At this time, Dongying country didn't even know that there was an accident with its aircraft carrier.

In the Eastern Palace, the emperor is sleeping soundly with his concubine in his arms.


The sound of heavy rain suddenly sounded outside, and the heavy rain landed on the Imperial Palace, which shocked the emperor.

Looking outside, it turned out that it was just raining.

"Baga, how could it rain so heavily, I don't know if their mission is completed, forget it, and continue sleeping."

The emperor lay down again, not surprised by the "rain".

Until the smell of rain drifted down the ventilation duct into the Imperial Palace.

When the emperor smelled this smell, he immediately felt dizzy, nausea, and retching.

He hurriedly got up and wanted to go out to have a look, but found that'rain water' had seeped into the house, and the rain water had flooded the soles of his feet.

As soon as he touched the skin, the emperor's feet seemed to have been corroded by sulfuric acid and were bloody.


The emperor screamed in pain and hurried back to the bed.

But the water in this room is constantly rising, about to swallow the entire bed.

The concubine was also awakened and panicked.

Fortunately, there are many secret rooms designed to protect the emperor.

The Emperor’s room also has it, but the secret room button is under the bed.

At this time, the bottom of the bed was already submerged by this terrifying water. To press it, someone had to get into the water to find the button.

Seeing the power of this water, the emperor kicked his beloved concubine down without even thinking about it.

"Go for the button! Go!"

The concubine of the emperor was rapidly corroded all over, desperate to live, and screamed.

But she didn't want to die either, she could only endure the severe pain and pressed the button from the bed.

The wall at the head of the bed opened instantly, and the emperor rushed in immediately, and immediately closed the secret room door after entering.

The concubine was ruthlessly abandoned by him.

The emperor hid in the secret room before he breathed a sigh of relief. He lowered his head and glanced at his legs. They were **** and bloody, and some even exploded automatically, bursting into thick pulp.

Enduring the pain, the emperor called for outside support and waited for a long time before someone came outside to help.

A group of people in protective clothing rescued the emperor.

"What's the matter? What's the matter?" The emperor asked his men.

An expert sweated profusely: "It's still not clear, this kind of water has been found in various parts of Dongying Country."

"Everywhere? Where are they?"

"These nuclear waste waters have appeared in military camps and scientific research institutes everywhere. The environmental protection ambassador's home was completely submerged by nuclear waste water. The whole family was killed and the home of the cabinet prime minister was also flooded. Fortunately, there was a secret room for him to escape and escape.

"Nuclear waste water? You said this is nuclear waste water?" The emperor's eyes widened, unable to believe it.

Good thing, how can nuclear waste water suddenly gush out of these places? It's hard to understand.

"Yes, we don’t know where the nuclear waste water comes from, but the water is definitely nuclear waste water. The pollution and radiation are extremely high. Your Majesty, the Imperial Palace cannot be accommodated temporarily. You need to go to the hospital to treat the wound immediately. When these nuclear waste waters come into contact with the human body, they will ulcerate human organs to death at any time."

Experts can't bear to say that the emperor's life is still unknown if he has been exposed to these nuclear waste water, but these legs must be amputated.

"How could this be... the aircraft carrier dispatched to dump the nuclear waste water? No news came back?" The emperor remembered this.

The expert shook his head bitterly, and said: "I don't know why, we lost contact with the aircraft carrier, and no signal came back."

"Then send the air force to reconnaissance," the emperor said.

The expert shook his head again: "Now all military bases are flooded with nuclear waste water, and even all U.S. troops stationed in our country. All weapons, whether airplanes or tanks, are corroded and scrapped when they come into contact with nuclear waste water."

"Now these American soldiers are clamoring for us to give us an explanation. The American side also called to ask us what happened. The prime minister is already lacking in skills."

The emperor was frightened when he heard it, and after a long time he asked, "Are we going to finish the East?"

The expert gave comfort this time: "This is not enough, because only military bases and scientific research bases have been eroded, and there is no nuclear waste water in other places. The people even don't even know about this."

"Only our military bases and scientific research bases have had an accident? How could this happen? Someone must have done this deliberately. Investigate! Must be investigated carefully! Behind the scenes must be found out!" The emperor was furious.

"Yes! We will try our best to detect this, the Emperor, and I will tell you the bad news at the end."

"There is bad news? What do you guys do! Say!"

"Your legs must be amputated immediately."


That night, the entire senior level of Dongying stayed up all night.

The environmental ambassador even died in the nuclear waste water, and no one dared to get the bones.

All military bases and scientific research bases were flooded with nuclear waste water.

The losses can be said to be unprecedentedly heavy. All military bases can be said to be closed for emergency. All fighter jets, tanks, arsenals, etc., that have been in contact with nuclear waste water are also used for scrap.

Even the remaining two aircraft carriers were soothed by nuclear waste.

The direct loss is at least hundreds of billions of dollars!

I have to compensate and appease the United States. According to the urine of the United States, this group of guys must be slaughtered.

But there is no trick, you still have to suffer, after all, the United States is their father.

If Dad gets angry and ignores them, they will really panic.

While trying to make up for the loss, Dongying's high-level anger was furious and ordered a strict investigation of the real culprit.

In addition, it is to close the news and never let other countries know.

Experts soon detected that these nuclear waste waters were actually Fukushima nuclear waste water!

Combined with the disappearance of the previous aircraft carrier, the Fukushima nuclear waste water should be on the aircraft carrier.

Some high-level officials suspected that the chief of the aircraft carrier was treasonous and turned to the other side for profit and harmed them.

Because it was a bad thing, the departing aircraft carrier used Japan's most advanced technology to block all satellite signals.

So even the most advanced satellite technology in the United States does not know what this aircraft carrier did and where it is now.

Then Dongying dispatched spare warships and aircraft to the sea area where the nuclear waste water was previously ordered to be dumped.

After looking for a circle, there was no sign of the aircraft carrier.

This is even more suspicious, and it must have gone to the enemy!

They still don't know which enemy to cast, because all three countries are possible.

The high-level Dongying is called a wimp, that is called a qi.

Except for the Hiroshima atomic bomb, when have you suffered such a big loss and been so angry?

Moreover, the loss this time was much more serious than the Hiroshima atomic bomb.

The Hiroshima atomic bomb caused heavy casualties among the people, but now, the people are safe and sound.

But their military is almost collapsed.

Blame the person in charge of that aircraft carrier! Traitors! running dog! Traitor!

They can't wait to slash everyone on the aircraft carrier!

Little did they know that their aircraft carriers and warriors were already sinking under the sea at a depth of 10,000 meters...

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