It was as if there was an electric current that hit Hood's Tianling Gai in an instant, and the feeling of a chestnut on his forehead spread throughout his body, causing him to stop instantly.

At the moment when his eyes were facing each other, an idea suddenly appeared in Hood's heart.

it's him!

Across the crowd of onlookers, even though the vice president named Andrew was standing in the corner, he still looked very conspicuous.

-It was Ander who told this young **** that even if he is old now, he is still eye-catching enough in appearance, and he stands out among the truth scholars who generally don't pay much attention to appearance.

One is because of the feeling in the tool, Hood met his eyes at the first time.

In Andrew’s deep blue eyes, at the moment of looking at each other, a ring with a faint light appeared, as if it contained infinite wisdom. This halo made people feel a kind of inexplicable Shock and fear.

If an ordinary person is looked at by Andrew, there is a high probability that he will be frightened and even faint and have hallucinations. If he encounters a weak will, he may even become incontinent and go crazy.

One-Although the existence of Boss Lin's level may seem insignificant, this is the impact of the mystery of the panic-level peak transcendent.

Just standing there is enough



Hood felt that the eye on his forehead was emitting hot heat, as if it was beating suddenly, as if it was echoing with the other party.

This instinctive feeling seemed to be telling him out loud that the opposite was his own, and he didn't need any doubt at all.

The other party is also a believer of the Lord! Joy is emerging in Hood's heart, that kind of"

Knowing the old friend in another country"

The feeling made him very excited.

In the past, although Hood knew Ender, he didn't like this guy.

First of all because Andrew is not

"Knowledge Only"

, Even for

"Knowledge Only"

+ Sub-contempt and contempt, many public speeches think they are too extreme.

Of course, such people will be the majority in the truth, and even Hood’s aunt, Maria, does not support the intellectualism.

Hood himself joined

"Knowledge Only"

In fact, the original intention is not necessarily to agree with its philosophy, but just because of the rebelliousness of youth and adolescence to want a different maverick thing, it's that simple.

But after I stayed for a long time, I got into this extreme atmosphere.

Secondly, Andrew is like this-always pay attention to appearance and demeanor, he will always be gorgeous, behave forever, it is simply "


The pronoun is naturally very exclusive.

But now, he only has one idea--

"I met comrades! And, just now, Hood was still thinking that he needs a strong enough and charismatic person to support him.

"Only Wisdom"

development of.

Bs also happens to be a believer in bookstores.

This is by no means a coincidence. It must be the arrangement of the bookstore owner, and the will of the great master! On the other hand, Andrew felt similar.

He did not expect that Hood had already become a believer in the bookstore! He had always regarded the bookstore as an enemy and revealed the news to

"Knowledge Only"

And encouraged them to go to the bookstore


Soon after the knowledge, he encountered the greatest power of Waterloo in his life being deprived of power, people being watched, and under house arrest in disguise,-everything was turned upside down in an instant, he always endured waiting for the opportunity, and understood how powerful the bookstore really is. Save some.

But later wanted to make

"Knowledge Only"

The order to stop the operation was also not given under Jerome's interference.

He was extremely depressed during that time, and he was very frustrated. He only heard about the few headed by Hood.

"Knowledge Only"

I came back, I was okay, so I didn’t go again

Got it.

It is said that a few of them have become a little strange, and they often talk to themselves in a whisper,

"Knowledge Only"

There are also some internal contradictions.

I thought that these few of them went to the bookstore with the idea of ​​grabbing knowledge. They must have been cleaned up by the bookstore owner, but they did not expect that they would directly become believers in the bookstore! Across this crowd, they are two bookstore fans. People are as kind as if they have found an organization.

But it is not the time for Andezhi to have this idea in his mind. He now has a chance to come back because he found out the inner ghost. Not long ago, he washed away his grievances, and Jing taunted Diamond to take care of the matter. Right to investigate.

Still need-some time to brew back your prestige.

At this time, the two people who did not have any intersection before suddenly behaved very close, and it is possible that they will come to the ground, especially Diamond, who may not be able to use the problem to play, and then make some tricks.

2 Less, can’t be under the public.

During this short moment, the two men seemed to understand each other's meaning.

Hood pressed his forehead, blinked his eyes between his fingers, then grinned-grinned, backed slowly, and disappeared into the crowd.

Upon seeing this, Ender turned his head and said a few words to the others, letting people disperse the crowd of onlookers, and he ordered people to guard the door 0, walked into the room, and then closed the door.


Andrew looked at the entire room for a while. There is nothing unusual about this two-room office, with ordinary desks, chairs and bookshelves, a leather sofa in the uniform style of the Truth Society, a smooth marble floor, and a white carpet.

There was no blood on the ground or on the carpet, and there was an outline drawn on the ground next to it, that was where Jerome's skin was before.

The crystal-clear sage's stone is well placed on the desk.

Judging from the scene, it was as if Jerome was broken his neck in an instant, and then was hollowed out in an instant, all vitality returned to the original and became a sage stone.

--Yes, the raw material of this sage stone is Jerome.

This is what makes people fearful.


The office is not the first scene. Jerome’s skin and the sage’s stone are all handled casually, probably because he was missing one material for the experiment at the time, so Jerome was directly used as the material. It's done.

Andrew thought of what the owner of the bookstore had said to him.

Call Jerome 0 to talk about the issue of compensation for this fan"

, I understood it almost immediately.

The meaning of this sentence is to let Jerome take care of the compensation himself! Therefore, he would call the bookstore the first time and said that he would take this right sage stone.

This is the will of the bookstore owner! And Andrew now wants to regain his footing, the previous team has been dispersed in the previous period of time, and a new faction that can be trusted needs to be established.

And now, Hood is carrying

"Knowledge Only"

Came to him one

Boss Lin, this is all arrangements!

Hood's voice sounded from behind Anderchang. He turned around and saw the boy remove the window barrier and jumped out of the vent in Jerome's office, showing a bright smile:

"Vice President Andrew, I think we can talk now.

Anderson stretched out his hand, looked at the third eye turning on Hood's forehead, and smiled meaningfully:"

Yes, we can talk about how to present the truth

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