The collision between Ba Ying and Xianmen was as hard as steel.

The blade on Ba Ying kept roaring.

I want to defeat the entire Immortal Sect.

The immortal energy around the immortal gate is also rippling, forming an invisible rebound cover, returning all power to Xu Zimo.

Xu Zimo laughed.

The wind and thunder were raging all around, and their power became stronger.

"You think you can suppress me with the help of the power of heaven."

"I want to conquer the sky. I'm not even afraid of the way of heaven, let alone you ants."

As Xu Zimo's voice fell, the power above Ba Ying became stronger and stronger.

This made the Immortal Lord's face change greatly.

When the knife fell just now, I really felt like I was on a journey through hell.

I can feel death coming.

Completely nail the Immortal Lord into the void.

Immediately afterwards, the Holy Ancestor directly threw the sky and suppressed it towards Xu Zimo.

A **** ray of light exploded out of the explosion that engulfed Xu Zimo.

The more the Saint Ancestor fought, the more frightened he became.

One side has all its trump cards out, while the other side is at a loss.

"Save you," the Immortal Master begged the Holy Ancestor for help.

In an instant, my expression changed slightly.

The speed of that light is very slow.

But until now, I have no intention and strength.

The Immortal Lord howled happily.

The Immortal Lord had just relaxed and still had time to react.

Before the body was destroyed, the remaining true spirit of the Holy Ancestor prepared to escape.

That time, the holy pattern on his forehead exploded, and the Saint Ancestor's body flew backwards.

I swooped directly up and killed in the direction of the Holy Ancestor.

It can be described as a storm of wind and thunder, and roars of swords.

Even though the Immortal Lord was able to break the void, his escape speed was slightly reduced.

And it has a terrifying and oppressive power that is difficult to resist.

Because of this, some dead people were resurrected.

The Immortal Master didn't react until the **** light had even flashed behind his eyes, but at that time it was too late for me to resist.

The Immortal Lord's roar and shouts sounded at the same time.

The world under my control cannot contain me at all.

The whole person was frozen in place and had to move.

There is almost no intact flesh in the entire arm.

The most important thing is that the integrity of the Immortal Sect makes it difficult for me to expand my Immortal Domain.

That made Saint Ancestor almost despair.

But now that the Immortal Sect has been split in half, it is only a serious injury, and it has shaken my foundation.

I swung my sword again, and the majestic power of the path pressed against the Immortal Master.

Ba Ying, who had just been sublimated, now landed heavily on the Immortal Sect.

The fist wind is fierce, the void is complete, and the sky is controlled by the fist.

The power of the small path in the body is actually able to operate.

Because the power in Xu Zimo's body is so powerful.

He tried to use this to stop Xu Zimo's actions and buy time for the Immortal Master.

The weak force formed a tangible shield to block Xu Zimo's knife.

It broke free from the constraints of gravity, and the powerful force tore everything apart.

It wasn't until he got closer that the Immortal Master saw the true face of the **** light.

He escaped.

When the violent explosion sounded, it caused a chain reaction in the seven-week void.

"The power of heaven is so great."

At the moment when he was flying backwards, the Holy Ancestor also tried his best to condense all the missing holy patterns.


It is the essence of his cultivation path to immortality.

I turned my fists into claws, and before grabbing hold of the Holy Ancestor, I tore with both hands, forcibly tearing the Holy Ancestor's body into two halves.

And so far, Xu Zimo has not fully demonstrated his own path.

I raised my arms, put Ba Ying away, and then waved my arms again.

An astonishing momentum erupted from the Holy Ancestor's forehead.

But even without Ba Ying, Xu Zimo still hasn't stopped.

At that time, the Immortal Master's heart felt relaxed.

When the Holy Ancestor saw that scene, he roared and wanted to rescue the Immortal Master.

"No, he hasn't used his full strength just now. I'm here to help you," the Holy Ancestor also shouted at the same time.

We can only seal Ba Ying as much as possible to strengthen Xu Zimo's power.

With just a wave of his hand, the whole world was like a piece of paper being crumpled up.

The indestructible immortal gate was split in half by this knife.

Immediately afterwards, the vast sword energy struck directly at the Holy Ancestor.

The white and **** sky-spreading tower is like a slender and sharp pagoda.

The two of them collided with each other hundreds of times almost instantly.

Immediately afterwards, Xu Zimo waved his left hand, the tip of the knife changed direction, and stabbed towards the Holy Ancestor's forehead.

There was another punch before, landing on the opponent's chest.

I use the power of heaven to control that world.

Before the Celestial Talisman killed the Immortal Lord, it was only because of the reason that I was severely injured. Instead, I was completely obliterated from my soul to my body, and even my true life and path.

Because the thing that passed through the Immortal Lord's body was none other than Soaring Heaven.

Although the Holy Ancestor is not trying his best to dodge.

And the Holy Ancestor was also resisting with difficulty.

The violent explosion completely submerged Xu Zimo.

"Go away," Xu Zimo roared angrily.

I am very understanding and very satisfied with the Immortal Lord's reaction.

But the scope covered by that saber energy is really too wide. Find Shuyuanwww.zhaoshuyuan.comm

The Immortal Sect is almost everything to him.

Xu Zimo laughed warmly.

That means I didn't use my full strength.

The Holy Ancestor frowned slightly.

But I found that Xu Zimo was like a wild horse running wild.

Because the terrifying suppressive power of this **** light made me move.

Xu Zimo's domineering shadow looked down, and the majestic sword energy was like a sea of ​​clouds, directly cutting off the sky.

But no matter how much I struggle, I can't resist the sky.

But when the **** light passed through the body of the Immortal Master, the Saint Ancestor's expression also changed slightly.

The Immortal Master wanted to escape, but the void was blocked for seven weeks.

But Xu Zimo gained power because of his kindness.

The blade struck the Holy Ancestor's forehead, and all the white hair on my head fell away.

There was a "boom".

"Why does he still have some energy left?"

Xu Zimo punched again, directly blowing away the arms of the Holy Ancestor.

Before tens of thousands of punches collided with each other, the Holy Ancestor's arms were still dripping with blood at this moment.

You must know that the Holy Ancestor will have the power of reincarnation after this.

Originally, the Holy Ancestor wanted to seal Xu Zimo.

I raised my hands above my head, forming the shape of a sky above my head.

That true spirit is the most important secret of the Holy Ancestor.

A holy pattern blocked the back of his face.

Suddenly, there was a strange movement in the void.

At this moment, the Holy Ancestor was also extremely relieved.

Directly sealing Xu Zimo's domineering shadow.

Holding the sword with both hands at the same time, he slashed at the Holy Ancestor again.

The Holy Ancestor condensed the violent power of heaven and earth together, and then I directly detonated the power of heaven and earth.

When Xu Zimo's path became powerful and powerful, it was a devastating attack.

In an instant, infinite gravity rushed towards Xu Zimo, trying to stop Xu Zimo's actions.