Prima couldn't help feeling a little in a trance.

One-Jerome-the man behind the scenes that led to the disappearance of her sister Margaret and sent a dark elf killer to chase Prima, died like this? She felt very unreal for a while, but more What makes her feel at a loss is that her heart has not dissipated yet."



Want to protect the kind-hearted boss Lin, that gentle smile makes the world more gentle and kind? Then in the gentle smile of Lin boss, Jerome died silently in his office and was sacked. It was so empty that only a human skin was left.

Judging from the tremor of Ander’s speech, Jerome’s death scene may have been so tragic that even the vice president of the Truth Society was shocked.

So from a certain angle, what Lin Jie said was really not at all fallacy.

And this one looks extremely bizarre"

The Truth Society Murder Case"

No one knows who did it, but the truth is self-evident for the two who witnessed Boss Lin's anger at Jerome, the culprit who destroyed the door of their bookstore.

Prima felt that what she had just thought was really silly and naive.

She was so stupid, she knew that Boss Lin smiled softly, but she forgot that when he pointed to the hole patch on the door and asked Andrew to call Jerome to pay compensation, she also smiled so softly. It seems difficult to say whether the world is crueler or Boss Lin is crueler-Prima's mood is a bit complicated for a while.

The young girl's heart that wanted to protect something felt like disillusionment and wrong payment.

It's like a princess saving a prince, only to find that what he saved is actually a real villain dragon.

However, I thought that Boss Lin was because of the persecution of her and her sister-although that door may be the main reason-it was not difficult to accept such a heavy hand to Jerome suddenly. Settings.

And she was really happy in her heart.

Even if it is a villain, it is a particularly good villain! Well, yes! Prima figured it out, and her eyes became more determined.

Ms. Wapujisi who is in charge of the night cannot be wrong, and Boss Lin, as the holder of the ring of contract, has responded to her prayers and killed Jerome

Now it's time for her to give back

Boss Lin gave her "The Secret Book of Original Potions",-she must be able to cultivate her one-she is too weak now, and even a panic-level stalker can't beat him. It is impossible to repay Boss Lin's existence at this level. .

Therefore, she must study the knowledge of pharmacy well, and understand the secret book as soon as possible, and become a person who can help Boss Lin and can repay him.

The sluggish girl's expression regained her composure, and her thoughts in her heart changed slightly.

Probably---swear allegiance to the dragon?

The voice in the communicator is still stating:.

Jerome died but Margaret’s whereabouts are still unknown. We are currently conducting magic trace identification, but there is no result. The murderer’s strength should be beyond imagination. If suicide is excluded, there is a high probability that there is a god-level existence. Shot.

Speaking of


At the time, Andrei's tone seemed a little hesitant.

Prima was clearly aware of this hesitation, and he probably also had that in his heart-a guess that was almost a fact, so he didn't know how to word it.

Andrew turned and continued:"

However, all of Jerome's hidden potions were found, among them there was indeed a high Ecstasy that could control the human spirit, and the spread trajectory identified from this almost covered the entire truth society. "

He whispered:, thinking about it now is really terrifying-silently, he has almost all control of the truth conference, everyone is unknowingly serving an unknown existence, if there is no you, the truth will What it is like now is unimaginable.

He paused, since

"In addition, there are some prohibited and extraordinary items from the Green Tree Chamber of Commerce. According to the information obtained some time ago, they should also be the member of the road who was killed by Wilde some time ago-Congreve of the Chapman family. owned.

"In short-the identity of the inner ghost has been established.

Andrew added:

"Because of this incident, my wind evaluation has been reversed. The various functions and powers that were originally suspended have now been lifted. By the next meeting, my prestige will probably completely surpass Diamond. His voice is lowered, and with Some secret excitement: 039 The Truth Society is the true Truth Society only under the leadership of your will."

Hearing this, Prima couldn't help but raised her head and looked at Lin Jie who was opposite. The bookstore owner also noticed her gaze.

Lin Jie was a little surprised at the meaning of this gaze. He always felt that the little girl wanted to see something deep from his face, and said in a puzzled way:"

What's the matter? Isn't the relationship okay? He frowned, a little worried:

"Andrew, a vice chairman, should be more than enough to clean up a deputy director. Here comes Prima and can't help pouting. Mr. Lin always puts on this innocent look, which makes people produce

"He really doesn't know anything"


It’s too bad. Although I don’t know exactly what happened last time, Vice President Andrew, apparently already received the instructions from Boss Lin, is ready to use his will to put the truth on the bookstore brand, which almost controls the entire promise. The behemoth Jin Chaofan's movements seemed to fall into the control of Boss Lin soon.

What's more, Jerome is already dead and can't die anymore, but the instigator is still here worried that Ender will not be able to deal with it-who believes it?

Was previously


Prima aggrieved slightly

She will never believe Mr. Lin again

"Kind and gentle"

Having said that, it turns out that Mr. Lin had already made good use of this matter, not only to kill Jerome, but also to let Vice President Andrew get out of the predicament and lift him-it is really him!

Prima shook her head, sorted out the situation, and summarized:

"Nothing, the situation is very good. Vice President Andrew said that Jerome is dead. He was the ghost of the Fire Sword Road. He is very grateful to you for helping him reverse the rumors. In addition, he left on the scene. I bought a sage stone, and he will bring it to you later.

Sage's Stone?

Lin Jie frowned and found that things were not The update is the fastest, so remember to collect it!

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