It has been almost a month since Hood went to the bookstore and borrowed the "Dark Age: The Rise and Fall of Alford" from the library of the Truth Society and gave it to Lin Jie.

But in his heart, he has never forgotten the uneven night.

That was the night that was enough to change his life, starting from seeing the sword light suddenly lit up, and ending when he looked directly at the man's soul.

Hood is a little bit indescribable. It's like the whole world was covered with a hazy mist like a layer of gauze. At that moment, the gauze was uncovered and everything became clear, and all the past has become False and uninteresting, from now on will what you see is true.

So he opened his eyes, raised his head, and looked at the man.

A clear thought arose in y—this is the existence he should believe in and follow, his **** and master.

For a moment when he looked directly at the soul of the other party, Hood knew clearly that his soul had been contaminated and alienated, and had completely become something he didn't even know it was.

At the same time, the alienation of the soul quickly spread to the body, causing his eyebrows to have a third eye. From a certain angle, he felt that he could no longer count as a human, but became a monster.

But this did not prevent him from thinking that it was a gift from the Lord and the price of a powerful force.

He called this third eye

"The All-Knowing Eye"

It represents the care of the great god.

With this eye, he can understand the opponent's thoughts and thoughts in a moment, and even control the opponent's soul by looking at each other in a short time.

Hood understands that the reason why the Lord gave him this ability is for him to better spread


Name, let


Wisdom can be trusted more

Belief in the truth is wrong, but belief in wisdom is correct! He Hood, as a member of the Truth Society and the nephew of President Maria, must correct this huge mistake!

The scholars of the Truth Society,-have been walking on the wrong path, and now, they are mainly saved from this mud.

How great! So although Boss Lin didn’t have more instructions, Hood still

"Only Wisdom"

--Since I went to the bookstore that time, Hood and the young people who followed him at the time have renamed themselves

"Only Wisdom"

, And the original

"Knowledge Only"

Make a distinction-continue to expand.

Of course, in Hood's view, the Lord's inaction is also wisdom.

This is clearly testing his ability and consciousness.

If the Lord is to guide him in everything, what is the use of asking him? The purpose is to train him with the things of the world, so that he can gradually master his new soul, new body, and new abilities. After becoming stronger, there is no need to waste it to become the right-hand man of the Lord! Hood does not dare to be half-hearted, because recently it has vaguely emerged from the dark-a name called"

Food Education"

Most of the group of transcendent criminals in Nuojin are on the bounty list of the Truth-among them, their reputation is gradually rising.

"Food Education"

It is not clear how many people there are, but it is known that there are four more active masked seniors who have all participated in the blood banquet and one leader who does not appear often, namely


The priests usually wear black iron masks, wear old gentlemen’s suits, and keep-only big


"According to all kinds of intelligence, the leader of these people is the destruction-level black wizard, the faceless man with black scales."

Wilde! Their method of selecting believers is very unique and simple and rude. They show their holy scriptures-"Esthetic Codex" to the selected people. Those who have seen the scriptures have only two endings.

The first is to go crazy or die directly, often with direct headshots, or with undesirable malignant changes in the body. The second is to obtain a lot of taboo knowledge in an instant, and obtain very powerful abilities from it. , And at the same time, it will feel like a different person

Under such efficient screening,

"Food Education"

It is simply the evil force among the evil forces.

As long as you are fancy, you will either die or be crazy, or become a believer.

Too strong to say nothing.

People will doubt it.

Of course, there are also some madmen and lunatics who directly voluntarily come to the door to receive and screen"

, I want to prove the tenacity of my spiritual will.

Most of these people have some fluke mentality, and feel that they can use the power of the mountain in "The Dead Food Teaching Ritual". The ending is naturally self-evident. Some people say that Wilde is the undead returned from hell. This is for two years ago. Failed to initiate a revenge on the Mysterious Tower and Joseph

"Food Education"

r is a guise.

But Hood was very clear.

Wilde is really spreading faith for his Lord.

Because this powerful dark wizard is a guest of the bookstore! It was after he took the four unidentified followers to see Boss Lin last time,


It just began to spread on a large scale! Hood can be sure that Wilde must also be doing things for the bookstore owner.

"Food Education"

The existence is Lin Jie’s will! u means, what Wilde calls


, And his

"Only Wisdom"

, They are of the same origin! And because of this, Hu De was sure that I-zhu-ding had been paying attention to him.

Although the Lord did not say anything, but invisibly set up a competitor for him

If he slackened some time ago, now he will be embarrassed.

The lackeys who are also bookstore owners have almost established sects together.

"This is the Lord's inaction and governance! What a great wisdom! No words are needed, competition is the greatest motivation! Hood sighed in his heart and was impressed by the wisdom of the bookstore owner.

At the time, he was also a little nervous and worried.

At first there was a big move, but with the strength of the crushing level, it will soon have a large-scale believer. "

"and I?

Although I am the nephew of the president of the Truth Society, others dare not offend me because of this, but they will not respect me because of this. My current team is only the 039 Wisdomist’ who has just been transformed to a similar level, and has not even officially announced it.

After hearing the news of Jerome's unexplained death, the annoyed Hood moved in his heart and decided to also go to the scene to see. Among the hurried scholars 1, he could not help but think:

"If you want the truth to truly become the territory of the 039 Intellectualists, I also need a leader who can be as charismatic and powerful as Wilde. Then, across the crowd, he saw that he was talking with people, the same Andrew The latest update is the fastest, so remember to collect it!