Lin Jie opened the old wooden door of the bookstore as usual.

The copper bell on the door edge made a dull sound, and a lot of water flowed down from the door frame, and several traces of mixed dust were drawn along the glass window inlaid on the door.

The sky is groggy.

It was raining outside, the rain crackled on the road, and a cloud of mist covered the view.

At the door of the bookstore, enough puddles have been accumulated to cover the soles of shoes.

"heavy rain."

Lin Jie frowned, looking at his wet shirt and trousers a little worried.

"This station reported that starting from last night, this heavy rain will last for about a week. The Meteorological Department has issued a yellow warning for heavy rain, which may be upgraded to red..."

The sound of the TV came from the shop next door, and was soon overwhelmed by the sound of rain.

This kind of weather means that the bookstore has no business.


Lin Jie took out a triangular bracket and a wooden board from the back of the door, and built a simple ladder at the door.

He turned the sign on the door to "in business."

Although the bookstore is in this kind of weather, there are definitely not many customers.

It may even be deserted all day.

Rather than open the door for business, it is better to go back to sleep-most people must think so.

"But in case someone forgets to bring an umbrella in the rain, they just need a shelter from the rain."

Lin Jie took a book from the rented bookshelf, turned on the warm light, hung a towel on the counter, and made two more cups of hot tea.

Sitting at the counter.

He turned the pages of the book to the place he had read last time, and pushed one of the cups of tea to the opposite side, as if to a friend who had never known him before.

Now, there are books and hot tea.

Enough to warm the mind and body of a lost person.

Lin Jie took a sip of the tea and smiled. ﹢Three u 捌 u read u book ﹢

Yes, he is such a kind and romantic person. Although ordinary, he is a well-known good man and life mentor among customers, who specializes in selling chicken soup.

For life, one should be full of expectations, right?



Ji Zhixu crisscrossed his hands and broke the neck of the person in his arms. When he turned around, he pulled out a long blade and cut off the head of another person.


The head rolls down, not looking at him.

She reached out and pushed the two bodies to the sides and walked out of the alley.

Behind him, dozens of corpses were stacked in a staggered manner, gradually charring, igniting sparks and turning into fly ash.

Announcing the end of a street fighting in the rain.

Blood oozes from the soaking black self-cultivation dress, dripping, and evaporating acid-etching water vapor, which is washed away by rain and disappears instantly.

The body temperature was rising rapidly, and the flesh and blood began to grow and squirm, making her clearly feel the number of her broken ribs.

But these are not problems.

For a hunter who has been injected with filthy blood, such an injury can be fully recovered in only an hour.

"Time, I need time."

She raised her head.

Under the rain curtain, the bookstore in front revealed a faint light, and the rows of bookshelves inside could be vaguely seen from the glass windows.

Otherwise, it was dim all around.

So heavy rain, so many shops.

Only this store is still open, with a sign "in business" hung at the door, and a simple staircase for easy walking in front of the door is out of step with the surroundings.


It happened to be directly opposite this alley.

"Coincidence or trap?"

Ji Zhixu has no time to distinguish. She believes that her fellow hunters have a keen sense of smell, enough to smell her blood in the rain.

In this ocean-like heavy rain, swimming like a shark.

She must fight for enough hiding time as soon as possible.


The long blade in his hand was turned, and a spine-like blade was screwed into the interior, tightly inlaid, and in the blink of an eye, it turned into a metal cane with a dark and rough surface.

The rain was torrential.

Ji Zhixu opened the door of the bookstore.

The shop is very quiet.

When the sound of the cane hitting the ground sounded, she saw the owner of the bookstore.

It was a young man reading a book behind the counter.

The shirt and trousers are all black.

The broken black hair was a little messy, the skin was pale, and his slender, well-knotted hands were picking up the teacup and flipping through the pages of the book.

There is still a cup of tea on the counter, and white smoke is still hot.

There is no one on the high stool in front of the counter.

But Ji Zhixu couldn't

Ming felt that this cup of tea and this seat were prepared for her.

Her eyes swept across the entire bookstore.

Narrow and crowded.

Not only the bookshelves are full of books, but also a lot of books are piled up on the ground. The stairs leading to the second floor are half blocked by the bookshelves, and the windows are covered by a layer of dust, making it gloomy.

The counter and the young man, shrouded by the only light source, revealed an indescribable mystery in the darkness.

There is still a towel on the counter...

"Tick! Tick!"

She was indeed dripping with water, her whole body was soaked, her short black hair was close to her neck, and the low-cut dress revealed a touch of white greasy.


Lin Jie raised his head, warm yellow light reflected in his dark eyes.

He smiled and pushed the hot tea on the counter to Ji Zhixu, and said, "It's not wasted that I waited so long, but it was a beautiful guest who came in the rain."

It is a virtue to routinely praise customers.

But there is indeed an undisputed beauty in front of him. Even if it is wet by the rain, the face against the light also has impeccable beauty. The ivory white skin is shiny and smooth, like a carefully carved ancient stone statue.

This made him feel that his waiting was not in vain.

This guest looks like he needs to talk very much. Maybe today he can get a new friend and...a regular guest?

Ah, this is not the despicable businessmen, but the care of kindness!

Ji Zhixu looked at the tea cup in front of him, his pupils shrinking.

"Waiting for so long"-in other words, this bookstore owner is an insider, is he deliberately waiting for it?

Or is it another purpose?

But no matter what, the weird bookstore is revealed everywhere, the extremely precise timing, and this guy's unhurried look, it is obviously not simple.

Is it the Secret Tower? Or the truth will? Or was it the person who was in the appointment for Wap's Night?

In short, this guy is absolutely impossible to be an ordinary bookstore owner!

The vigilance in her heart rose, and she quietly turned the mechanism of the cane, as long as the situation was wrong, it would immediately become a murderous blade, piercing the eye socket of the man opposite.

"Are you waiting for me?" The hunter tentatively asked calmly.

Lin Jie smiled kindly and said, "Yeah, I always feel that fate is sometimes magical, and it allows two people who have never met to meet."

He pointed to the counter: "I hung up the towel there. Don't worry, if you haven't used it before, you can wipe the rain first. Do you need heating?"

Ji Zhixu hesitated to pick up the towel and shook his head: "No need."

Lin Jie watched carefully and saw her frowning brows. Based on past experience, he speculated that the other party might have encountered difficulties in life, so he cleared his throat and said:

"It seems that you are in trouble?"

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