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Chen Che traveled through the strange world of immortality with an overload plug-in.

Every time he enters the overload state, his body will experience some discomfort.

The training speed of the exercises has been improved, and the weak cough.

The speed of boxing comprehension increased, and the arm was red and swollen.

The speed of supernatural power cultivation has increased, and the headache is splitting.

Chen Che, who was suffering from an external illness, chose to practice in a low-key manner.

It was not until the first year of Daozong that the new emperor ascended the throne and began to rectify the dynastic order, killing traitors…

Then something unexpected happened!


The father I never met turned out to be a big traitor?

It also affects me to be exterminated by the nine clans?

never mind! Stop pretending!

I see who can kill me!

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:IRNW
Alternate Title:我真的不虚啊
Weekly Rank:#1838
Monthly Rank:#2073
All Time Rank:#5530
Tags:Cheats, Cultivation, Demons, Ghosts, Hiding True Abilities, Low-key Protagonist, Male Protagonist,
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15 Comments on “I’m Really Not Wrong
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  1. Chapter 253. A serious problem with the logic. The enemy from within, a parasite that destroy the Qin empire from within, the one that constantly tries to kill people from his own side, the one that leaks info to the enemy in order for the enemy to gain the upper hand in battle. This person was doing all kinds of sh*t to undermind MC, trying to kill him and kill a large number of his own people, including some key figures with decent fighting power for the empire. Emperor did nothing about it, and when this parasite was killed by the MC, he got punished by the emperor. Did the emperor don't give a damn about his own empire? Self-preservation is a key, if an emperor sees the enemy from within(much more dangerous than the outside enemy), the emperor should feel a great threat from this enemy and should find a way to get rid of it, yes this parasite is powerful, but power is useless when this parasite uses his power to kill his own people to help the enemy. If the emperor punishes MC for getting rid of this parasite(who also take a back seat when the big fight was going on), then what would other people think? Who would want to fight for the empire since the emperor himself doesn't give a damn? If I was the MC, I would find excuses for not participating in any future fight and take a back seat the same way that parasite did it. Let the emperor and his own people fight and suffer, protecting the empire is meaningless at this point. Why fight and list his own behind when the emperor himself don't give a damn, letting the parasite to continue to do bad for the empire and do nothing about it, when someone helped remove the parasite got punished, this would be my last straw, there will be no further cooperation from this point on. If the emperor tries to push his hand from this point trying to make MC obay him and fight again, then this would be the beginning of the downfall of the empire. If MC fight back, then, most likely create further lost to the top-level fighting power, surely MC could kill one or two, then MC himself would be completely hostile toward the empire. It will be a big mess, the loss would be very heavy. How could a stupid emperor gain power? He doesn't think about other people feeling at all, just want to preserve this bad egg(the parasite) that keep on harming his own empire from within. Logic simply don't make sense at all. Try to maintain the number of martial saints to the point that harming his own empire? This logic simply don't make sense at all.

  2. There's a massive flaw in the first arc, as the author chickened out. At the end of the first arc we get these flash-backs about how the protagonist's dad was groomed to be a Confucian saint so as to save the country through self-sacrifice, and that in order to do so he had to give up his wife and son. Thus explaining all the struggle and conspiracy of the first arc. However, this is all BS as we have already met the father's other child, one of them, from one of his other wives. So, after giving up his wife and child to become a perfect Confucian saint-scholar, he... marries other women and has more children, who are raised arrogantly? No, what happened was that the author planned to have the father be a dirt-bag who the protagonist would either kill himself or never meet, but then chickened out or got told he couldn't write it that way and so the whole conclusion is a mess of self-contradictory non-sense.

  3. I came looking for copper and found gold, great novel, intelligent protagonist something rare nowadays, he is strong and kills when he needs to but without exaggeration, without massacres or anything like that he just kills those who threaten him or his family, a rare kind MC and cruel at the same time

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