I’m Really Not The Demon God’s Lackey

Lin Jie, a transmigrator, is the owner of a bookstore in another world. He’s kind and warm-hearted, often recommending healing books to customers who are going through a tough time. From time to time, he secretly promotes his own work too. Over time, these customers begin to resp.... Read more

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v2 Chapter 255 -"Season" and A16 Manor (third shift) v2 Chapter 254 -"Arrangement" (second more) v2 Chapter 253 -The Lord’s inaction is also wisdom (first more)

v2 Chapter 252 -Successful meeting v2 Chapter 251 -so bad! v2 Chapter 250 -Protect the best Lin boss v2 Chapter 249 -Don't come here! v2 Chapter 248 -Rachel stopped thinking v2 Chapter 247 -Non-existent bookstore v2 Chapter 246 -Curiosity killed the cat v2 Chapter 245 -good luck v2 Chapter 244 -Dare not

v2 Chapter 243 -Equivalent exchange v2 Chapter 242 -Everything is one thing v2 Chapter 241 -The door of truth

v2 Chapter 240 -Can you call him v2 Chapter 239 -Bell rotifer v2 Chapter 238 -Send the bell (with cat, cat, insect and animal design) v2 Chapter 237 -Cat food delivered to your door v2 Chapter 236 -Li Shizhen's skin (third shift) v2 Chapter 235 -Citrus aroma v2 Chapter 234 -Shepherd of the stars v2 Chapter 233 -God said (part 2) (fourth more) v2 Chapter 232 -God said (on) (third more)

v2 Chapter 231 -He had expected it v2 Chapter 230 -Underground Rambler v2 Chapter 229 -Lin Jie is watching you v2 Chapter 228 -Doris in dreams v2 Chapter 227 -Boss Lin’s real purpose v2 Chapter 226 -No trace of defense v2 Chapter 225 -How are you scared? v2 Chapter 224 -I reported the bookstore v2 Chapter 223 -Teacher Lin's small class is starting v2 Chapter 222 -All voluntary v2 Chapter 221 -The followers of Lin Jie v2 Chapter 220 -I should go to the bookstore

v2 Chapter 219 -A black pot v2 Chapter 218 -The Secret of the Original Potions v2 Chapter 217 -Compendium of Materia Medica v2 Chapter 216 -What about my big door? Lose money! v2 Chapter 215 -What bookstore? v2 Chapter 214 -Meow v2 Chapter 213 -Bitter Lord Wap Jisi v2 Chapter 212 -Silver ring v2 Chapter 211 -The other world is really sinister! v2 Chapter 210 -What is it to destroy you v2 Chapter 209 -He comes from hell v2 Chapter 208 -Gargoyle: wdnmd

v2 Chapter 207 -Can't wear v2 Chapter 206 -Luminous heating Vincent v2 Chapter 205 -Two relics ~ End of volume summary & reward settlement & thanks v2 Chapter 204 -Starting today, NUO does not have a dome church (end of volume 2) Chapter 203 -Just waiting for you to come out Chapter 202 -Beat false gods Chapter 201 -False gods above the dome (3k) Chapter 200 -Chasing people's knowledge Chapter 199 -Awaken the giant in the heart Chapter 198 -Reading to change fate Chapter 197 -Tianliang Nuodong

Chapter 196 -All this is the strategy of Boss Lin! Chapter 195 -withdraw! Chapter 194 -You just mentioned Boss Lin, right? Chapter 193 -This is Cthulhu at all! Chapter 192 -Wilde: I want to introduce you to our Heavenly Father and Savior Chapter 191 -My idol Wilde Chapter 190 -Full of confidence Chapter 189 -Black wizard with a dog Chapter 188 -You read the book, the book is also watching you Chapter 187 -It must be difficult for them to understand Chapter 186 -Big change Chapter 185 -Get up early

Chapter 184 -Joseph gradually understood everything Chapter 183 -The sun is calling Chapter 182 -Deep Space Star Sea Chapter 181 -One's hell Chapter 180 -Apostate must die Chapter 179 -Book Cafe Party Chapter 178 -I know you know what I know Chapter 177 -That's it? Chapter 176 -Not very wise Chapter 175 -He knows everything! Chapter 174 -Michael Chapter 173 -Descendants of the Dragon

Chapter 172 -Memories of Bella Chapter 171 -Human Paper Chapter 170 -He is a dragon Chapter 169 -The identity of Boss Lin Chapter 168 -Cologne Heart Chapter 167 -Come on and bring any gifts Chapter 166 -See you tonight Chapter 165 -The same dream Chapter 164 -Please come Chapter 163 -Living creatures Chapter 162 -The protagonist halo Chapter 161 -Soul Seal

Chapter 160 -Happy cooperation Chapter 159 -Enthusiastic citizen Lin Jie Chapter 158 -The moon turns off the lights for you Chapter 157 -Buck, pawn Chapter 156 -Waiting for Ru to Dream Chapter 155 -Rodney: Who is not a god? Chapter 154 -Vincent feels very tired (two in one) Chapter 153 -Witch Happy Chair Chapter 152 -Um, yes, that's it Chapter 151 -Chicken soup master never admits defeat Chapter 150 -Sailor Moon Chapter 149 -A gas explosion again? !

Chapter 148 -Old priest Chapter 147 -Silver placenta Chapter 146 -Praise the sun! Chapter 145 -Self-immolation Chapter 144 -Horror surveillance record Chapter 143 -Apostle of Obscure Moon Chapter 142 -Three birds with one stone Chapter 141 -Husky Chapter 140 -Change the subject Chapter 139 -Shattered glass Chapter 138 -Cooked Chapter 137 -Sacrificial ceremony

Chapter 136 -I'll teach you how to do it Chapter 135 -My believer? Chapter 134 -Visit Pharaoh Chapter 133 -Fame or fate Chapter 132 -Tonight, Xiaohua joins the hunt Chapter 131 -Blood Banquet Chapter 130 -We no longer believe in the truth Chapter 129 -The third eye Chapter 128 -You try to plunder me Chapter 127 -Stealing books Chapter 126 -One sword Chapter 125 -robbery?

Chapter 124 -Extrajudicial fanatics "Knowledge only" Chapter 123 -Swordsmanship and Ether Chapter 122 -Goodbye Silver Chapter 121 -This may be fate Chapter 120 -Destiny Coin (Part 2) Chapter 119 -Destiny Coin (Part 1) Chapter 118 -The **** is empty, the devil is in the world Chapter 117 -Wapjis Chapter 116 -I want your roses Chapter 115 -Scumboy gang Chapter 114 -Two confidential letters Chapter 113 -Principle of the strong

Chapter 112 -Accidentally opened Chapter 111 -Revisited by Ji Zhi Chapter 110 -This kid Chapter 109 -Accept the truth Chapter 108 -Sacred Book of the Sun Chapter 107 -Please give me guidance Chapter 106 -Addicts Chapter 105 -Father, look Chapter 104 -The moon in the water Chapter 103 -Moment of Every Devil Chapter 102 -Vincent is on his way Chapter 101 -The last ghost

Chapter 100 -I don't eat people Chapter 99 -Modest and low-key bookstore owner Chapter 98 -Are they okay? Chapter 97 -The owner of that shop is an evil spirit! Chapter 96 -Central Highest Police Station Chapter 95 -He is really thoughtful Chapter 94 -Children's version Chapter 93 -Chapman's Witch Chapter 92 -Hello, Mr. Lin Chapter 91 -Human temperature Chapter 90 -Bookstore Assistant Chapter 89 -Let her feel the warmth of the world

~ End of volume summary & Q&A & thanks Chapter 88 -Mud Tire No. 277 (End of Volume One) Chapter 87 -Original formula Chapter 86 -Boss Lin said well Chapter 85 -You're welcome Chapter 84 -Naive Chapter 83 -The rain stopped Chapter 82 -Myth is coming Chapter 81 -Is the **** you're talking about right there? Chapter 80 -Killing God Chapter 79 -Candela Chapter 78 -The second dream

Chapter 77 -It's time to sleep Chapter 76 -A good match Chapter 75 -I wish you all the best! Chapter 74 -Ackerman's Melaleuca Routine Chapter 73 -Overclocking learning Chapter 72 -When the stars return Chapter 71 -This sword seems a bit dirty Chapter 70 -Mind if I pull it out and have a look? Chapter 69 -Magic Sword Chapter 68 -Gazing Eye Chapter 67 -The sorrow of social animals Chapter 66 -Evaluation of Lin Jie

Chapter 65 -Your next line is Chapter 64 -Transfer application Chapter 63 -businessman Chapter 62 -Flesh Gospel Chapter 61 -No-cost trading Chapter 60 -He is in the next big game Chapter 59 -Entrepreneurship Chapter 58 -Unclerk (fourth) Chapter 57 -Killing the heart (third more) Chapter 56 -You can watch it (second more) Chapter 55 -The seeds of Tao Ruisi (please first order!!!) Chapter 54 -Let him be our eyes

Chapter 53 -Hunt Wilde Chapter 52 -In front of my lord's door Chapter 51 -Seller cultivation Chapter 50 -Old sign Chapter 49 -Didn't bother you? Chapter 48 -Prophet Chapter 47 -be careful Chapter 46 -Lin Jie's old business Chapter 45 -Cosplay Chapter 44 -Drive tigers and devour wolves Chapter 43 -Do not leave a name Chapter 42 -Do you understand it?

Chapter 41 -The farmer and the snake Chapter 40 -Choice of Destiny Chapter 39 -Fresh and delicious dog meat soup Chapter 38 -His omniscience is like a god Chapter 37 -Appointment Chapter 36 -Master key Chapter 35 -knowledge is power Chapter 34 -Poor parents in the world Chapter 33 -Father-daughter conflict Chapter 32 -Wrists off Chapter 31 -Eight teeth Chapter 30 -Run

Chapter 29 -iris Chapter 28 -philosopher Chapter 27 -The person in dream Chapter 26 -Pine needles are drape, snow is crown Chapter 25 -The Wolf of the Empty Court Chapter 24 -Dreamcatcher Chapter 23 -Where is the switch? Chapter 22 -Remember to drink milk Chapter 21 -Melissa Chapter 20 -Class I area Chapter 19 -Give it to me Chapter 18 -He has no choice

Chapter 17 -Rainy Night Butcher Chapter 16 -Fairy tale before bed Chapter 15 -True friends Chapter 14 -Your uncle Chapter 13 -Iron Will Chapter 12 -Huh, what about the others? Chapter 11 -Love is like a battlefield Chapter 10 -you failed? Chapter 9 -The hunter never looks back Chapter 8 -Joseph Chapter 7 -Stone statue demon Chapter 6 -Corpse food teaching ceremony

Chapter 5 -Lin Jie the Traveler Chapter 4 -Caring for the empty-nest elderly Chapter 3 -Blood and Beast Chapter 2 -Talking therapist Chapter 1 -welcome

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