Chapter 197 Insights


  Chen Che bowed his head in response.

Fang Ming smiled and continued: "You are the fastest practitioner of Tianmu Kungfu among this group of people, and you are also a member of my Heavenly Eagle Pavilion. Here you go."

   As he spoke, Fang Ming looked at Tang He who was not far away: "Tang He, give him a detailed information later."


   Tang He responded with a smile.

   "Chen Che, the power of the Mirage Clan in our Tianlan Region is not weak, just to be on the safe side, you can pick some people to assist you later."

   Fang Ming added.

   "The subordinate understands."

  Chen Che responded.


   After Chen Che left, Fang Ming sighed softly.

  Seeing this, Tang He comforted: "Deputy Pavilion Master, observe and observe first, it's not too late to make a decision after a while."

   "Well, we can only do this first."

  Fang Ming murmured,


   On the other side, Chen Che walked towards his small courtyard with a bunch of information related to the Mirage Clan.

In order to wipe out the Mirage Clan in Tianlan Territory as soon as possible, Skyhawk Pavilion directly provided 40,000 points of contribution for him to distribute. In addition, if he could kill the leader of the Mirage Clan hidden in Tianlan Territory, Tianying Pavilion would directly take out 20,000 point contribution as an additional reward.

  Back to the small courtyard, Chen Che first read the detailed information about the Mirage Clan, and then took out a booklet and read it carefully.

  This booklet records the items that can be redeemed by members of the Tianying Pavilion, and there are many more types than before.

   "Soul-increasing grass, five hundred points for one plant."

   "Sky Star Vine, contribute 800 points to one."

   "Soul Crossing Holy Water, 600 points for a pot."


  These are some natural materials and earthly treasures needed to practice the third level of soul cultivation.

  Chen Che silently estimated that a total of 6,500 contribution points would be needed.

  In addition, there are many natural materials and earth treasures in this booklet that assist in body training, which can increase the speed of his practice of glazed magic skills, and it takes about 6,000 points to contribute to exchange them all.

  Finally, Chen Che took a fancy to two more secret arts.

There is a secret technique called Soul Thorn, which is a very rare spirit-type attack secret technique. To perform this secret technique, it needs to consume a large amount of spirit power in a short period of time, and condense it into a spirit thorn to directly attack the opponent's spirit. If you are a lot stronger, you will basically be affected to a certain extent.

  Although this effect will not be great, but at a critical moment, it is enough to make a final decision.

  The second secret technique is called the Soul Protection Sutra, which is a secret technique to defend against the attacks of the soul.

  Chen Che also saw the horror thorn first and then consciously searched for this kind of secret technique. In the end, he really let him find it.

  These two secret arts require a total of 10,000 points of contribution, and it should be very good to use it with the soul cultivation art that can increase the power of the soul and the upper limit of the power of the soul.

   "A total of more than 20,000 contributions are required."

  Chen Che muttered something, stood up, and walked out of the room.

   Not long after, he came to Gao Lanxin's room.

   If he wants to wipe out the mirages in Tianlan Territory, he can't do it alone. If he wants to recruit teammates, Gao Lanxin is obviously a good choice.


  Five days later.

  Among a mountain in the Sky Star Region, a palace stands quietly.

   This is the stronghold of the sect alliance Xuanxindao.

  In the palace, a middle-aged man in brocade clothes was reading a letter sent from Tianlanyu.

   "Another sky-level member has been added to Tianying Pavilion... In 24 days, I have practiced the first level of Tianmu Kungfu...Chen Xing..."

   After the middle-aged man whispered something softly, he silently remembered the name Chen Xing in his heart.

  Those who can become Sky Eagle Pavilion members must either be a strong person at the fourth level of the supernatural power level, or a young junior with the posture of a martial saint. This Chen Xing is obviously the latter.

  Although having the posture of a martial saint does not mean that one can become a martial saint, but someone who can possess such aptitude is already worthy of their Xuan Xindao's attention.

   "Skyhawk Pavilion Chen Xing."

  The middle-aged man said the name again, and carefully put away the letter.


the other side.

  Tianlanyu is within the city of Lanfengzhou.

  Gao Lanxin pressed a young man to the ground with her innate qi.

  The young man couldn't move, he could only keep scanning the few people in front of him with fierce eyes.

   "Sister Gao, leave the rest to me."

  A woman in a yellow dress approached with a smile, and then looked at the young man.

Her eyes were extremely deep, and there seemed to be some special power hidden in them. It didn't take long for the young man's eyes to become docile, and then the young face began to distort, and finally turned into a Sticky face like paste.

   Seeing this scene, the woman in the yellow skirt smiled and praised: "Brother Chen is still as accurate as ever."

  Chen Che smiled lightly and did not speak.

  The woman in the yellow skirt is the Wen Yuchan who was fighting with Zhou Qi, and Che nodded in response. The woman should have continued to practice Tianmu Gong, but after learning that she was recruiting people, she gave up Tianmu Gong and brought the few people who came with her to join her team.

   This time he recruited a total of nine people, including him, a total of ten people, and the weakest of these ten people are all at the imperial realm.

  Ten people were divided into three teams, with four on his side, namely Wen Yuchan, Gao Lanxin and her uncle Gao Gang, plus himself.

  The other two teams have three people in one team.

  According to his plan, the other two teams are responsible for investigating the recent mirage attack, and then list the suspects.

  His team is responsible for identifying and cleaning.

   After a long time, the four of them formed a kind of tacit understanding.

  Chen Che is in charge of identification, Gao Lanxin is in charge of controlling and restraining, Wen Yuchan is in charge of interrogation, and Gao Gang is in charge of finishing.

   Over the past few days, several people have found six hidden mirages.

   "Stop talking nonsense, hurry up and interrogate."

  Gao Lanxin was a little dissatisfied and authentic.

  Wen Yuchan smiled slightly, and then looked at the young man who had shown his true form again.

   "Do you know where the others are?"

   "No... I don't know... I just came here last month..."

  The young man replied blankly.

   "Then have you ever received any letter?"

  Wen Yuchan asked again.

   "The leader said that a group of powerful people will come to deal with us recently... Let us first let us lie dormant for a while."

  The young man replied.

  Wen Yuchan frowned upon hearing this.

   "How did you send the letter?"

   "The spirit bird sends a message... The superior knows that I am here."

  The young man replied, and then his expression became distorted again.

  Wen Yuchan raised her head and looked at Chen Che: "Brother Chen, the Mirage Clan is nothing but worthless."

  Chen Che nodded, then looked at Gao Gang.

  Gao Gang saw this without saying a word, and smashed the young man's head with one blow.

   "Brother Chen, if all the monsters of the Sky Mirage Clan go into hibernation, it will be difficult for us to find them."

  Wen Yuchan approached and said softly.

   "Yeah." Chen Che nodded slightly and then said with a smile: "The main purpose of our search for the Mirage Clan is to ensure the stability of Tianlan Region, since they chose to hibernate, they naturally pose no threat to Tianlan Region.

  In a sense, this can be regarded as the completion of the task entrusted to us by Geli. "

   "Brother Chen said so."

  Wen Yuchan echoed with a smile.

  Gao Lanxin next to him felt a sense of crisis in his heart when he saw this.

   This woman is obviously a latecomer, but she actually talked to Mr. Chen more than her.

   More importantly, this woman is born with a weak appearance, which is easy to make people feel sympathetic...not to mention that this woman can also use illusion...

  Thinking of this, Gao Lanxin is ready to stand up and express her opinion, to increase her sense of presence.

  But at this moment, Wen Yuchan stepped in front of her without a trace, and said first: "Brother Chen, let's go to the next city."

"it is good.

  By the way, I heard that you were born in the Illusion Sect of the Tianlingyu. The Tianlingyu is the territory of Xuanxin Dao, right? Why did you join our Tianying Pavilion? "

  Chen Che asked curiously.

  Wen Yuchan's eyes flashed a trace of sadness and said: "Alas... there is no way, my Illusion Sect offended a sinful person who shouldn't be in Tianlingyu... I can't stay any longer.

   Fortunately, Skyhawk Pavilion is willing to protect us, otherwise, my Illusion Sect would have disbanded long ago. "

  Chen Che nodded when he heard the words, and didn't ask any more questions.


  The four flew extremely fast, and after half an hour, the four arrived in front of the next city.

   But at this moment, a black spiritual bird suddenly flew over from a distance and landed on Chen Che's shoulder.

  Seeing the black spiritual bird, the eyes of the other three people flashed a look of anticipation.

   This black spirit bird is named Xuanying, and it is a messenger spirit bird bred by the pavilion master. In terms of flying speed, it is even faster than a synesthesia warrior.

  Because this black eagle is extremely precious, the ten of them also allocated one for communication.

  Chen Che took a small note from Xuanying's leg and read it.

   "Did someone else discover something new?"

  Gao Lanxin asked impatiently.

   "Well, Ling Wei's team investigated the attack on the transport convoy ten days ago, and found a few suspicious people in the Cangming state capital. They want us to go and have a look."

  Chen Che replied.

  Ling Wei is the captain of another three-person team, and he has a cultivation base of Yuwujing Dzogchen.

  This person is from the headquarters of Tianying Pavilion. He not only has strong observation skills, but also is good at reasoning and solving cases.

   It was precisely because of this that Chen Che let him lead the team alone.

   "Let's go, let's go to him first."

  Chen Che put away the note and said.

  The other three naturally had no objections, and the four immediately changed direction and flew in the direction of Cangmingzhou.


  Two hours later.

   On a hill more than ten miles away from the state capital of Cangming Prefecture, Chen Che saw Ling Wei dressed in black.

   "My lord, the batch of resources sent to the front line was robbed ten days ago, and then disappeared without a trace.

  But just last night, I found a few things on the black market in this city, and nine out of ten of them came from the robbed supplies.

  The subordinates investigated all morning and found a few suspicious people, but they were not sure about taking them down, so they decided to notify you. "

  Ling Wei is a middle-aged man, a bit older than Chen Che in terms of age, and much older than Chen Che in terms of qualifications, but his attitude is quite respectful.

  As an old man of Sky Eagle Pavilion, he is too aware of the weight of sky-level members in Sky Eagle Pavilion.

   "You're doing great, come on, follow me into town to have a look."

  Chen Che looked at the distant city and said softly.

   "That subordinate will lead the way."

  After speaking, Ling Wei took the lead and flew towards the capital of Cangming Prefecture in the distance.

  Chen Che and the others immediately followed after seeing this.

   After a while.

  Five people arrived in front of the city of Cangmingzhou.

   After checking their identities, the five entered the city smoothly.

  Of course, their identities were forged with the help of Tianying Pavilion.

  Not long after entering the city, Ling Wei met the other two in his team.

   "Where are those people?"

  Ling Wei asked in a deep voice.

   "We entered the Governor's Mansion, we dare not rashly follow in that place."

   One person replied.

  Ling Wei looked at Chen Che upon hearing this.

   "Then let's go to the Governor's Mansion."

  Chen Che replied.

  Tianying Pavilion has great authority in this Tianlan domain, let alone a state owner, even if he meets a domain owner, as long as he reveals his identity, the other party has to cooperate with him.

"it is good."

  The man responded and began to lead the way.

  The state capital of Cangming State is much larger than the state capital of Lingfeng State.

   Not long after, a group of seven people arrived in front of the state capital of Cangming Prefecture.

  In front of the state capital, there were two guards in black armor standing.

  Seeing someone approaching, a black-armored guard took the initiative to greet him.

   "This is the Governor's Mansion, so don't come near it."

   "We are from Skyhawk Pavilion. We came here to investigate the Mirage Clan. Please pass it on for us."

  Ling Wei showed his prefecture-level member's token while talking.

  Seeing the token of Tianying Pavilion, the black-armored guard looked solemn, and immediately bowed respectfully.

   "It turned out to be the master of Tianying Pavilion, I will go to inform the governor, everyone, wait here for a while."

   After saying that, the black-armored guard turned and trotted into the governor's mansion.

   About half an hour later, the black-armored guard quickly turned back and said with a smile:

   "My lords, please."

  Hearing this, Ling Wei raised his foot subconsciously.

   But before he could take a step, he was stopped by Chen Che.

   "Slow down."

  Ling Wei looked at Chen Che with some puzzlement when he heard the words.

  Chen Che didn't explain, but directly said to the black-armored guard: "You don't need to go in, let your governor come out to see me, I'll leave right away if I ask something."


  The black-armored guard seemed a little hesitant.

  Although Ling Wei didn't understand why, he still said immediately: "Hurry up! This matter is of great importance! Don't delay!"


  The black-armored guard bowed his hands and saluted, and then quickly returned to the governor's mansion.

   Waiting for the black-armored guard to disappear, Ling Wei looked at Chen Che, and said in a subtle voice, "Could it be that your lord noticed something strange?"

  Chen Che still didn't answer, but he clenched his right hand slightly.

  After Ling Wei noticed this detail, he immediately closed his mouth.

  Chen Che stood in front of the mansion, quietly looking at the sky above the mansion.

  After a month of hard work, he has cultivated the Tianmu Gong to the Tianmu state of Dzogchen.

  Achieve the third eye state, it is said that you can see through all illusions...

  He didn't know what kind of realm this was, but he could see that there was an evil spirit floating above the state mansion, which could not be detected by ordinary naked eyes and spirits.

   This evil spirit seems to be extremely weak, but in his opinion, it is actually hidden.

  If he guessed correctly... There is a good chance that there are masters of evil ways or monsters hidden in this state capital.

  Knowing that there is a strong person hidden in it, of course he can't take people in rashly.

  (end of this chapter)