Diana quickly pulled him, and Rogers also reacted, regardless of whether he really got it so easily.

 But as long as these two people say yes, he cannot show doubts.

 What right does he have to question? If you really dare to persist, you may not be punished in the end.

 Chen Chu: "That's a small puddle after low tide. From now on, I estimate that I can pick up some seafood that didn't have time to return to the sea every day."

 “Half the food problem is solved.”

“The remaining food won’t be as stressful.”

 “It’s good luck.”

 Chen Chu said these words continuously, and after finishing speaking, he stopped talking.

Everyone immediately smiled when they heard that the puddle was actually formed after the tide receded.

If this is true, then food pressure really won’t be that great this season.

 This is very Neisser!

Rogers asked: "Captain, Adams, you take a rest first, open a coconut, and we will handle the food."

Chen Chu and Chen Chu were not polite. They took the coconut opened by Caitlin next to them and sat down to rest.

 Others handled the seafood skillfully and prepared to make a sumptuous seafood dinner.

 If you eat seafood dinner for a long time, it will definitely be unbearable.

 But if it’s only for a short two weeks, it’s not a big deal.

 At best, it’s just an injury.

Rogers and others were very fast. After processing a few fish and crabs, they started to bake them on the fire.

 Not long after, the faint meaty smell of barbecue came. To be honest, it was not very fragrant. How can you say that food without seasoning is fragrant?

At this time, Chen Chu handed over some leaves and fruits: "These are substitutes for some seasonings. It's okay not to eat too much."

 “Well, it’s considered not poisonous.”

“???” Everyone looked at Chen Chu in astonishment, not expecting him to understand this.

"Huh? Why are you looking at me like this? Don't worry, you'll be fine after eating." Chen Chu thought they were worried, so he said it again.

Rogers quickly took the leaves and fruits handed over by Chen Chu: "No, no, I'm just surprised that you still recognize these plants."

Chen Chu smiled: "I learned about this before coming here."

 ‘Good guy, Chen is really knowledgeable. I like knowledgeable men. ’

 ‘Shouldn’t Chen be a certain conglomerate from an ancient eastern country? Will the consortium master understand this? ’

  ? What, doesn’t it mean that he comes from an ordinary class family? ’

'Do you believe it? normal family? Do you think it is possible for children from ordinary class families in our free country to know Mr. President? ’


  ‘There is no reason for Chen to deceive us. This is definitely what he said. ’

'I do not believe. ’

 Some foreign viewers have argued about this, and some Chinese viewers who are on foreign platforms have also joined in.

“Hey, you may not know that Chen Chu has invited many superstars to shoot advertisements for his products. ’

 ‘Walter? Superstar? ’

‘Yes, it’s equivalent to the status of Hollywood superstars in your country. ’

 ‘Walter? ! ’

 ‘I don’t believe that Chen is a child from an ordinary class family. This is impossible!

How is it possible for a child from an ordinary class family to invite a Hollywood star to shoot an advertisement for his product? ’

  ‘Are you sure now? Do you think a child from an ordinary family can get to know Mr. President? ’ ˆ ˆ Everyone has doubts about Chen Chu’s identity, thinking that Chen Chu’s previous identity should have been faked.

 But why should we fake it? This unscientific.

  Anyway, if they had such a family background, they must have deliberately concealed it.

 They will want to tell everyone that they are really bad!

 This is the truest thought from foreigners (conspicuous bags).

  In the eyes of foreigners, there is no such thing as low-key, but their high-profile behavior is not known to ordinary people.

Or to put it another way, ordinary people are not qualified to see their high profile.

   Not even qualified to know.

Think about a certain foreign store-exploring blogger who was banned directly because he exposed too many luxurious things of top people.

 Just taste it, taste it carefully, taste it slowly...

The crowd in the live broadcast room did not affect the meal of Chen Chu and others.

 With the substitutes for the seasonings that Chen Chu found through his identification ability, this meal was a little more enjoyable.

 At least it has spiciness and flavor.

 It doesn’t smell fishy at all.


After finishing their meal, Chen Chu and others returned to the temporary shelter to take a rest.

˜Maintaining strong energy and being in the best condition can ensure a better survival.

Anyway, Chen Chu thinks this is right...

 The sun is still very harsh now, especially in a place like this, where the damage to the skin is even more fatal.

 They don’t dare to enter the island’s dense forest to explore in this situation, as they may suffer from heat stroke!

 Adams and Chen Chu shared a temporary shelter, a small shed simply made of branches and fallen leaves.

“Let’s take a rest. We have to explore this island in the afternoon and look for fresh water resources.” Chen Chu said.

“Yes, Captain, fresh water is a crucial step in survival. I don’t want to drink my urine anymore.” Rogers complained.

Chen Chu cast an admiring look at him, even though he knew that urine was sterile and very clean.

 Far cleaner than water resources in some natural environments.

 But if he were asked to drink his urine, he would not do it anyway.

"Oh, by the way, we still need to find a real shelter location. This temporary shelter is still too unreliable." Chen Chu arranged.

 Everyone naturally has no opinion.

Adams asked: "Are there any large beasts on this island?"

Rogers nodded affirmatively: "This island is very big, and there should be some large beasts in the food chain."

 “We should be more careful.”


Gradually, everyone stopped talking, but at this time Rogers fell into shock and confusion.

During this short contact, Rogers found that the president's attitude towards Mr. Chen Chu was too strange.

 Not the kind of blind closeness, but the kind of closeness with a hint of...pleasure?

Oh, my God, I must be hallucinating. How could I think that Mr. President is trying to please a foreigner?

 This must be because he is too tired and hallucinating.

 He was unwilling to accept this situation and hypnotized himself into hallucinating.

 How is this possible?

 Ledy, Diana, and Caitlin did not make the same discovery as Rogers, so they lay down to rest after getting ready.

 They must also be curious about Chen Chu's identity. If it were anyone else, they would definitely ask directly.

 But not now.

They could only suppress their curiosity and find a place to sleep comfortably. (End of chapter)

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