are all evil cultivators, and they can't see any clues from a normal look.

  Chen Che frowned slightly.

   It is reasonable to say that the state capital has become a strict organization, how could it be possible for the robbed resources to flow into the black market...

   Or did they do it on purpose, just to attract themselves?

  The more Chen Che thought about it, the more he felt it was possible.

   After all, this group of mirages must not be reconciled to staying dormant forever. If they want to continue to wreak havoc, the best way is to get rid of their group.

  If it weren't for this, they wouldn't have needed to gather so many powerful evildoers here.

  As for the delay in making a move... nine out of ten are because they still don't know their own strength.

  Thinking of this, Chen Che decided to try it out.

  If this group of people were really ready to deal with him, they would probably not let this group of people go away so easily.

  Of course, if he is allowed to go, he will never stay.

   After all, if you want to wipe out all these hundred people, the safest way is to find someone stronger.

   "No problem, it may be a misunderstanding, Lord Wenzhou, please forgive me."

  Chen Che cupped his hands to Wen Yue, and then said:

   "We are still in a hurry to go to other places, so don't bother."

   As soon as he finished speaking, a middle-aged man in armor in the crowd suddenly said, "Slow down."

  Chen Che heard this and looked towards him.

  The middle-aged man frowned, looking hesitant to speak.

  After hesitating for a moment, he said in a deep voice: "My lord, when I was patrolling outside last night, I found a faint evil spirit in a deep mountain two hundred miles east of the state capital.

  It was too dark at the time, so I didn't rush to see it.

   Now that I think about it, it might be related to the Mirage clan. "

  As soon as he said this, another person beside him immediately echoed: "Well, the main reason is that our state capital is too short of manpower. If the adults from the Gleneagles are here today, we can feel relieved to go and have a look."

  Wen Yue took over the conversation after hearing this.

   "My lords, do you want to go and have a look?"

  Chen Che hesitated for a moment when he heard the words, and replied: "Then go and have a look, you can send a few people to lead the way."

  Actually, the intentions of this group of people are already very obvious.

   This group of people wanted to lure themselves to the mountains and then do it. …

  As for the reason... On the one hand, it may be because they still want to control the Cangming state, so they don't want to make a big fuss in the state capital and be seen by countless people.

   On the other hand, it may be because there are stronger monsters hidden in the mountain.

  Although the mirages are good at illusion, they are not good at fighting.

  Other monster races have stronger ones, but those monster races are full of monsters, and there is no way to stay in the city of the human race.

  So under normal circumstances, the powerful monsters lurking in Daqin are hidden in the deep mountains.

   "Okay, I will personally take someone to accompany the adults."

  Wen Yue started counting people as he spoke, and it didn't take long before he selected five people from the crowd. In addition to the middle-aged man who spoke before, he also brought his wife and housekeeper.

  Seeing that Wen Yue picked out all five other synesthesia warriors, Chen Che sneered in his heart, and then looked at Ling Wei.

   "Ling Wei, you and your team members should check other cities. There is nothing for you here."


  Ling Wei immediately clapped his hands in response.

  As the old man of Skyhawk Pavilion, he can faintly feel the subtlety of the surrounding atmosphere.

  He also knew very well that at this moment, the only thing he had to do was to obey Chen Che's orders.

  Seeing Ling Wei leading people away, Wen Yue narrowed his eyes, but in the end he didn't stop him.


   After a while.

   A group of ten people flew out of the state capital.

  The middle-aged man in armor flew in front to lead the way, while Chen Che and others quietly followed behind him.

   Gao Lanxin and Wen Yuchan, who always liked to compete for words, were surprisingly calm at the moment.

   As the proud daughter of Daqin, neither of them is a fool.

  Before this, no matter what Chen Che did, he was used to seeking other people's opinions.

  After coming to Cangming State, Chen Che hardly talked to them.

  This abnormal behavior is enough to explain some situations.

  During the flight, Wen Yuchan glanced at Chen Che indiscriminately.

  Chen Che narrowed his eyes, and a cold light flashed in them.

   There is likely to be strong support from the other party in the deep mountains. Of course, he can't wait there before making a move.

  Wen Yuchan noticed the change in Chen Che's eyes, and nodded slightly, showing that she understood what Chen Che meant.

  Gao Lanxin immediately understood when she saw this, and immediately looked at Gao Gang not far away.

  While several people were communicating in secret, Wen Yue and his group were also flirting with each other.

   However, Chen Che saw all the winks they made.

   After flying for about fifty miles, Chen Che slowly leaned towards the butler beside Wen Yue.

  Although Wen Yue is the head of these six people on the surface, in fact this butler is the one with the highest cultivation.

  The butler didn't seem to notice Chen Che's intentional approach, and continued to fly forward at a very high speed.


  At this moment, there was a sudden sound of piercing in the air, and the Spirit Gathering Box behind Chen Che's back suddenly opened, and a cold light flew out of the Spirit Gathering Box, and shot straight at the butler!

   "Do it!"

  Chen Che shouted loudly.

  Before his words fell, Wen Yuchan, Gao Lanxin and Gao Gang shot at the same time and attacked the other people around them.

   "Huh! Watching you!"

  Almost at the same time, the butler suddenly turned around, and quickly condensed a red and black true energy shield in front of him. …

  The next second, Han Chi was carrying a large amount of ice zhenqi and blasted directly on the zhenqi shield!


  An earth-shattering roar sounded, and the shield of true energy collapsed in an instant.

"how is this possible?"

  The housekeeper exclaimed when he saw this.

  However, he reacted very quickly. Seeing Han Chi attacking him, he subconsciously threw a cone-shaped weapon with blood-red light and slammed into Han Chi.


   There was another muffled sound, and the conical magic soldier let out a whine after hitting Han Chi, and the light dimmed instantly.

  Han Chi let out a filial piety sound like a dragon's chant, and blasted at the housekeeper who had been unable to avoid it.


  Accompanied by a roar, the butler was directly shot down from the air by Han Chi.

   At the same time, the three of Wen Yuchan also fought against Wen Yue and the others.

  But Wen Yue and the others were on guard, and they didn't succeed.

  Seeing that Chen Che severely injured the butler with one blow, Wen Yue's expression turned extremely ugly: "You are the new sky-level member Chen Xing of Tianying Pavilion, right? How did you see that we have a problem?"

  Chen Che ignored him at all.

  At the same time, Han Chi returned to his side, and after turning around him a few times, Han Chi turned into a giant ice sword several feet long, and blasted directly at the middle-aged man leading the way.

  Feeling the terrifying power coming to his face, the middle-aged man's face changed drastically, and he quickly blocked the magic soldier in front of him.

   However, his resistance was of no avail.


  With a roar, the ice giant sword shattered his magic soldiers like a shattering one, and then directly blasted his whole body into ice slag.

   A synesthesia cultivator was completely wiped out.

   Seeing this scene, Wen Yue's eyes were full of fear.

  He originally thought that the six of them could easily handle the four of them in Tianying Pavilion, but who would have thought that Chen Xing's strength was so terrifyingly strong! Just two hits made them lose two people!

   "This man is invincible! Let's split up!"

  Wen Yue completely lost the courage to resist, immediately shouted, and then prepared to fly in the direction of the deep mountains.

   However, Chen Che had already stood in front of him,

  At the same time, Han Chi roared past again, quickly beheading the remaining two evil cultivators like a chicken and a dog.

  With that level of killing speed, it was as if Chen Che crushed them by a realm.

   In a total of ten breaths of time, Wen Yue and his group of six were left with only two mirages.

   Seeing Chen Che's sharp methods, Gao Lanxin and Wen Yuchan were also dumbfounded.

  They had a short fight with those people just now, and the strength of the two sides was about the same.

  However, it was an enemy who was about the same strength as them, but Chen Che killed four of them in an instant!

   Doesn't this mean that it's easy for Chen Che to kill them now?

  Wen Yuchan was fine, after all, it was the first time she saw Chen Che make a move, and she didn't know Chen Che's previous strength.

  So although she was surprised, it was not unacceptable,

   In contrast, Gao Lanxin was even more shocked.

  Back in Fengyun Secret Realm, although Chen Che's strength was stronger than hers, it was limited.

   But who would have thought that in just a few months, the gap between the two sides would widen to such an exaggerated level!

   "How is it possible? Wasn't he concentrating on practicing Tianmu Kungfu during this time... How could this strength suddenly become so strong?"

  Gao Lanxin subconsciously turned her head to look at Gao Gang.

  Gao Gang is her uncle, who has been in the synesthesia world for more than ten years.

   It stands to reason that he should be the strongest among the four.

  Compared with Chen Che, it is still far behind!

  Chen Che's explosive combat power at this time is probably comparable to the Great Perfection of the Synesthesia Realm.

   "Don't be dazed, you go after that female mirage, and I will go after Wen Yue."

   Just when several people were in a daze, Chen Che's voice suddenly reached their ears.

  It was only then that they realized that Wen Yue had used some secret technique to escape in another direction at a very exaggerated speed.

   In comparison, the speed of the female mirage was much slower.

   Several people did not dare to neglect, and hurriedly chased after the female mirage.