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"You are still here as an audience."

Just as the villain strength from the two worlds was ready to wipe out the "remaining" heroes completely, Long was in a special space above the battlefield, pressing the real leader of the repair card on the ground.

Although **** ambassador put all this linkage issue on Colonel Zoru's head that day, Long knew very well that the level of that guy was absolutely not qualified to lead this cooperation. If the overhaul card was the assembly of the Showa era The various villain forces, and the cadres among them are all under their own forces, even if the card repair is also led by the card repair organization, but this time the cooperation will definitely not be responsible for such a person as Colonel Zor Even if Hell Ambassador is sleeping, the Doctor of Death is still outside.

Among the repair card organizations, except for the three top leaders, Colonel Zor is the only one who does not have a weird form, and wants to join another evil force that can cross the universe, the power must be placed on the table. Otherwise, if you want to be respected by the Zhuangge Empire, it is really just a daydream.

After thinking of this, Long came to the battlefield just before the battle began, and here he really waited for a big guy.

At this time, the main leader of Xiuka, who was pressed and held by Long, was locked in the body by the power released by Long. Now the big leader of Xiuca who was deprived of his ability to speak can only stare at his big leader. Watching his subordinates be wiped out again.

"If your vitality is really complete, no matter how many times you are destroyed, you can appear in this world through different methods. In this case, you still seal you..."


Before Long's words were finished, Chief Sukhka exploded in situ. Although the power of the explosion was extremely terrifying, none of the clothes on Long's body suffered any harm.

"It's really a special existence. I originally thought it was just a younger brother. I didn't expect this guy to be really like the setting said. It's a special story that likes to see the heroes made by the villains defeat the villains. exist."

Now that the leader of the repair card has chosen to escape from Long's hands in this way, Long also intends to let him go, waiting for the other party to think of the next good idea to test the new generation of Kamen Rider.

At this time, a large number of weirdos followed Colonel Zor and they came out together, and at this time, Minglong also appeared in front of Xiaoming through the aurora curtain.

Just like many people were forced, Xiaoming saw Minglong turned into a crab laser. Xiaoming felt scared. After all, the last time Minglong participated in the battle as Colonel Zor, this time Naruto has become another enemy, so will Naruto use another identity to fight him next time?

Although Xiaoming didn't enjoy much care from Mingtaki in the past two years, Xiaoming also felt very uncomfortable when he thought of such a person who was following him everywhere.

Naruto, who had just turned into a crab laser, laughed immediately after seeing Xiao Ming's expression.

This situation is what Xiaoming and Marbelus hope to see now. After all, the more rampant the enemy is, the easier it is to get the information they want.

Just when Crab Laser was holding the eagle metal plate representing the repair card and the white wooden horse stone slab representing the remnant of the ancient, ready to combine the two symbols into one, a blue beam and a yellowish light The light flare knocked these two things away from the crab laser.

"Shi, since you already know the other party's plan, there is no need for the play to continue."


Haidong and Qiao didn't know where to jump to Xiao Ming from a roll forward, and Ren Ye and Xiao Ye were running along.

Hearing Haidong's words, Xiao Ming and Marbellus smiled at each other, and immediately stood up from the ground.

"Uncle Renye."

"Aunt Xiaoye."

Although Tantaro is about the same age as Xiaoye, now the problem between Ren and Xiaoye can be seen by people with clear eyes, and Takashi has said it many times at home. Gantaro can only regard Xiaoye as his elder. .

"Xiantaro, you are doing very well, your brother will be proud of you."

The battles that just happened were seen by Ren, who was hiding in the dark, and Kutaro's performance was still very good, and the most important point is that Kutaro did not use the star drive to fight against the members of the super team.

Kantaro can feel the sense of justice that comes with the team, and this is why he didn't hurt anyone from start to finish.

"How is this going?"

Seeing that Xiao Ming and Marbelus, who obviously should have no strength to continue the fight, took it up, they were all frightened by Colonel Zor.

These guys have had too many deaths because of life and death. Now it’s okay to say that they look down on this kind of thing, but it’s not a good experience after all to be turned into a spark, and this time their plan is really complete. It may just be destroyed.

When Zor went to the corrections and said, "Now you only have these people, how can you stop us?" When I saw a curtain of aurora suddenly appeared, all the heroes from the "battle to death" ran out.

There were quite a lot of weirdos who originally belonged to the overhaul card and the Candidate Empire, and even said that some people have begun to become huge and ready to fight, but as soon as these people who have wiped them out appear, those weirdos have a kind of natural enemies. The feeling of staring, and in the face of those huge enemies, Kamen Rider J and a part of the team members are also ready to go.

"Remember, no matter what world it is, peace is the keynote forever."

Takashi, who had already stayed in that special space, didn't know who he was talking to, but he saw the old father's smile when he saw that Xuan Taro had activated the Xingtu Drive at this time.

When Kutaro confronted the star apprentice, he was all his classmates until those people, and they were all weirdoes from human beings. Therefore, he would avoid using too powerful forces to fight against them. When there is a threat to the safety of people, he directly chooses the star-driver, which has a very powerful combat power. This means that although Tantaro is a rib, it is not rigid. This is good news.

Meteor has never seen the shape of Kentaro, so he couldn't help but stunned.

"Are you all right, thank you so much before."

Just at the meteor stupefaction of the meteor, Kintaro had already run to the side of the meteor, reached out and patted the body of the meteor, and checked whether there was any problem with the meteor.

Immediately after confirming that there was no problem with the meteor, Kantaro immediately turned to face the strange people confronting them.

"Henshin." ×3

With Ren Ye, Xiao Ye and Hai Dong making a transformation, the war was on the verge.

Renya, who has been away from the battle for a long time, has already completed his drive, and the original Kamen Rider Hope has now become

"Kamenrider—True Hope Hope."

As for Xiao Ye, he used a belt that Ren also took away from Takashi, and turned into a Kamen Rider starlight body, a knight in blue and blue.

In order to ensure the safety of Xiaoye, Long originally added a lot of good things to this drive. In terms of performance, it will definitely not be weaker than the star drive, and because the star light body has a form, so fight The way is also very simple.

Although Xiaoming now entered the final form directly at the beginning of the battle, the strange monsters in front of them, even if they use different nirvana, need to be eliminated for a while, and they should also pay attention to the huge Fighting companions, avoid being stomped by justice from companions.

Facing this battle, Kutaro chose the Scorpio form as the main battle form, and when in this form, a western sword appeared in the hand of Kutaro.

"Scorching Poison Needle!"

After aiming at the enemy, Xian Taro directly hit him with a killing stab.

A fiery red light was emitted from the position of the blade of the sword, and all the enemies within a distance of 100 meters in a straight line were pierced by the sword, and then the high temperature from the light instantly cremated the weirdo.

Because the current battle is too chaotic, if a range of attacks is carried out, it is easy to cause supreme to the friendly forces, but there is not so much concern about straight line attacks.

Seeing Kintaro's attack, he canceled his transformation of the burst form and turned on Kratos armor that he hadn't worn for a long time.

"Ruling Blade!"

The two blades with lightning were thrown away by the way. Although the flight speed was not as fast as the light, they could not stand because of the large attack range with electro-optical.

If one person opens up, then others are easily affected, and this effect is that everyone opens up together.

At the same time, twelve sounds finally came to the scene, few people can see it, and can see it now, and the four most dazzling of these twelve people are Dragon Rider, Night Rider, Odin, and King Snake.

Because his own tragedy was changed, and at the same time he had a serious job, Asakura Wei became a fairly serious Kamen Rider, except that when fighting, his violent posture will be displayed again, and Now his Viper's Kiss has killed more than 20 weirdos and maybe miscellaneous soldiers in a row.

In addition to Dragon Rider, the other person who got the evolution card, Uncle Snake will never let Long disappoint when he needs Uncle Snake to fight.

There were no traces of the existence of a weirdo within a 200-meter straight circle centered on the fifth generation, and the disappearance of those weirdos just scared them.

The five generations are just walking forward step by step, and as soon as the weirdoes who enter that range will be directly decomposed, and the knights and the members of the team are not affected in any way, which also allows those weirdos to choose Charge on both sides, trying to fight confidently from other opponents.

It’s just that there are really too many enemies, and that it’s not just weirdos. The soldiers of various evil organizations are also endless at this time.

"Blast Blaster!"

In the hands of Ren Ye, a blue-blue light beam was shot out, which directly wiped out many enemies who have not yet reached the main battlefield, but this is still a lot of money.


"I have seized the future."

Heavenly Dao pulled from other worlds, at this time stretched out his left and caught a red mechanical beetle.

Tian Dao's left arm swings back quickly. After pushing away the Hypa Insect Meter, he immediately placed the mechanical beetle he just grabbed, and then the shape of the armor began to change.

The morphological changes caused by the installation of the new equipment did not change much on the basis of the hapa armor, but the body armor was a little more, covering all the parts that had the black base coat, and the two blue big There are more golden patterns on the eyes.

"Timeline bombing."

After pulling the insect instrument in front of the waist, Tiandao didn't make any movement, and saw all the strange people around him turned into sparks.

Hapa Jiadou was already able to reverse time, not to mention how the original Jiadou that Tiandao transformed could change the time after acquiring the original insect instrument that Long had just sent to Tiandao.

A Kamen Rider showed his strength, and the members of the super team were not willing to show their weakness.

The Qilian's robot is simulated by the Qi, so they never have to worry about maintenance.

However, they did not choose to fight tremendously, but enveloped their excitement in their own bodies and turned them into beasts to hunt strange people.

Jiqi Honghantang will be a tiger boxer. Every attack has the smell of a tiger coming down the mountain. It is just that the group of lions that have been transformed by Linqi now look even more fierce.

Liyang's fighting ability is very strong. Although a lion can't get the upper hand when facing the tiger, the lion has always been a social creature. As a king of the prairie, few prey targeted by the lion can escape.

Enemies in batches were wiped out, but there was an endless enemy behind them rushing towards this side.

This situation made the heroes present frown for a while, but they knew very well that they must not retreat now and continue to rush forward.

"Play in one stroke!"

The five members of the **** team took out their cell phones and wrote a "horse" in front of them. Five horses appeared in front of them.

Da da da……

The real swordsmen had just prepared to lead the charge, and Goto, who had just arrived in the wheel of the police, began his lead charge.

The machine gun carried by the wheel of the police did not stop when Goto charged, and after the massive bullets hit the weirdo, even the extremely defensive weirdo had to drink and hate under the continuous fire of the machine gun.

It's just that when everyone focused their attention on eliminating weirdos, no one noticed that the discolored leech had ran to the place where the crab laser had just been attacked.

The tokens just put out by the two parties, after being combined into one, can make the two holding bases of the Circus Fortress and the giant Trojan complete the union, which is the power that can destroy the universe.

Although the two things don’t know where to fly because of the battle, the color-changing leech knows what his task is now.

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