"Xu Shizhu, to tell you the truth, the two girls you are looking at are actually changed from snake spirits, one white and one green."

"How could this be."

"I want you to help me now, to hold the woodcarving shop owner, I will solve these two snake monsters."

"Ah? How can I delay this? The boss looks tall and mighty."

"He is not only tall in appearance, but also a Taoist expert."

"Then I dare not even more."

"Don't worry, you are a mortal, whether you are from Taoism or Buddhism, you will only deal with demons and evil spirits, and will not harm innocent people. If he does something to you, my Buddhist master will never do anything. Will go down the mountain to give you this bad breath."

"OK then..."


Xu Xian and Fahai conspired a plan, a plan aimed at Jiang Siming and Bai Suzhen, was born.

Just in time for the Qingming Festival on the Qiantang River, many people have rented boats to go on a picnic in the West Lake.

Bai Suzhen and Xiaoqing also rented a boat and wanted to invite Jiang Siming to go on an outing. The two girls just planned to go to Jiang Siming's shop.

Hit a monk head on.

"Amitabha, the two snake monsters dared to sneak into the world for evil, and did not put the poor monk in their eyes. The poor monk will earn you a golden bowl!"

Bai Suzhen frowned and said: "Monk, you and my well do not offend the river. Besides, when did you see our sisters doing bad things? Could it be that you are right and wrong?"

"Hmph, although I haven't seen you doing evil, but you sneak into the world, you must be a plot to do evil, as long as the demon is in the world, the poor monk has the responsibility to capture you!

Fahai didn't listen to Bai Suzhen's explanation at all, so he started with the Dawei Tianlong Curse.

Bai Suzhen and Xiao Qing had no choice but to fight him.

When the two were fighting, in Jiang Siming's small shop, Xu Xian was sitting in the shop with a big smile, and brought a lot of good wine and food.

"Boss, I was wrong a few days ago. This time I am here to make amends. Come and come. Today, my boss and I are not drunk or return."

Jiang Siming was lying on the bamboo chair in the shop, looking at him with a smile.

"No, please go back. I believe that the white girl must have prepared a richer wine and dishes to entertain me. Her cooking is even better than the chef of the most famous restaurant in Qiantang River." Jiang Siming said leisurely.

Xu Xian chuckled and said, "Boss, you might not know, the white girl and the green girl, but two snake monsters have changed, otherwise do you really think they will fall in love with you?"

"Oh, yes, that's your shit?"


"I am kind to rescue you. I heard people say that you are a Taoist expert, so don't let yourself be fooled!"

Jiang Siming was too lazy to talk nonsense with him, he waved, Xu Xian and the whole table of dishes flew out of the store.

Jiang Siming closed the store door and deliberately pretended to be looking for Bai Suzhen.

When Xu Xian looked at it, he couldn't care about the wine and vegetables spilled on his body, so he stopped in front of Jiang Siming.

"I don't allow you to go. As a Taoist expert, but you are in the same way as the fairies and are addicted to female sex, you are in vain as a Taoist priest!"

Jiang Siming smiled and replied, "I am obsessed with female sex, unless you are jealous of me?"

Xu Xian was dumb again.

Jiang Siming was a little puzzled. He thought that the protagonist who was angry like Qi Yi Xiaochuan could slowly find the direction of the debris.

Yi Xiaochuan is like this, the more disappointed and angry, the more obvious the fragmentation.

But he has made Xu Xian so angry these days, and he talked and laughed with the two little snake spirits he was looking at.

Even let him eat **** in public, it was like this, he couldn't even find the shadow of a fragment.

Is it useless for this copy to use this trick?

Think about it, Yi Xiaochuan is different from Xu Xian. Xu Xian is a shameless guy. He would rather be a son-in-law in order to pick up girls.

Besides, the protagonist of "Green Snake"... does not seem to be him either.

Damn, it took days to find a wrong clue.

Jiang Siming was sullen in his heart, and he wanted to leave if he didn't want to deal with this waste.

Xu Xian still didn't know whether he was alive, and he just continued to stop him.

He believed what Fahai said, Jiang Siming would never dare to do anything to him, so he was confident.

Jiang Siming was originally upset, this guy dared to mess with him.

Jiang Siming slapped the face and slapped Xu Xian away.

Xu Xian took a bit of blood in the air, seven or eight teeth flew out of his mouth, and finally smashed into a nearby latrine pit again, causing all the surrounding people to run out.

Fortunately, a kind-hearted person helped to get Xu Xian out of the pit.

Jiang Siming has long since disappeared.

On the other side, Fahai had been fighting with Bai Suzhen for a long time.

Although Bai Suzhen was already at the Golden Core Consummation Realm, she was still not the opponent of Fahai in the Yuan Ying's early stage.

Besides, Fahai had a lot of Buddhist magic weapons in his hands, and Bai Suzhen died to death. If Xiaoqing were not there to help, she would have been taken by Fahai long ago.

Rao is so, the two sisters are already poor and can't support it for long.

"Monk, you really want to kill them all! Our sisters are apprentice disciples who are practicing under the seat of Guanyin in the South Sea, and have been under the shadow of the Buddha."

"Hehe, the last spider spirit said the same thing. A demon is a demon. How could Avalokitesvara accept such a demon as a disciple? It's ridiculous. Give me a golden bowl to reflect on it, Dawei Tianlong!"

Fahai didn't listen at all, and still shot Bai Suzhen.

Bai Suzhen gritted her teeth to support, and said to Xiaoqing: "Xiaoqing, go quickly and go to Senior Jiang for help."

Xiaoqing also knew that the matter was urgent, so she turned around and wanted to find Jiang Siming.

However, as soon as he turned his head, he saw Jiang Siming standing behind them.

A sense of security fills Xiaoqing's heart inexplicably.

"Senior, please save my sister, this smelly monk will accept us if he doesn't agree." Xiaoqing asked for help.

Jiang Siming nodded, and said, "I see, you can come back."

Upon hearing this, Xiaoqing had no doubt to retreat to Jiang Siming, and Bai Suzhen did the same.

Fahai frowned again when he saw Jiang Siming, Xu Xian did not entangle him.

"Donor, do you want to prevent me from receiving demons again?"

"Ask it knowingly."

"Bold! You have helped the demon many times, so how do you deserve to be a Taoist expert? Did your uncle master teach you this way?" Fahai was furious.

If it hadn't been beaten, he would have done it early.

"You kill the demon when you see it, and kill the innocent regardless of good or bad. How did your uncle master teach you?" Jiang Siming asked rhetorically.

"Absurd, a demon is a demon, these two snake spirits sneaked into the world, obviously they are hiding evil intentions, and the poor monks accept them to prevent trouble!"

"Well, it makes sense." Jiang Siming nodded approvingly.

Fahai thought he had figured it out, and it happened that Amitabha gave a compliment to Jiang Si for his noble morality of correcting his mistakes.

However, Jiang Siming's next sentence made him furious.

"That's right, but... I want to protect them, how?"

Fahai's face turned blue, obviously anxious.

Jiang Siming's eyes brightened, because he saw the light and shadow of the fragments!

It turned out that the clue was on him, shit, how could he be so stupid to find Xu Xian.


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