"In this way, the poor monk has no choice but to learn from you."

When Fahai said this, he took off all his robes.

The green dragon tattoo all over his body is exposed.

"Social man?" Jiang Siming was delighted seeing this Fahai.

No wonder it is said that Fahai in "Green Snake" can be called Tathagata, this tattoo is too social.

When the robes took off, they flew out automatically, and the Buddha's light above brightened suddenly, like a sinking sun, burning all the darkness in this world.

The cassock was rapidly expanding, and it expanded to several tens of feet in a few breaths, and it was in a posture of covering the sky and the sun.

And quickly pressed towards Jiang Siming.

The Buddha's light mixed in this robes has a strong burning sensation. Bai Suzhen and Xiaoqing are uncomfortable tightly, and they breathe with fear.

This robes not only has a strong restraint effect on demons and evil spirits, but also has endless magical effects on fighting people.

The origin of Fahai's robes is extraordinary, and it belongs to the Yuan Ying period.

It's a pity that in Jiang Siming's eyes, the difference between the two realms of the Nascent Soul Stage and the Transcendent Stage, can be said to be the difference between cloud and mud.

Even in the Yuan Ying Stage Consummation Stage, in front of the God Transformation Stage, they are all younger brothers, and dozens of them can't be opponents.

Not to mention that the little monk in the early Yuanying stage, Hai, could not control its true power even if he had a powerful magic weapon.

Seeing the robes cover him!

Jiang Siming stretched out his right hand, opened his palm, and made another fist.

In an instant, thousands of hair-thin lines appeared in the air, and these lines gathered together like a flower tube.

And the center of convergence is the center of the robes.

The lines and the robes touched together, and the Buddha's light on the robes was suddenly dimmed, and the spiritual energy on the robes suddenly ran out like a dyke-breaking reservoir.

Looking at this cassock again, cracks began to appear, cut by these lines.

It's like a pair of scissors cutting ordinary cloth. It's extremely sharp, and the cloth can only be cut.

Fa Hai was shocked, ignoring his heartache, and hurriedly withdrew his robes.

The robes returned to his hands, it was already in tatters, without any aura, and became a beggar's clothing.

Seeing the destruction of his precious treasure, Fahai was furious, and the golden bowl in his hand and the Buddhist beads on his neck were sacrificed at the same time.

Both treasures belong to the Yuan Ying period, just like the robe.

Fahai was taken out, and one of the ordinary cultivators could walk sideways among the cultivators of the same realm.

"There are a lot of babies, so I'll beat you up one by one."

Jiang Siming sneered, and the golden bowl and Buddha beads were all broken into **** in the next second.

There was a big hole in the bottom of the golden bowl, and the Buddhist beads were scattered all over the place.

Fa Hai's heart almost bleeds, and his three most proud magic weapons were all destroyed by Jiang Siming.

At the same time, he also began to feel fear of Jiang Siming's strength.

In the first match, Fahai felt that the opponent was at best a mid-primary infant stage, but now, he felt that he must have guessed wrong.

This person is definitely not just the strength of the mid-Yuan Ying!

It would be dangerous to stay, Fahai turned around and wanted to run away.

"You want to run after you shot? I haven't shot yet."

Fahai was shocked, and when he looked back, he was greeted with a palm!

This palm hit directly at the position of Fahai Dantian Yuanying.


Fa Hai was struck by lightning, and the little Yuan Ying's painful scream in his dantian almost broke apart.

Just when Jiang Siming wanted to do it, the blue dragon tattoo on Fahai's body suddenly burst into a sordid Buddha light.

A blue dragon emerged from Fahai's back. On the dragon's head, there was a monk who looked like an Arhat sitting.

"No, it's the clone of Jianglong Arhat! Senior Jiang, you have to be careful!" Bai Suzhen recognized the appearance of the Azure Dragon Arhat and hurriedly shouted to Jiang Siming.

"Falling Dragon Arhat?"

Jiang Siming smiled, he could indeed feel the huge momentum coming from this Azure Dragon Arhat.

If it is the real body, there should be a cultivation base from the later Yuan Ying.

But this is a clone, and its power is only in the middle stage of Yuan Ying, and it is still a clone.

This should be the last guarantee that Jianglong Arhat wants to protect the sea.

Qinglong let out a howl of a dragon, and killed Jiang Siming. The bald donkey sitting on it was also abominable and murderous.

Jiang Siming was not in a hurry, and the big cutting technique was performed again, thousands of lines were densely packed, and they moved towards the blue dragon and Luohan.

It was just a matter of face-to-face time, the clone of Jianglong Arhat suddenly shattered and turned into ashes.

But Fahai had also escaped and ran away.

Seeing Fahai running far away, Jiang Siming didn't want to chase him, so he broke his confidence first.

He could already see the light of the fragments brightened a lot before Fahai ran.

He didn't dare to kill the other party directly, if the kill was gone, wouldn't it be a waste of all previous efforts.

Step by step, torture him all over, then kill him.

Seeing that the sea was gone, Bai Suzhen and Xiao Qing were shocked and recovered.

The two women looked at Jiang Siming with horror.

They knew Jiang Siming was very powerful, but they didn't expect to be so powerful.

He easily defeated Fahai, and when he raised his hand, he destroyed the avatar of Jianglong Luohan on Fahai's back.

What is the strength of Senior Jiang?

The two little snake monsters couldn't help swallowing their saliva. Fortunately, Senior Jiang was not like Fahai, who would accept the monster.

If so, they wouldn't survive even nine lives.

But such a powerful person is willing to respect these monsters like them, and even make friends with them, even if they offend the Buddhist family, they have to protect them.

At this time, both Bai Suzhen and Xiaoqing had general feelings in their hearts at the same time, with gratitude, worship, and...love.

"Well, this bald donkey ran away, I can go back to the store if I'm fine." Jiang Siming clapped his hands.

Bai Suzhen and Xiao Qing hurriedly saluted.

"Thank you, senior, for saving me and Xiaoqing again. Today is Tomb-sweeping Day. I and Xiaoqing would like to invite Brother Jiang to go on an outing in the West Lake to have some wine and food to see the scenery. I wonder if Senior has...time?" Asked.

"Of course, I'm hungry, let's go." Jiang Siming agreed happily.

The two little snake monsters were overjoyed and immediately led the way.

The three came to the West Lake, rented a boat, and drove to the depths of the West Lake.

Jiang Siming sat on the bow, enjoying the beauty of the West Lake after a thousand years, while eating the dishes that Bai Suzhen made himself.

This is what Bai Suzhen really cooks himself, not to deceive people with snakes, insects, rats and ants.

She didn't dare to deceive Jiang Siming by giving Bai Suzhen ten courage.

"Senior Jiang, this time you injured this monk. Your strength is extraordinary. You must have a high status in the Buddhist school. Will you... offend the Buddhist school for this?"

Bai Suzhen sat across from Jiang Siming and expressed his concerns.

Jiang Siming took a sip of the wine and smiled and said, "What about offending, this group of decent bald guys, I think they are not pleasing to your eyes."


The two women laughed at the same time.


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