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I’m on the Road To Probation Paranoia

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Every world has a crazy person, either planning how to destroy the world, or on the way to destroy the world.

Bai Han’s task is only one, to influence these people.

Bai Han: I treat you as a friend (relative), even as a daughter, but you treat me as a wife? !

Someone: Xiaohan, if you dare to leave me, I will break your leg! (Omit the 30,000-word threat!)

System: Sacrifice for world peace, and I will apply for a subsidy for you.
System: … Am I missing that bit of traffic? What is it like?

The first world:
Bai Han: While the villain is still young, try to make her childhood full of love. I hope she will also be a loving person when she grows up.
After he succeeded and retired, Bai Han went abroad for medical treatment, and came back to see the results of his hard work.
Villain: Why, why did you leave me after I finally believed that there was still a sun in this world? What about standing behind me forever?
Bai Han: …Wait, let go of my hand first, I won’t run, really won’t run.

Second world:
Bai Han: This little maid is really pitiful. She should take shelter under her wings. I’m afraid she will misunderstand that she has an intention against her, and save her little sister together.
Villain: Why, why can’t you just see me in your eyes? You are mine, mine alone.
Bai Han: … If you have something to say, don’t do it first, no, you can’t even talk!

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One sentence introduction: I treat you as a friend, but you treat me as a wife?
Purpose: To change yourself appropriately is to love others and love yourself.

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Short Title:IRTPPW
Alternate Title:我在感化偏执狂的路上[快穿]
Author:Qiong Jiuqian
Weekly Rank:#5519
Monthly Rank:#5293
All Time Rank:#7672
Tags:Possessive Characters, World Hopping, Yandere,
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  1. Can someone please tell me the name of the yuri novel i read where in one arc mc became the dark goddess while the fl is the holy priest of light god, the mc pretended to be a light god believer to get closer to the fl i remember the fl's name in that arc is elaine. And some nights the mc would enter fl's dream unknowingly altering the fl's memory and making her believe that the mc is the one who saved her when she was a child. By the way the fl in that arc is blonde.

  2. Non-con means non consensual which is a term used for forced physical seduction. In other words, it simply defines the meaning of rape which is extremely controversial in novels that have yandere's, ironic isn't it. And @GBeeee i appreciate you asking that, i will try to finish the novel as fast as possible to not keep your question waiting. And for the people who is obsessed with the non con genre may you see through your fetishes as soon as possible.

  3. Thank you for clear it. I actually drop at arcs 1 and skip some chapters because I don’t like MC. She is too timid and scarey cat. arcs seems interesting but MC ruin it for me. She is so stupid naive and timid. I hate naive, timid, useless MC.

  4. Chapter 29 has the yandere FL drug MC and then sexually assault her. So this novel has at least one instance of non-con because I've only just reached chapter 29.

  5. I read through four worlds and couldn’t read anymore. Each one of those four worlds is non consensual. The twin one is the worst.

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