Prima lowered the "Secret Code of the Original Potions" that had been in front of her a little bit, and looked at Lin Jie who was continuing to read.

Andrew has been away for a while.

The bookstore without guests has once again returned to its original desertedness, and the atmosphere is quiet and peaceful, as if isolated from the world, with unspeakable peace

The young man turned a page of books in his hand quietly, his expression was very focused, and he looked at the past with a somewhat calm book atmosphere from the angle of slightly lowering his head, just like a very ordinary and harmless student still studying in an ivory tower- It doesn't even seem like-someone who has been a university lecturer.

Not to mention the mysterious and powerful bookstore owner with taboo knowledge.

Prima thought this way more than once.

Although she only has a few days in the bookstore, she can still feel the kind of bookstore owner up close.


a feeling of.

As kind and kind as a friend next door.

But when her gaze shifted to the white fat cat beside the young man and the ring in her hand, that thought would instantly disappear.

"What's more, the vice president of the Truth Society that my sister often mentioned, a very powerful person, also personally visited Boss Lin and apologized to him.

Andrew was just like that, as if possessed by something intangible-that book,-there must be a big problem.

Just like the book of abuse in her hand, it not only contains various medicinal materials, but also seals some potions that are almost extinct.

Some medicinal materials in the book



, And even have their own consciousness.

Every book in the bookstore is uneven. So how can the owner of the bookstore be ordinary?

"And that silver box, there is definitely nothing wrong with it. It is the legendary town clan treasure 039 Bellworm of the Vice President Andrew's family.' He actually gave such an important treasure of the family as a gift to Boss Lin. , It seems that he must have done something to offend boss Lin

"From another perspective, since Vice President Andrew can use such an important thing to apologize, it must be because if they can't be forgiven, their entire family will suffer more terrible things than losing the bell worm.

Thinking about it this way, it always feels as if Boss Lin is the bad guy.

Wait, wouldn't it? The girl who was thinking about her was suddenly sluggish, and she felt like she had touched an obvious fact.

If Boss Lin is the villain, things that couldn't be understood before seemed to make sense in one move.

Prima looked at Lin Jie cautiously, with only a faint voice left in her heart trying to convince herself that he was actually a good person, just a special

The cat may just look ugly. The abnormal appearance on Anderchang’s body is just an illusion. The book in the bookstore is a bit peculiar as a transcendent item, and it is normal. Lin Jie, who noticed Prima’s sight, raised his head and asked with some confusion. Said:'What's the matter, what's the matter? Little student Prima.

He closed the book gently, and when he flipped through the book, the movements of his hand were very gentle. When he was reading, he always held it gently. This is the basic respect for knowledge.

But if it is a commodity book, he might be a little rough-point.

Prima shook her head and waved her hand quickly, saying

"Nothing, nothing, just miss my sister a bit

"That's it.

Lin Jie put the book aside and nodded, then reluctantly said:

"I asked Andrew to help. It is impossible for Jerome to confess his guilt immediately. I understand that I am worried. After all, your sister's situation may be very dangerous now, and it may even be unpredictable.

"But you must also understand that it is useless to be in a hurry now. Instead, it messes up your mind and affects the recovery of your injury. What you need is calmness, and then wait for 2 to meet your hated enemy with the strongest appearance. Hit them hard


Call me the communication device right away. You can heal your wounds at ease. If there is a situation, I will notify you at the first time, so don’t worry. "

Prima felt warm in her heart, with a hum, first:"

Thank you.

Although Boss Lin’s methods are a little weird, he is definitely not that kind of terrible character. After all, he has a deep relationship with Ms. Wapjisi.

She clenched her small fist, her mind was very firm.

"You're welcome, it's my personal wish to help the world become more gentle and kind.

Lin Jie smiled with Do Prima, this weak and timid girl, at this moment even had the urge to protect her.

Obviously knows the strength of the other party, but she really wanted to, really suddenly wanted to protect this smile! Such a kind boss, Lin must have a sincere heart, but this world is always so cruel that she wants to become stronger and be like Boss Lin-Yes, fulfill this little wish! Prima made up her mind

Just as she was immersed in her ideals, Boss Lin's communication device suddenly rang.

Lin Jie took it out and saw that it was Andrew's name displayed. He raised his eyebrows and said

"It really means that Cao Cao has arrived. It seems that things have made progress.

Prima rushed to the counter, eager to know the situation of her sister. Boss Lin asked Andrew to bring Jerome over. I don’t know if things go wrong, and there will be problems. What is the situation with my sister now? Lin Jie Seeing Prima look distraught, she shook her head and simply passed the communicator in her hand, Zeng:

"Just ask yourself.

Prima took it nervously, took a deep breath, pressed the answer button, and then pressed it to her ear.

In the communicator, Andrew's voice trembled:"

Mr. Lin Jerome is dead! He died in his office for no reason, his neck was broken and his brain was hollowed out.

And the whole body's organs, bones, flesh and blood-only left-Zhangpi, his expression seemed to have seen something terrible, full of fear and hysteria.

"Only by his side, leaving a sage stone of almost perfect quality, his voice trembling more and more severely, it seems that after taking a deep breath several times, he asked:"

When I remember your instructions--I, I will bring him to you

Om, what Lin Jie said echoed in Prima's ear:

"It is impossible for Jerome to plead guilty immediately--"

It is indeed impossible for the girl to plead guilty with sluggish eyes.

But you can die immediately.

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