Seeing this scene, Xiaoqing was the first to applaud.

Although Bai Suzhen felt that this was a bit improper, she also had a pleasant taste in her heart when she saw these books' mouths being sewn in one second before they were alive.

But Jiang Siming is not over yet, these little guys can be regarded as a lesson, but there is still no initiator.

Since it's useless to humiliate him so much, it shows that Xu Xian is indeed not the direction of the fragment.

If that's the case, besides chanting, by the way, you can also see if there is hope of killing Xu Xian and exploding fragments, in case it explodes.

Xu Xian, who was recuperating at home, felt her mouth dry and thought of drinking some water.

After looking at the kettle, there was no water, so Xu Xian had to take a bucket out and fetch water from a nearby public well.

But this time when he fetched water as usual, he felt cold behind his back, and then plunged into the well.

When everyone found out, Xu Xian had drowned for a long time.

Investigating the case quickly found that he had fallen into a well and drowned by himself, which made neighbors sigh.

A teacher would drown to death if he played a pot of water. Sure enough, he was nothing but a scholar.

From this day on, as the hero of "Green Snake", the son of luck in this plane, Xu Xian, just died.

For Jiang Siming, who killed Xu Xian, instead of feeling guilty, he felt very boring.

He thought that maybe there was something unexpected about killing Xu Xian.

Unexpectedly, nothing happened at all, and no fragments of hair were seen.

But think about it, Xu Xian became the hero of "Green Snake" entirely because Bai Suzhen fell in love with him.

If a thousand-year-old snake demon sees a mortal, then this mortal will naturally become the protagonist.

But now, Bai Suzhen didn't know who he was at all, and had no interest in him at all.

Then this mortal is just a mortal.

Killing a mortal, how can there be debris?

Jiang Siming wanted to understand, he felt that he still had to kill Fahai, um, this goal was reliable.

Fahai, who was healing at the Jinshan Temple, suddenly felt a gust of wind behind him, opened his eyes and looked around vigilantly.

This place that made him feel the most secure before, doesn't seem to be so safe now.

"I don't know when the master will arrive. When the master arrives, we must settle this account with this person!"

Fahai was clutching his dantian position, and still can hear severe pain.

Feeling this severe pain, Fahai's hatred for Jiang Siming added a bit more.

After Xu Xian died, Jiang Siming had moved into the residence of Bai Suzhen and Xiao Qing.

Although living with two snake monsters, Jiang Siming was not afraid at all.

Instead, let them not be restrained, and just turn back into a snake shape.

In this way, the two cute little snakes of the Q version are practicing by Jiang Siming all day.

Jiang Siming also catches them from time to time to make fun of them, feeling that he is about to become Xiao Yan, professionally playing snakes...

On this day, Bai Suzhen went to the market to buy some ingredients and went home to cook for Jiang Siming.

Only Jiang Siming and Xiaoqing are at home.

Xiaoqing, who had been practising obediently, saw her sister's absence, so she started to get crooked.

She transformed back into a human form, ran to Jiang Siming's feet, and begged: "Senior, can you teach me something about human emotions and six desires? My sister always says that I don't learn from others at all, saying that I have no emotions and six desires."

Jiang Siming continued to close his eyes and calm his mind, and replied contentedly: "Seven emotions and six desires are not something you can teach with your mouth, you have to experience it yourself."

"How do you feel it? Isn't it... this way?" Xiaoqing said, touching Jiang Siming's leg with his hand and slowly touching it.

Jiang Siming opened his eyes with a smile, and suddenly remembered the part in the original book where Fahai asked Green Snake to seduce him in order to temper his concentration.

Why don't you try your own concentration?

"Xiaoqing, teach you that you can, but only if we make a bet."

"Okay, okay, what to bet on?" Xiaoqing immediately agreed when Jiang Siming was willing to teach.

"Just bet you can mess up my concentration before your sister comes back."

Jiang Siming said confidently.

Regarding his concentration, Lao Jiang is not a fan, he is notoriously poor in concentration...Bah, he is a famous concentration cowhide!

After listening to Xiaoqing, her eyes lit up and she was a little shy at the same time, but she was still willing to accept the challenge.

So, from the White House, Xiaoqing's lavish voice began to be heard...

After a long time.

Jiang Siming walked out of the room with a subtle expression. He has become? Still failed?


A few days later, a Confucian master came to Qiantang River.

After discovering the news that his disciple Xu Xian had already died, he was very furious and believed that Jiang Siming had done it. He rose into the air on the spot and flew towards the White House.

The news that Jiang Siming had lived in the White House had been spread all over the past few days, and all the men in Qiantangjiang envied him.

This Confucian master naturally found Jiang Siming's location easily.

As soon as the Confucian master arrived in the sky above the White Mansion, he saw two figures coming at the same time.

The two sides looked at each other and immediately gave each other their hands.

"It turned out to be Mr. Meng He, a descendant of Old Master Meng."

"It turned out to be the dragon descending Arhat, disrespectful and disrespectful."

The identities of both parties are not ordinary, and both have high status in Confucianism and Buddhism.

One is a descendant of Confucian Mencius, and the other is the strongest among Buddhist Arhats.

Both sides greeted each other.

After a little communication, I realized that the goals of the two sides were the same, and both came to Jiang Siming to settle the accounts.

The enemy's enemy is a friend, and the two sides immediately formed an alliance and flew towards the White Mansion again.

Bai Suzhen, who was feeling at home about the new method that Jiang Siming taught her fortune yesterday, suddenly felt uneasy. It seemed that something amazing was approaching here quickly.

Bai Suzhen, who didn't care about cultivation, immediately ran to find Jiang Siming.

But he didn't know that Jiang Siming had already flown out of the White Mansion earlier, and took the initiative to approach in that direction.

The four lights and shadows stopped in the air. Among them, Fahai stepped on the magic weapon and barely floated in the sky. As for the other three, they all hovered directly without anything under their feet.

"Aren't all three of you here looking for me?" Jiang Siming said with a smile.

He really did not expect that he stabbed a big basket, and Confucianism and Buddhism would dispatch together to deal with him?

"Your Excellency asked clearly."

Confucian Meng He looked at Jiang Siming coldly. Jiang Siming killed his beloved disciple. Xu Xian was his favorite disciple. Although he had no talent for cultivation, he still liked this disciple very much.

Now that the disciple died tragically, he, the master, naturally had to come over to take revenge.

Meng He is a very top combat power in the Confucian cultivating circle, and he is indeed worthy of his pride in the middle of Yuan Ying.

On the other side, the strong and powerful old monk beside Fahai was very murderous, exuding a violent aura.

The old monk stared at Jiang Siming for a few moments, and said: "The donor has repeatedly opposed my Buddhism, and even injured my apprentice, and almost abolished it. This account can be calculated."

"No, don't you really think that the three of you can beat me?"

Jiang Siming said in a strange tone.

Immediately, the three of them were irritated, and they lost patience and started fighting!

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