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I’m Really Not An NPC

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After waking up, Su Mu found himself in a Three Kingdoms game beyond reality, and became a low-level farmer NPC who was recruited by the player’s village.

The Three Kingdoms were in troubled times, and the wars were endless.

The safety of the farmer NPC cannot be guaranteed in the slightest.

Fortunately, with a unique talent, Su Mu, who was adopted by Bai Fumei players//raised, can change jobs infinitely!

Turn 1 [militia], turn 2 [archers], turn 3 [spearmen], turn 4 [heavy armor sword], turn 5 [black cavalry], turn 6 [generals], turn 7…

Unlimited career transfers, unlimited enhancements!

When the game and reality are connected and the supernatural comes, Su Mu has already become a mythical general who can beat the world, unifying the game and reality, and creating his own supreme fairy garden!

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Short Title:IRNAN
Alternate Title:我真的不是NPC
Author:Mandate of Heaven
Weekly Rank:#6161
Monthly Rank:#5070
All Time Rank:#4559
Tags:City, Game Elements, Lolicon, Shuangwen, Upgrade and practice,
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30 Comments on “I’m Really Not An NPC
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  1. This kind of people should be cast away to 99 levels of hell! I am getting annoyed this guy has been posting this comment in every novel!

  2. It was a great story until the mc crossed over to Marvel. What about your base camp? What about mc wife and concubines? What about your generals and soldiers? The mc becomes a loner wandering outside after becoming emperor of gods. The author must have run out of ideas so he had to pull magic farts just to extend the story. The story should have ended nicely when he controls the world.

  3. I don't know whether the fact that China even thousands of year in the future still hold grudges againts Japan and Korea shows nationalistic they are or how petty and racists they are. Even when the whole world is unified, and the concept of countries has been eliminated, things such as discrimination on skin color, area origin, and personal dislikes still exists. A country that can't differentiate between the past and the present? A country that keep a grudge for a thousand years? Oh yeah, what a great country. Really shows what a nice personality they all have.

  4. No, The US violence are fueled by greed and power, meanwhile the Chinese's grudge are fueled on pure hatred and spite. What you're saying is like comparing Apples and oranges. Both are fruits but they have wildly different characteristics, flavor, and history.

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