001. Fragments invisible to others

"Xiao Jiang, run the poison! What are you still doing there in a daze?"

"I'm going, Jiang Siming, you are not disconnected, are you? Why are you running into poison?"

"Don't worry about him being forced by this dish, I will take Mr. Wang to run poison first, Mr. Wang, you sit behind me, I will block the bullet for you!"


Listening to the dialogue from the cheap headphones, Jiang Siming, who was sitting in the Internet cafe, stared at his computer screen blankly.

Jiang Siming graduated from University for three years and worked as a salesperson in a real estate company. Today, I played games with two colleagues and team manager Wang.

Compared with the other two colleagues, Jiang Siming's skills are good, he came to work as a medical soldier to carry bullets.

In fact, his skills are not good and he can't flatter, so his sense of presence in the game is extremely low, even negligible...

At this time, Jiang Siming's computer screen did not crash, and the game did not drop.

It's just that in Jiang Siming's eyes, there is something different in his game screen.

While he was running poison, Jiang Siming found that he was passing through City P and found a white light flashing inside.

At first, he thought he had read it wrong or the computer screen was fuzzed, but he repeatedly confirmed that Jiang Si clearly saw it.

"Huh buddy, do you think there is light?"

Jiang Siming also pointed to the computer and asked the guy next to him who was also eating chicken, but the other party shook his head and said, "No, what light?"

"It's this white light, can't you see it? It's very bright."

Jiang Siming doesn't believe in evil, is it really something wrong with his eyes? cataract? Are you going to use SharpEss to cure your eyes?

"How can there be light, I think you are wicked, run poison, buddy, you are almost poisoned to death."

The buddy next to me kindly reminded and denied it again.

Jiang Siming was surprised. In order to confirm that he was not mistaken, he changed his direction, turned his head and walked into P City, and quickly determined the source of the light spot, which was in a three-story building.

This is already the third wave of poison. There are no ghosts in the city, and all the poisons are gone. Jiang Siming is not worried about people in the city, so he rushes into this three-story residential building with bright spots.

On the top floor of the third floor, Jiang Siming was stunned.

A piece of white note-like fragments quietly floated in the corner, and the piece of paper was still bright white, very conspicuous.

But this is not something from the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds game at all?

"Eh eh, look, buddy! Is this a new item in the game?"

Jiang Siming yelled, and the buddy next to him impatiently came over again and took a look at it carefully, speechlessly:

"Where are the pieces? There is nothing in this room, are you kidding me playing?"

"Can't you see such a big fragment, so bright? It's here!"

Jiang Siming pointed to the fragments of white notes on the computer screen, which looked pretty.

"Fart fragments, I think you are sick!" The man ignored Jiang Siming, only treating him as a fool.

"Why? How could he not see it?" Jiang Siming said incredulously, could it be that only he could see this thing?

In curiosity, Jiang Siming decided to take a look at what happened to this fragment first.

Go over and press the pickup button, only to hear a ding-dong sound in my mind.

"Pick up [98k Proficiency] Fragments*1 (1/1). The number of fragments is full and can be used directly."


Regardless of the shock, Jiang Siming already vaguely knew that something was wrong.

At the moment Jiang Siming chose to use the fragments, his mind suddenly seemed to flood with aura.

Later, Jiang Siming was horrified to discover that in his brain, he had a lot of knack for using 98k, such as opening the mirror, shooting in advance, moving the target, raising the gun height... etc., a lot of information about this game sniper rifle Information.

And he happened to be carrying a handful of 98k on his back. He wanted to find a tree to try it out, but Wang Jun and the others were already impatiently urging.

"What's the matter with you, Xiaojiang? Isn't it a silly beep? Quickly take out the poison and send me the medicine package!"

Hearing the manager's rudeness to himself, Jiang Siming resisted being scolded, he screamed and chose to obey.

He is no longer a student from the Sunshine School who was fascinated by all the girls in the Sunshine School who was ‘instructing the country’s literary dung.’

The cruelty of the workplace is far beyond his imagination.

Although I wanted to reply, Jiang Siming suffered a lot from the previous cases of confronting the boss.

Otherwise, the top students who graduated from the prestigious prestigious universities will not be mixed up as a small salesman.

Reluctantly ran out of the drug ring, Jiang Siming was urged by two colleagues to hand over all the medicine before he could get the medicine.

"It's useless for you to take medicine, Xiao Jiang, you're just holding a gun next to you. If one of us falls, you can quickly pull it, you know?" Wang Jun said in an orderly tone.

"Oh." Jiang Siming agreed casually and then disappeared.

The medicine was given to them all, Jiang Siming himself could only maintain half blood, but the 98k didn't hand it over, not because they didn't want it, but they had all.

So Jiang Siming was lucky to have a sniper rifle that could not be handed in. Before he picked up the mini14, they would scrape it over.

It's just a pity that his 98k only has a red dot sight, which is equivalent to a fire stick.

Before the change, Jiang Siming was able to use this 98k as a wedding salute, only listening to the sound, not hitting people.

But now, Jiang Siming is confident, even with the red dot scope, he can kill people!

"I see people! To the southeast, I am rushing towards us!" colleague Zhou Qiang shouted.

"Stop them, Mr. Wang, your marksmanship is the best. When I'll go ahead and shoot to attract firepower, you can clean them up." Another colleague Yuan Bing started flattering again.

Jiang Siming was speechless in his heart. He really didn't understand how they were so capable, and a guy who couldn't get close to him was blown away by them.

But now that the enemy is coming, Jiang Siming doesn't care about the taunts, and quietly waits for the prey with 98k.

After a while, a full formation came to the southeast, but it was still a little far away.

When Zhou Qiang and the others saw the equipment configuration on the opponent's body, their expressions became serious, and the opponents were all uniform!

There is also a black eye-catching helmet on the head, this is the head!

"I'm doing it! The equipment on the other side is too good, it's a bit hard to fight."

** Armor is able to resist a lot of bullets, it is very difficult to think of the opponent in seconds.


At this time, a bullet broke the silence, and it was shot by Wang Jun.

Unbearable Wang Jun thought he could be one second, and shot them first, exposing their position.

Zhou Qiang and Yuan Bing were both beeping dogs in their hearts, but naturally they wouldn't speak out, so they could only shout and start shooting, followed by shooting.

The hurried shooting had very little effect. The three people didn't even lose one of them, so the enemy team reacted and ran under the bunker to hide.

It can be seen that this team is good at playing, they are not hurried, they are methodical.

On the contrary, Wang Jun's hearts trembled as they were blown away by the precision grenades, and Wang Jun was almost killed.

"Why don't you go? Mr. Wang, you can't do it..." Zhou Qiang said to Wang Jun, lying on the ground shivering.

"Okay... This team is lucky. After picking up so many gangsters, we will clean them up later." Wang Jun put down the'ruthless words' and turned around and ran away.

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