Bei Miao didn't know why his father asked himself to participate in the signing ceremony, which was not particularly important, but he finally came here and completed the contract with Xu's Shipping Company.

As a world-renowned technology company, Shinra Technology has a large number of new employees joining it every year, and of course many old employees are poached. It can be said that the current Shinra company has become a sweet potato, after all, it can enter it through screening. The people are basically that kind of quite outstanding existence.

As the CEO of Shenluo Company, Bei Miao doesn’t care about the turnover of the company’s grassroots. After all, those truly outstanding people have a new contract waiting for them after they bloom their talents, and those people almost don’t. It may be poached, and this has allowed Shenluo to continuously increase its core competitiveness in the field of technology.

Being able to become a partner of Shinra Corporation is something that most companies dream of. After all, compared to those loose orders that are not fixed, Shinra's stable demand can basically ensure that a normal operating company is stable. Going forward, even if there are some accidents, it can still make a comeback with the orders from Shinra.

Although Bei Miao didn't know that the young man he saw today was the summoner of Feiying armor, Long knew this very well, and seeing Xu Tingfei, Long was like seeing the original Bei Miao.

Xu Tingfei is not so mature now. The only advantage he has now is to have money. Although his appearance is considered an advantage, it does not allow him to receive more attention in the society. And now he is now very concerned about the power of Feiying armor. Development is just staying at a fairly basic stage.

Long didn't know why he chose to leave out the immovable mountains and the moving thunder when he was designing the flying shadow armor. Could it be that these two elements don't match the flying eagle armor, which represents speed?

It comes from the Military Struggle in Sun Tzu's Art of War, but Xu Rulin has included it. Long is very curious about why there is no last two sentences.

However, when Xu Tingfei was training, Long had already imitated this armor. Compared with the Five Elements armor, the difficulty of imitation of the three armors such as Xing Tian was really low.

Although these three sets of armor are not at the level of general-purpose weapons, not every soldier can use them on Ares.

Looking at the armored summoning device that looked like an MP3 in his hand, Long just wanted to say that Bei Miao's summoning device was really good, at least much better than this kind of armored summoning device that looked rather shameless.

"Sure enough, sometimes it's not that these things are really bad, but the things we first came into contact with, making it difficult for us to accept other systems."

The dislike for this summoner just now, after Long adjusted its state, it disappeared immediately, replaced by a sense of identity. After all, for some relatively fresh attempts, many people would use it because they did not suit their tastes. Treat it with a disgusting attitude.

Just like Takashi himself, he is a very nostalgic person. In addition to special photos, his love for various animations is different from that of many young people, because when he was growing up, it happened that a large number of Japanese animations were introduced into the sky. At that time, the Japanese animation of that period left him a very good memory, and this also led to his rejection of the new generation of animation, because he still prefers the theme of the past, and the young Some things that newcomers are looking for are hard to get the approval of his "old man".

However, even if he looks like this, it does not prevent Takashi from loving Mr. Ishimori. After all, Ishimori, who was first known as a manga artist, was already a top manga master in Japan before he was invited to create "Kamen Rider". He seldom repeats the subject matter he has painted in the past, and this is why he calls himself "a painter of ten thousand". After all, he is a man who can create on any subject.

In his own life, Mr. Shimori has been experimenting constantly, and he is becoming more and more famous. Therefore, he was also selected by Aunt Dong and became the creator of Kamen Rider. After all, in Aunt Dong’s view, it was possible at that time. Only Mr. Ishimori can help them and create a series that can fight against Tsuburaya.

Long didn't know that he was very able to accept the different themes that Mr. Shi Sen had tried, but he recognized this spirit very much, but it was a pity that he didn't really like to get out of his comfort zone.

"The armor fits together."

A very calm voice came from Long’s mouth, and the armored summoner, which had been modified by him, immediately opened the wings after Long pressed the switch, and flew from Long’s hand to Long’s waist. A set of blue-based armor completely covered Long's body.

Wearing Feiying armor, Long briefly moved his body.

"The speed is not bad, but because of the upgrade system, a large part of the strength is limited. Even if it is strong, it is difficult to use all the experience of the flying shadow armor. Can only play at a level of about 50%."

After feeling the problem with this armor, Long didn't plan to continue the original plan.

He threw the summoner aside, and Long suddenly felt that this restriction was not like the three armors. It was very likely that the king who only existed in the background, after completing the imitation of these three armors. , Ordered people to join it.

Although in this case, these three armors are still very powerful, in Long's view, they are no different from chicken ribs.

Although the restrictions can be broken, even if it is broken, Ryu will not get anything. Anyway, even if he enters the fighting form, it will not help Ryu.

"Li Haotian?"

After determining the power contained in Feiying's armor, Long planned to meet the young man named Li Haotian.

As the captain of the three-person team, even though he didn't look like the captain at first, he was still the leader of the team after all because of the armor.


The Nether Demon appeared again, and this time the opponent did not complete its robbery silently.

After receiving the alarm signal from the bank, the uncles of the police, who are now technically supported by the Shinra Corporation, were dispatched, and the special police in charge of patrols even assembled their equipment in the car.

Every police officer has a pair of metal armbands. The biggest advantage of these metal armbands is that they are strong and light enough to not affect the assembler's movements.

Because the alarm went off, even though it was late at night, there were still many people passing by, watching outside.

"Mr. Du, there seems to be a robbery over there."

Because of this, Bei Miao, who had just concluded a negotiation, passed the Nether Demon's goal on the way home, and Bei Miao in the car quietly took out his armored summoner.

However, at this moment, the nearest group of special police officers arrived quickly and got out of the car, preparing to arrest the monsters in the bank. The patrolmen who also rushed over after receiving the call cooperated. Special police officers completed the evacuation of onlookers.

These ordinary people stood there, and if the monsters rushed out, they would inevitably put these people who had no ability to resist in a dangerous situation.

The four special police officers who had been prepared were slowly advancing toward the bank in a battle formation, and the guns in their hands had already opened the insurance. As long as the monsters appeared in their field of vision, they could be killed directly.

Da da da……

As the assault officer saw the fast-moving figure in the bank, he immediately pulled the trigger, but his reaction was still a little slower, but his teammate hit the opponent at this moment.

Since it is a small team, they naturally cooperated. In the bank, which is not a particularly spacious space, it is difficult for the Nether Demon to play around. Therefore, after the front police officer fired the gun, the Nether Demon dodged. The route was basically in the minds of other police officers.

The Nether Demon whose body had sparks was originally intended to escape like this, but now he is set on fire by four police officers. Although he has not suffered any harm, it still makes this creature at the current life level feel angry.


Strongly resisting the firepower of the special police officers, the Nether Demon slammed into the police officer in front.

It's just that Nether Demon didn't expect his impact, and it didn't achieve any effect. Instead, he stepped into the trap of the special police.

Because the behavior of the Nether Demon has been too rampant recently, and after conducting research, although the police cannot determine what this guy is, they can be sure that ordinary people in this guy have no ability to resist, and this This gave the special police the opportunity to use the opponent's contempt to set up traps for the ghost demon.


A strong current suddenly radiated from the arm armor on the SWAT team member's hand, and the Nether Demon who hadn't reacted yet was hit by the strong current.


The fist that suddenly swung from the side hit the Nether Demon's head firmly.

However, just as the Nether Demon's head swung to the other side, another fist struck him.


After determining that the gun in their hands was of no use to the Underworld Demon, the special team members were ready to fight this guy hand-to-hand.

It's just that, even if they have the upper hand now, the SWAT team members still have no relaxation. After all, their attack only hit the enemy, rather than defeating the target.

What they can rely on is only arm armors, and their bodies are still ordinary people. It can be said that they can't stand up to their attacks and launch attacks on the enemy like the Nether Demon just now. It is precisely because of this concern, so The SWAT team did not choose to surround the Nether Demon, but blocked the Nether Demon's way out in a one-by-one formation.

"Lao Li, it seems that our company's technical support is still very useful, at least things like monsters are not something that we can't handle now."

At this time, he had stopped and walked down to see the bustling Bei Miao, and said to his driver with a smile.

The robotic arm armor currently used by the special police is a general-purpose reinforced arm armor manufactured by Shinra Corporation. As for why it is not made into a full-body armor, even if the Shinra Corporation is sold, Bei Miao will not collect all the police officers from all over the country. As for the funds produced by strengthening equipment, it is impossible to put all the funds planning on this, after all, people's livelihood is also concerned.

However, after this equipment has been installed, whether it is carrying out arrest missions, earthquake relief or flood relief, the people's losses have been reduced by at least half compared with the past.

Even so, there are still many people saying something on the Internet, the Shinra company should donate free of charge, anyway, the Shinra company is so rich.

Of course Bei Miao had seen those disgusting comments, but he did not make any response. After all, there are some things that people cannot explain clearly to their mental retardation.

With the arrival of one or two police cars, the police deployment has been completed outside the bank, and Xu Tingfei, who came here to seal the Nether Demon, received a welcome. After seeing so many police officers, he suddenly did not know what he should do. .

It now seems that the police and the ghost demon have fought back and forth. Although there are only four special police officers fighting the ghost demon, they have successfully blocked the ghost demon in the bank.

"You can quit now."

After a special police commander confirmed that all were deployed, he immediately notified the four special police officers in the bank.

Hearing the commander's order, the special police began to retreat slowly. Although they were still fighting the ghost, the four of them were now getting closer and closer to the gate of the bank.

Because they were not sure whether the security guards in the bank had vital signs, the commanders outside did not choose the most aggressive way.

Seeing that his subordinates were about to come out of the bank, the commander immediately shook his right hand, and ten special police officers who were also equipped with armbands immediately ran towards the sides of the bank gate.

"Welcome, it seems that the police can catch the ghost this time."

Although he didn't want to admit it, Xu Tingfei still told the scene before him that he is now directing his welcome through Qianli Voice Transmission.

If Long is not so cold with their three summoners, then Long is even less cold with their communication methods. It can be said that Qianli Transmission is definitely a very wasteful communication method. As a secret practitioner, welcome Her ancestors didn't know how to improve it. It had been thousands of years. If they were discovered by others while assisting the three of them in battle, the special identity of welcome would not be directly exposed.

Of course, what Long feels most helpless is the gossip plate used to calculate the position, which is actually under the iron plate used to make the teppanyaki. Are you really not worried, can other people not see that thing?

Long didn't know why Xing Tian, ​​who was praised by everyone for his excellent plot, had the power to persuade him on these issues.

However, Long is still very patient and decided to continue to pay attention. After all, he really wants to see how the armor warriors would seal that guy after the Nether Demon was caught in the laboratory.