Just when Hood and Ender were in the office of Jerome, they were discussing how to connect their home base.

On the other side, in the same house a16 in the Chuo Ward, at this moment something happened that might have to be changed.

a16 house, surname quarter

This is a surname from the Northland. In Nuojin, there are not many people who use this language, but not many Northlanders living here are the most dazzling group. It can even be said that this family, the same It is also the most dazzling one among all the nobles in Nuo Jin.

The Northland is the origin of hunters.

The emergence of the first hunter left no magic, knowledge, or other powers to help. Therefore, no matter in the history of transcendents or ordinary people, the northern people undoubtedly occupy an important position, and the glory of the past is still there today. One or two can be known in the main language.

But also, because the Northlanders' over-respect of hunters later led to the abuse of filthy blood, which eventually caused a terrible beastification disaster.

The power from the filthy blood that accumulates in the bodies of the people in the North, concentrated at a certain moment, as if it became some kind of infectious disease-generally, leading to a large number of people who have used the filthy blood-whether it is mild It was still a severe one--all became beasts together at that time.

This disaster caused the number of Northlanders to drop sharply in a very short period of time, and the hunter’s various original formulas also flowed out, and the glory returned to the ordinary, and finally became the appearance of the few Northlanders in NUO. .

But the Northlanders' feelings for hunters still existed.

This is also the reason why Ji Zhixu chose to become a hunter, rather than other extraordinary ones. Of course, she is not the one who already has

"Nightmare Weaver"

The title has been implicitly replaced

"White Wolf"

Status hunter organization


The female leader is the distinguished Miss Ji Jia, the only daughter of the chairman of the Roer Resources Development Group.

Ji Zhixu is wearing a black loose-line neck long gauze dress, with a delicate red rose pinned to her curvy chest, revealing her delicate collarbone and white neck. She lifts one side of the skirt and steps on -A pair of high-heeled shoes walked quickly on the promenade.

Her gorgeous face was shining in the light, her iron-gray eyes were dubious, her sharp blades, and her tall figure made the looming legs under her skirt look extraordinarily slender.

The servants who met along the way retreated respectfully and bowed. She didn't know how many rooms she had passed by, or how many corners she had turned around, and finally came to the thick and luxurious door.

Pushing open the door, the first thing you see is a balcony with floor-to-ceiling windows not far away, the white gauze curtains are slowly floating, and the outside scenery is full of nearby surroundings.

The private garden in the fence, huge fountain ponds, and neatly arranged symmetrical roads, undulating hills in the distance, lush maple forests, small blue lakes, the bright lights at night, like the stars of summer night, are dotted with tranquility and tranquility. Everything beautiful.

NUO is a man-made city, so it is almost impossible to see the natural landscape inside the city.

So such a large piece of so-called

"Hills, woods, lakes"

In fact, they are all artificial landscapes.

That means one-

Or, in a sense, it may not be called


, And should be called


The entire No. a16 residence covers an area of ​​about tens of thousands of square meters. The four-story luxury villa-or in fact, it can be called a castle-takes up about ten of the floor area, and the rest is all Artificially imitated natural landscape.

It stands to reason that the layout of buildings like Enokine is so crowded that there are almost no vacant spaces. It is impossible for people to have such a large area for people to make such a purely admirable landscape, not to mention that it is still a small amount of money. Central District A Street.

But the surname Ji is really too rich.

In fact, Ji Boyi bought all the houses from A16 to A20, and then they were flattened to form a new residential area called "

a16 village


wh or as the nobles in the central area said, call it-a

"Nuojin Island"

Although there is no precedent in history, there is no stipulation that this should not be done. The managers of the Chuo Ward discussed it a little bit, and then agreed.

Even though Azir, surrounded by high walls of gray fog, has no sea and islands, through those historical records, it is not difficult to imagine how the small islands standing above the turbulent vast ocean stand alone and ride the wind and waves.

16 Manor

"It's the isolated island that stands tall.

A green paradise for nobles who admire luxury and luxury.

Every few months, Ji Bonong will invite nobles, merchants, or hidden transcendents to hold a grand banquet here.

They are proud of this, although they may not be able to see the controller of the huge group of Roer Resources at the banquet, but at least this thing is enough to make them show off.

Ji Bonong also made friends with many high-level transcendents.

One-by-one transcendents are also humans. Unless they reach the **** level, they can always be impressed with enough benefits, not to mention the background of Rohr’s resources.


But recently, the banquet has been suspended for some time.

Ji Zhixu closed the door and looked at the large desk closer to the floor-to-ceiling window, the middle-aged man who was dealing with various documents.

Ji Boyi put down the pen, raised his head to reveal a somewhat tired face, and **** his temple, always:

"What's wrong? Is there anything coming to me? The hunter organization has enough funds?"

u Ji Zhixu raised her hand and clicked on the rose on the collar. The rose that bloomed instantly was like an invisible black hole. She used **** to clip a document from it, and walked over to put it. On the table of Ji Boyi.

She is expressionless and authentic


The fee is enough, but if you don't visit the bookstore, others will lose all the money.

Ji Bonong took the document and turned it over. He was shocked and frowned.

"This time the truth meeting?"

Wuhl couldn't help but move his gaze to the upper right corner of the table, where there is also the same type of paper document recording every contact between different organizations, individuals and bookstores, and their respective results.

The most recent piece of information is about the establishment of the Sun God Sect.

Before that, Ji Bonong relied on his own intelligence network, but now, his daughter’s intelligence is ahead of him~www.mtlnovel.com~novel) The latest update is the fastest, remember to collect it!