38 As a folklore scholar who also has a little research on occultism, it is impossible for him to understand such a representative and ultimate pursuit in alchemy.

Perseverance to the sage’s stone is like the pursuit of the Chinese Taoist priests for the elixir or all kinds of elixir to the alchemy soil in the West.

People always hope to develop a substance that can realize all their wishes, but in fact, in addition to this stuff, any messy things can be cultivated.

In a different sense, it is actually a wish fulfilled: in Azir, the alchemist, the sage's stone, etc., are the same, but no one has actually made it.

It’s worth mentioning that the sage’s stone is also called the fifth element, which is ether. Lin Jie often feels that these two things may be two forms of body.

Thinking of this, Boss Lin frowned and looked thoughtful.

Since Jerome was the inner ghost of the Fire Sword Road in the Truth Society, he had some guesses in his heart.

The road to Fire Sword is not simple.

This organization is a mysterious organization that attempts to find the power left over from the past mythical era. It has great ambitions and strength. Judging from Lin Jie’s experience of beating Xiaomi last time, they may have mastered some extraordinary powers, but they are not. Very strong.

Otherwise, Lin Jie has followed Bai Yin to learn the basic skills for a few months, how could he have played a truly extraordinary person, but there is no doubt that their power is definitely very strong for ordinary people, so suppose Fire Sword The other ones on the road are still alive


-To tell the truth, Lin Jie has always wanted to spit out the bible of the second disease in this group, but it is a pity that Gabriel died too fast, and Xiaomi ran too fast, and he did not give him this opportunity. Le level.

Then the existence of this organization is enough to cause great harm to the entire NUO, and it is a bomb that may explode at any time.

Not to mention, this organization actually played the two-five tactics, planting inner ghosts in various forces.

Qiong, this is an evil force completely controlled by the Path of Fire Sword.

Qi Li just picked up her younger brother Congreve who provided contraband for the Road to Fire Sword some time ago. I don’t know how the situation is now. It’s not hard to imagine that the truth society has been infiltrated in the scholar organization. The NUO police represented by Claude, there is a high probability that there are also inner ghosts from the Road of Fire Sword.

I am in the light, the enemy is in the dark, the situation is actually very optimistic.

But fortunately, the inner ghost of the Truth Society has been pulled out, but I don't know if this is the only one. But then again, Andrew is really ruthless, and he just killed the person.

Boss Lin thought for a while. After all, this Jerome sent a killer directly to attack a little girl like Prima. He must be a ruthless person. Under the fierce resistance, it is possible to kill him helplessly.

To return to the subject, it is normal for an organization like the Fire Sword Road to pursue extraordinary powers to study the Sage's Stone.

Judging from the bits of information in the books he borrowed, even the Truth Society itself has studied the sage’s stone.

"This sage's stone is probably not a real elixir or elixir, but a solid ether condensed in some way."

Lin Jie touched his chin, thinking like this.

His construction of dreams is achieved by controlling the ether. Assuming he can skillfully use the method of bringing dreams to reality, it is not impossible to change reality as he pleases.

So it coincides with the characteristics of the Sage’s Stone

"Only the Fire Sword Road has the ability to actually make the sage stone, so the sage stone remaining on the scene illustrates another possibility, that is, the Fire Sword Road started in advance, in order not to reveal the information. Lin Jie thought of this, raised his head and asked: '039 How did Zhe Luo marriage die?

Shouldn’t you ask yourself this question? Prima slandered, but answered honestly:

"It was killed by someone. When the truth club found out, he was already dead in his office.

That's right, Lin Jie nodded, and he said that Andrew directly killed people is unrealistic. It turned out that the road to the fire sword was the first to start.

The Road to Fire Sword seems to be very alert. It’s not easy that he asked Ander to go back and bring Jerome over. The person who turned his head died, and the clues were basically broken.

After all, there is an existence like Xiaomi with extraordinary powers. Don't underestimate it! bs. My sister's whereabouts are still unknown. Lin Jie comforted her a few words, and then asked him to tell Andrew Truth that there must be more than one inner ghost, that kill. Those who have lost Jerome are probably also members of the Truth Society.

In addition, the sage stone can be sent over immediately, he wants to study it.

The other side of the communicator.

Andrew listened to the narration of the thin female voice and replied respectfully, not daring to slow down.

After a while, he hung up the communicator and looked at the very busy office not far away.

There is only one piece of Jerome’s skin left, and Jerome’s skin has only been shipped out now, because the room needs to be identified for spell traces, and the scene needs to be as complete as possible.

All irrelevant people watched the excitement on the periphery, including Andrew, the vice president.

wuhl But it is Diamond who is now organizing the staff.

Andrew was hiding in the corner at the moment, reporting the current situation to the owner of the bookstore, nodding his head repeatedly.

"I will send the sage stone to you as soon as possible. Is there any more instructions? Oh, well, Margaret's whereabouts are still being investigated. Since there is still an inner ghost, I am afraid it will be hidden deeper. I have some doubts. , But I have to wait for my rights to go further before I can act justly."

Bs be careful.

He immediately

I understand, I understand that this air conversation is almost over. The next conversation with him is only Prima Andrew's eyes blinking, and suddenly said:"

Prima--you are called Prima, right? After your injury, are you interested in temporarily taking the place of your sister?

Prima was taken aback, and Anderson continued: “Although it’s not very good to say that, your sister is mostly ill-advised. Maybe she can’t continue to hold this position after she comes back. Now Jerome is dead, too. The upper part of the room is directly vacant---Don't you want to do more for Boss Lin? As he said, there was a trace of enthusiasm in his eyes.

Among the scholars who watched and discussed hotly, Hood, the nephew of President Maria, stood behind the crowd and looked at Andrew thoughtfully. When Andrew said this, he just raised his head and met his gaze.

Their eyes were facing each other, and suddenly, a connection among different Wus made them tremble suddenly~www.mtlnovel.com~novel) The update is the fastest, little brothers and sisters remember to collect!

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