Chen Chu casually broke off a branch on the road and wrapped the multifunctional saber, the only tool in this survival show, around the branch with grass and vines.

 Such a simple harpoon is ready.

Chen Chu raised his eyebrows: "Don't worry, it's no problem to catch a few fish."

 The two of them walked to the edge of the tidal flat and without hesitation walked towards the rocks in the distance.

The live broadcast room was also filled with various barrages at this time, and everyone was looking forward to Chen Chu's performance.


The next moment, Chen Chu and the others climbed onto the reef. When they were about to cross the reef in front of them to spear fish, they suddenly discovered a puddle half a calf deep.

The puddle is not a big deal, the most important thing is that there are some jumping seafood in it.

Chen Chu and Adams looked at each other. What experience do they need to find food now?

 Isn’t all the food in this small but not deep puddle?

 Good guy, such luck...

 The barrage was also filled with surprises, but no one was too surprised.

 This is obviously the cargo dropped at low tide, and it should happen every day.

  In other words, as long as they guard this large puddle, half of the survival team’s daily meals will be provided!

 What luck!

Every audience member sighed, but they were the only ones who did not doubt whether Chen Chu and others were cheating.

 It’s so funny that anyone can cheat, but Mr. President will not cheat.

It is possible to cheat if you are cheating on some big things, but cheating on such a small thing?

Chunchun’s brain was kicked by a donkey.

 Chen Chu and Chen looked at each other, and Adams volunteered to take the simple harpoon and start hunting fish.

Most of these fish are edible, but a few are poisonous or simply taste bad.

 This is the first time Chen Chu has used the ability of ‘appraisal’. It can only be said that this ability is quite easy to use.

 In-depth information can be continuously presented through Chen Chu’s ideas.

 At first it only showed the name and scientific name of a certain fish, and whether it was edible.

 Finally, following Chen Chu's thoughts, other things were constantly displayed, such as the meat quality of this fish, the growth cycle of this fish, whether this fish has been injured...

 Hand on, Chen Chu felt that he could even continue to conduct in-depth appraisals, but he no longer needed it.

 This ability is good, but not very useful.

If this ability was used for research, it would be a magical skill, but it is a pity that Chen Chu has no intention of scientific research.

 So it can only be a pearl covered in dust.

Adams is very hard at spearing fish. This may be his first time to experience the fun of spearing fish, right?

 Fishing and hunting.

Adams took out a sweat towel and wiped his sweat: "Hey, it's really great. I like this feeling."

 Chen Chu shook his head, feeling that Adams's style was not suitable for participating in such a hard-core survival show.

The only way to get started is with a multifunctional saber, and everything else depends on the survivors' own efforts. Can Adams persevere?

Adams noticed Chen Chu's eyes: "Hey, Chen, why do you look at me like this?"

 Chen Chu came down to sort out the seafood that Adams had stabbed to death. Many of them were ferocious marine creatures, especially a large wolf eel, which Adams had to use a lot of effort to stab to death.

This wolf eel is slightly red all over, and its bulging head looks harmless to humans and animals, and a bit ugly.

 But if you really put your hand in front of it, you will know how powerful it is...

That mouth full of fangs is no joke.

 ‘Good guy, I didn’t expect that there is such a good thing, wolf eel! ’

  ‘I heard that the bite force and vitality of this thing are so outrageous that it can bite a can even if its head is broken. ' Of course, this thing is called a sea monster. ’

 ‘Wait a minute, Chen Chu, why is he extending his hand? Damn it! This wolf eel may not be completely dead yet. If you reach out to it, your hand will probably be gone! ’

  ‘Fuck! Brother Chen, be careful! ’

In reality, some people were so frightened that they hurriedly called Chen Chu, but Chen Chu's cell phone was turned off and put away.

 The original rules of the program were to confiscate the contestants’ communication tools, but they wisely did not make this request when facing Chen Chu and Adams.

 Good guy, if you dare to make this request, you probably haven’t recognized her identity yet, right?

  People are here to play and experience the fun of survival! They are Mr. President and his friends.

If you really don’t know how to live or die, you will probably be dead.

 The phone call was naturally unreachable because Chen Chu had turned off his phone.

Chen Chu reached out to grab the wolf eel and prepared to deal with it. The audience seemed to be able to see Chen Chu's tragic ending.

 Either a big piece of meat was bitten off, or a finger was bitten off...

As a result, the moment Chen Chu reached out, the wolf eel that seemed to have been pierced to death suddenly jumped up and bit Chen Chu's hand fiercely.

Everyone was suddenly shocked, and their speculations turned into facts. They were afraid that something was going to happen.

In the shocking eyes of the crowd, Chen Chu held the head of the wolf eel suddenly rushing across, holding it, and then to the ground ...

Hmm, the ball is dead now.

 Chen Chu continued to handle the remaining sea goods.

 Only the 666s filling the screen in the live broadcast room are left, well, there are also the 666s of those foreign friends.

 They are all learned from domestic netizens.

Adams was not impressed by Chen Chu's actions. Isn't this normal?

 Chen Chu is the only person with supernatural abilities on earth, and nothing he does is surprising.

  Let alone the death-defying counterattack by just pinching a wolf eel, it wouldn't be surprising if Chen Chu pinched a dinosaur.

 After processing the large harvest, Chen Chu pulled a piece of grass and vines to string together all the processed seafood, and returned to the original beach with Adams.

 Originally, Rogers, Diana and others had built a temporary shelter and built a bonfire with simple tools.

 The most important thing is that several people collected some coconuts to supplement the water.

“You guys are so fast.” Chen Chu sighed as he walked over from a distance.

Several people quickly put down their work and stood up to greet Chen Chu and the others.

 As a result, I saw what Chen Chu was holding, and immediately felt a little dull...

“Walt? So many fish? God, you guys are awesome,” Rogers exclaimed.

“Captain, Mr. Adams, how did you do it?”

 ‘Hahaha, shocked Rogers for a hundred years! If they had had this kind of luck when they were trying to survive in previous seasons, they wouldn't have to work so hard for that little food. ’

 ‘Hahaha, I guess Rogers has already figured out a lot of things. ’

 ‘I just like to see people showing such ignorant looks, it’s so interesting. ’

 Chen Chu put down a lot of seafood: "I found a puddle on the reef and caught it in it."

"Huh? Is it that simple?" Rogers was stunned.

Even a few teammates couldn't help but cast shocked looks. If it was that simple, then their efforts in the previous seasons would really become a joke. (End of chapter)

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