With the magic box falling into Long's hands, the battle for the five elements armor was completely over.

Looking at the magic box in his hand, Long was prepared to never give these supernatural beasts a chance to escape from it. As for the assistance of external forces, of course, he also had to provide related protection.

"Is this the magic box?"

After Long returned home, Jana saw the white and silver object in Long's hand.

"Yes, although I don't know who made this thing, but if it were me, I would definitely set a trap, that is, anyone with dark energy in the body will be impacted by the energy set in the magic box."

Long casually threw the magic box on the table. He didn't pay much attention to this thing. After all, it would be Xing Tian's plot in another ten years.

To be honest, when he learned the timeline of the armored warrior's worldview, Long really had no way to understand the screenwriter's intentions.

Although this can barely explain why the armored warriors of the previous generation did not appear when the Nether Demon appeared, the span of ten years was too large, and the technological development in it was too slow.

If set according to the timeline of the armor world, when Xingtian and their battle began, people would already be using smartphones.

However, having stayed in this world for more than ten years, it is not a problem to wait another ten years, and Long can also take this opportunity to see how Croton grew up as an entrepreneur.

Of course, Long wants to know more about what Croton will think after tomorrow’s report on the magic ten is broadcast. After all, if the magic ten is asked to deliver the magic box to his hands, although he may not be able to fulfill his dream , But he will eventually have a chance to try, but because he doesn't want to contact the employer anymore, he personally ruined his chance to contact the armor warrior.

"I don't know if that guy will regret it, but even if he regrets it, go to prison and regret it."

In order to see the growth of Croton, Long has only stopped Croton's behavior these years, and it is time for him to pay for his behavior.

Long knew that these things in his hand were not enough to keep Croton in prison for a long time. After all, Croton’s actions were prevented by him, and he did not treat those who even his company was hacked, even There was no loss, and it is difficult to sentence Croton's crimes.

Of course, after Long handed over these things, Croton, who was about to take over work at home, was arrested by the police uncle who broke in.

Now Croton has been caught, but he should come out after a sentence of one or two years. At that time, he still has a chance to become the villain, but in this era, if you want to play those extravagant tricks, you can’t be like a plot. It was so unscrupulous.

Sending competitors directly to Africa is no small move, and now every first-tier city has installed the "Sky Eye" system of Shinra Corporation, which makes criminals want to do things, absolutely invisible. , And now "Sky Eye" system will also be promoted to its second and third tier cities, as for these installation costs are really just the cost price.

Money has no meaning to Long and Jana, and after taking over the company, Bei Miao also learned from his parents to do things that benefit the country and the people.

Da will help the world while being poor. This is Long’s principle of dealing with things. Now he has the ability, so high-profile is nothing at all, but now these things have been entrusted to Bei Miao, and Long and Jana A new trip has already begun.


Ten years later

"Monsters? Unexpectedly, the earth is really uneasy. We defeated the supernatural beasts at the beginning, but now there are monsters. Is anyone going to deal with those guys?"

Still passionate, Kunzhong, watching the news on TV, he suddenly had the idea of ​​summoning armor to fight against the monsters who committed crimes frantically in recent days, but now he is no longer the lonely one he used to be, and now he is married. He already has his own child. Even if he is ready to fight the enemy, his family will be an obstacle before he makes a decision.

After hearing Kunzhong’s words, Bei Miao immediately said, “We don’t need to take action. My father told me that these guys are called'Nether Demon', and someone will deal with them, and we only need to observe them. After all, we It has not been there for ten years, and these guys probably won't know us. When the new fighters can't hold on, we will help. Before that, we only need to be ourselves."

"Does Mr. Du already know? It seems that he should also know something about these enemies."

Xin Nan became more curious about Long's identity after Bei Miao gave the official name of the monster orc. After all, when Long was transformed, they had never been able to tie with him, even though they sealed the Black Monster , But they are still full of powerlessness in front of Long.

Now that Long was able to notify Bei Miao in advance, it means that Long had foreseen the appearance of these guys, so how did Long know?

Long and Jana, who have now returned here, are watching the live broadcast of the crime scene on TV.

The way from the planet Ares, by awakening the nether demons under him to do evil things, so as to collect negative energy as an energy source to revive himself.

The soldier who landed on the earth during the Song Dynasty was discovered by the Ares patrol and was defeated by the original three team members.

Xingtian armor, flying shadow armor, and King Kong armor, compared to the unique armor of Shura armor, these three armors were taken back to Ares and became mass-produced after the flame star was breached. Armor, but this powerful armor is still quite dangerous to the earth.

Although the original patrol team defeated Lufa and Lufa's subordinates, their victory was only a terrible victory. In order to ensure that the ghost demon who was sealed by theirs broke free from the seal, the earth could still protect itself, so The original three armored summoners chose to leave the three armors on the earth.

The summoners of this generation are also a young man, namely Li Haotian, the summoner of Xingtian armor, Xu Tingfei, the summoner of Feiying armor, and Wu Gang, the summoner of King Kong armor.

In addition to being embarrassed by Xu Tingfei's immature pretend, Long felt that the names of the three people were a little uncomfortable.

Long feels better if he usually calls his name, but their daily address is Xiaotian, Xiaofei, and Xiaogang, which makes some very embarrassing lines appear in the better plots.

Although Long is not a screenwriter, he also knows that since you want to have depth, go straight to the end. Don’t compromise to take care of everyone. After all, when the movie "Reborn Man" was released, he encountered In this case, a comic is rated R, and an animation is rated R, but the movie has to be PG13, which is very embarrassing. This way, people who originally admired the original work are very uncomfortable when they see the movie. Castrated too many things.

Long felt it was normal to make money, or because Xingtian really didn’t make money, he launched the well-known Nava, and was subsequently ridiculed by the group, but it is an indisputable fact that those who make money are making money. .

Audiences want to be able to see what they like to watch, and as a production company, they want to make money. This requires the filming party to grasp the balance, but before Long Crossing, this balance is still the most difficult The standard to grasp.

However, Long has now understood what welcome is called Xu Tingfei. This girl who looks a little cute will not be Xu Tingfei or Xiaofei normally, and as the heir of the Xu group, even if she welcomes Xu Tingfei’s good friend , Calling it Afei is also the limit.

Although this title sounds a little bit of a bastard, it is much better than Xiao Fei.

Now Li Haotian has become a courier, and as a new employee, he often receives phone calls from the webmaster. After all, as a newcomer, Haotian has nothing to do. He is very skilled like other hurry up staff. To walk through your own district.

As the youngest in the team, Wu Gang is just a college student, and this genius teenager is not so concerned about his study. Instead, he usually participates in various Internet cafes and wins prizes to maintain his daily life. For this young man, Long felt that he should find a way to let him know the difficulties of society.

Now it is the fourth time that Nether Demon has committed the crime, and welcome and Xu Tingfei, who have mastered the opponent's law of action, are ready to take action and seal the opponent.


"Happy cooperation, Mr. Xu."

After signing the contract in front of him, Bei Miao smiled and stood up and shook hands with the man in his 50s.

"Happy cooperation, Mr. Du."

Shinra Corporation is still a sole proprietorship of the Du family. Of course, some of the shares in the company are in the hands of others, but those shares only have dividend rights, and after leaving the company, those shares will also be returned to the company.

Now, Bei Miao, who has become a business tycoon, usually contacts people who are more than ten or twenty years older than him. However, his experience over the years has given him a quality of calmness.

This time the cooperation between the two companies is not a so-called win-win situation. After all, with the size of Shinra, the cooperation with Xu Group at this time is more like targeted poverty alleviation. What is the reason? The boss of Xu's Shipping Company is not very clear.

"Hello, Mr. Du, this is my son Tingfei, and my company will be handed over to him in the future, and I will retire in the next two years, but now he is not that mature. I hope Mr. Du can forgive me for something wrong."

Mr. Xu, who brought his son over to meet with Bei Miao, was heartbroken for his son.

Although Xu Tingfei is no longer a child, he is still not that mature now, and he has acted very conceited many times. Now with such a successful young man, Mr. Xu is of course ready to let his son have a clear goal. At the same time, he also knew that he was very lucky to be able to meet Bei Miao, so let Ting Fei get familiar with Bei Miao, maybe Ting Fei will have other opportunities in the future.

As a father, although he has become famous now, the problem of the offspring is still a problem that every father is very troubled with. Bei Miao has been given a fairly correct education since he was a child, although sometimes he will be self-conscious. But more often, he can still listen to other people's opinions. As for those who can't listen, Long will use his fist to let Bei Miao listen.

"Very handsome guy."

Bei Miao’s evaluation of Xu Tingfei is only such a simple sentence, because he can see disdain in the eyes of this young man who is more than ten years younger than himself, and this makes him very curious, why did Xu Tingfei use this look when he first met. To see him.

However, if Bei Miao knew that when he heard that he would attend the signing ceremony in person, Mr. Xu would start talking about Bei Miao every day, and as a child of someone else’s family, he would be regarded by Xu Tingfei, who is still not that mature. The enemy is really too normal. After all, Xu Tingfei lost his temper because of this incident when other armors just appeared, because he was no longer the only hero.

Although it is not clear what Xu Tingfei is thinking, this does not prevent Bei Miao from giving a slightly lower evaluation of this young man.

Hearing Bei Miao's words, Xu Tingfei did not understand the meaning, but Mr. Xu, a human spirit, did not understand the meaning, so he laughed in front of Bei Miao.

Seeing Mr. Xu's appearance, Bei Miao suddenly understood what Long had said.

"If you want to be compliant, you must find a way to strengthen yourself enough. If you are not strong enough, then you can only live by watching other people’s winks. Now my mother and I have laid the foundation for you so that you can ignore most of them. People’s opinions even make many people have to look at your wink alive, but we just hope you can live happily. As for winking, don’t show it to others. After all, everyone is not that easy. Of course, if you have that If you plant an inch, let him know what reality is."

Bei Miao has never put on the expression of Mr. Xu, and his parents have never done so, but he knows that he will still see other people's low brows and pleasing eyes, because not everyone has his own confidence. .

Thinking of everything his parents had prepared for him, Bei Miao suddenly smiled and patted Mr. Xu on the shoulder.

Although a young man seemed not so polite when he took pictures of an older person on the shoulder, Mr. Xu, who was worried about his son, was obviously relieved after Bei Miao's hand fell on his shoulder.

"Mr. Xu is a good father, but my father has been very strict with me since he was a child. This is why I was able to increase the company's market value by five times within 12 years after taking over the family company."

Just like pointing, Bei Miao told Long's way of education, and when he heard Bei Miao's words, Mr. Xu smiled bitterly. After all, Xu Tingfei had never experienced any suffering.