"I came to this shop yesterday and came to be curious. I saw that these wood carvings are good, so I wanted to buy a piece of it and take it home. Who knew that the boss was sitting on the floor and asking for five hundred grains of silver. It was ridiculous!"

Xu Xianyi spoke upright and described Jiang Siming as a profiteer.

How could he miss this opportunity to help the United States with justice.

Unfortunately, Xu Xian found that what he said seemed to have no effect on the girl in white clothes Shengxue.

Bai Suzhen picked up a piece of wood carving and could clearly feel a trace of Taoism left by an expert on it.

As soon as she touched, she seemed to sense the flowing light of Dao Yun inside, and she had stabilized a lot because she had just broken through the unconsolidated realm of cultivation.

Bai Suzhen is overjoyed, thinking that Jiang Siming is indeed a powerful senior, and the wood carvings he can easily carve are very helpful to cultivation.

This wood carving, if you bring it back for more enlightenment, you will definitely benefit a lot.

Bai Suzhen played with wood carving for a long time before she turned her gaze back reluctantly.

"This wood carving is worth a thousand gold, five hundred taels of silver, it's cheaper for you."


Xu Xian is stupid, this girl doesn't have a bad brain, is it cheaper for a piece of wood to be five hundred taels?

Could it be the daughter of a big family? The kind that never lacks money?

"Girls don't want to laugh, this kind of wood carving can be seen everywhere, many shops have them, and you can buy them for a few cents at most. Girls, don't trust this profiteer."

Xu Xian still wanted to persuade him with all his heart.

Bai Suzhen is already a little angry. This person has been slandering and slandering her benefactor since he came in, and he has regarded her kindness as the liver and lungs of her benevolence. He is really a corrupt scholar!

"You can not buy if you don't want to buy. Has the store forced you to buy?" Bai Suzhen asked.

Xu Xian dumbly replied: "That's not true."

"In that case, you don't want to buy it, so what a gentleman to slander others!"

"I...I didn't slander him, I told the truth, girl, I don't want you to be deceived."

"It's my business whether I buy or not, what to do with you, you are teaching in a private school, and you come here so specially, I suspect that your purpose is not pure!" Bai Suzhen said ironically.

The nerd Xu Xian was arguing about Bai Suzhen's opponent, and he couldn't tell the bullshit.

He did not dare to argue with Bai Suzhen, for fear that the other party hated him.

So he looked at the three people in the store, and chose to target Jiang Siming.

"Shopkeeper, tell yourself, if you do this business, your conscience won't hurt? You can admit your mistakes and correct them in time, so that the gentleman can do it."

Jiang Siming yawned and automatically ignored the words of the fool.

Xu Xian in "Green Snake" is really annoying.

On the surface, he is a gentleman, but his head is full of dirty thoughts.

He strictly ordered the students not to talk about love, but he was the first to have no ethics and hook up with Bai Suzhen.

After the incident, he was still dissatisfied and coveted Xiaoqing.

Carrying a white snake on his back, he took the initiative to derail, but he was caught and threw the pot to Xiaoqing, saying that Xiaoqing seduce him.

In the original novel, he was shocked by Xiaoqing's current post.

Bai Suzhen and Xiao Qing had no choice but to ran to Lingtai Mountain to steal the Ganoderma lucidum. Bai Suzhen took the Ganoderma lucidum and asked Xiao Qing to go back to rescue Xu Xian, staying behind to block the crane.

But after Xiaoqing went back to rescue Xu Xian, Xu Xian didn't find his wife for the first time, but continued to tease Xiaoqing, and even coaxed Xiaoqing into bed.

In the end, Fahai took him to become a monk. At the beginning, he was obsessed with the beauty of the world and refused to become a monk. Later, when he discovered that the other party was the snake demon queen, he decisively abandoned his wife and lover and chose to lean on the Buddha's thigh.

In the end, Bai Suzhen was killed by Fahai. In order to avenge her sister, Xiaoqing personally killed Xu Xian, a scumbag.

The plot of the movie version is still in order to take care of the audience's acceptance, so a relatively large modification has been made.

In the original novel, Xu Xian is not a good person.

If it weren't for the temporary whereabouts of the debris, Jiang Si would throw him directly to Jinshan Temple as a monk tomorrow morning.

"If you two want to buy wood carvings, I will give you a discount. One hundred taels will do." Jiang Siming said against Bai Suzhen.

Bai Suzhen felt like a pie in the sky, such a big bargain, one hundred taels can be obtained.

She quickly took out a few huge pearls and said, "The little girl has no silver on her body. This is a century-old pearl unique to Clam Jing, okay?"

"Of course, this pearl has a good color. If it is sold, it can be worth five or six hundred taels. I still make it." Jiang Siming took it with a smile.

Bai Suzhen immediately hugged the woodcarving like a baby, and Xiao Qing also picked one.

As for Xu Xian's anxious jump, why are these two girls so reluctant, not listening to his advice at all.

The two sisters, who were eager to bring the wood carvings back to the enlightenment, did not dare to disturb Jiang Siming more, and left the shop after saluting.

Jiang Siming continued to sit back at the table and fiddle with his wooden sculptures.

Not long after Xu Xian chased it out, he returned again.

Seeing his dejected look, he knew that he had failed again when he tried to approach Bai Suzhen again.

This time it was even scolded by Bai Suzhen.

Xu Xian's anger, he felt that it was Jiang Siming's fault, it was his little white face that made Bai Suzhen wince at him.

Isn't this profiteer just handsome, what's so great?

Xu Xian, who was appreciative in his heart, returned to Jiang Siming's shop, thinking more and more angry.

"You profiteer, making money with such a conscience, I must report to the government to punish people like you!"

After that, Xu Xian turned his head and left. Just as soon as he left the house, he fell into a big somersault.

His face hit a tuft of cow dung and he buried it firmly.

Neighbors in the neighborhood laughed, Xu Xian got up from the cow dung pile and ran home while vomiting. He even temporarily forgot about the reporter.

After a few more days, the people in Qiantang River began to spread the word, saying that a new tenant had arrived in the town, two sisters.

These two women are so shameful and shameful that many sons of rich people want to pursue them.

However, none of them succeeded, and even ignored them.

On the contrary, these two girls often go to and out of a small wood carving shop, and sometimes bring good food and wine to the owner inside.

Every time the two women came in, they always came out with a smile.

Rumor has it in the town that the owner of this shop is handsome and has become a white face, and he has two rich women.

Xu Xian was the one who spread the rumor.

During this period of time, Xu Xian tried every means to get close to Bai Suzhen, but failed all the time. He was absent-minded, and even had no intention of teaching.

Staying at home every day in a daze, thinking about how to approach the two fairy-like girls.

But no matter what he thought of, it was of no avail, Bai Suzhen and Xiao Qing ignored him at all.

Xu Xian was about to lose his hair.

On this day, a monk came to his house and smoothly helped him resolve his desire for lovesickness during this period.

Xu Xian, feel comfortable.


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